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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nairobi Mayoral Polls: ODM Pentagon, City Councillors on Collision Course

Breaking News: Troop movement worries Kisumu residents

Out-going Adopt-A-Light MD Esther Passaris (pictured) has caused considerable discomfort in political circles following her abrupt resignation as Adopt-A-Light MD and her declaration of interest in the Mayoral seat as ODM nominated councillor in the Nairobi City.

It is now an open secret that she has powerful friends in the prestigious ODM pentangon who want her to be elected Mayor of Nairobi City and this has given her enough confidence to resign from a successful private company she founded six years ago.

However, it will not be smooth sailing as it now seems it will take the ODM captain’s personal intervention to get Passaris elected as mayor. This is because , in what will be sweet music to PNU’s ears, ODM’s elected councillors have publicly announced they will NOT cast their votes in favour of a nominated councillor for the mayoral seat. ODM’s councillors have in a rare show of unity already nominated Baba Dogo councillor Godfrey Odhiambo Majiwa to run for the seat.

On her part, Passaris has already dismissed claims that elected councillors were uncomfortable about her candidature terming it healthy democracy within the party. She added that the city needs a mayor who will ensure accountability, transparency and service delivery to its residents. These have to be implemented along the lines of ODM’s manifesto and the pre-election pledges of its presidential candidate.

Pressed further Passaris stated, “As ODM, we have to work as a family. We are not going to be divided, if the (elected) councillors decided that they want one of their own, then as Esther Passaris, I will back that candidate because we must put the city first.”

“To become a mayor of this city,” she added, “one has to have an all inclusive vision that takes care of the city.”

Passaris pointed out that Margaret Kenyatta – the city’s only female mayor - was successful during her stint because ‘she had absolute government backing and had a lot of donor funding’. Kenyatta served from 1970-1976 and is credited with spearheading the construction of city hospitals, school and several housing projects.

Passaris has intimated that her proven business skills are what Nairobi residents needs and it is high time they got what they pay for. She has been a long time city resident herself and has worked with slum dwellers - in various projects - within the city by helping them light up the areas they live using floodlights. Passaris also introduced a laudable policy at her company of rehabilitating street children and offering them employment in maintenance of street lights.

The Mayoral polls are due on 25th February 2008.


deroo said...


Derek (me - the real one) here. But I think Passaris ni "...ADUI YETU...". Anyway, all the best in the Mayoral Elections. It will be a shame that that capital city's mayor does not belong to the Ruling Party.

But it has happened before during Moi's time. Actually, throughout Moi's tenure, apart from the Daniel Kongo, Omulo Gumo and Brigadiare Shigoli Commissions, all mayors were in the opposition.

Same to other political hotspots. Kisumu will definitely go to the opposition, so is Mombasa and Kakamega. I dont know about Bungoma but...ya Mungu ni Mengi.

Na you shoudl know that Chiefs Officers in Nairobi are "...ADUI YETU..."

Did you say that the Opposition Leader will intervene? Then Odinga Dicatatorial Movement Phase II.


Phil said...

Derek (the real one) - what happened to you?

Did you defect? I have been reading your comments and thought this was an impersonation.

Captain will intervene so Nairobi can be handled the same way Kisumu was handled after the infamous KANU/NDP merger. My opinion is that there is nothing wrong with a party acting in the interests of voters. It is our systems (read constitution) that need to overhauled, so that we can end up with leaders who can deliver.

deroo said...

That was KANU/NDP merger. This time there is no merger and all the Indian have run away.

The cash comes from the Treasury not Shabbir's pockets. For my Kisumu, I wish the city has a quick recovery. I did not defect. I was fence-sitting (not Kibaki style) but to avoid the scuds that were flying from all directions.

Now that there is no election and Kibaki will continue running the country with genius precision, we can be friend for four and a half year before the WIPER MIRACLE engages a gear up!

All the best Phil. Mimi na wewe ni wakenya. Lakini ujue, THREE (3) can also be EIGHT (8) (jijazie)


deroo said...

I told Kalamari the other day. We will argue for ages, but before a new constitution is enacted, Phil uongo mbaya. Kenya will remain in the hands of the few.

If you get time, read Decolonisation of Kenya by Bethwell Ogot and William Ochieng and you will think that they predicted what happened in the Rift Valley in 1970. It is carbon copy of what happened and I only wish I never read that book.


I dont know yet, but I think history will judge that statement.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you didn't get any appropriate photo of Esther Passaris for this story. Unless you plan to murder her political ambitions,you don't expect us to see her deep into her skirt for us to take her seriously. Where are your journalistic standards. I believe a photo is supposed to speak by itself even without the words. If I was to see that photo without the words, I would imagine that she is advertising something totally different. Hope you do better next time. got no problem with the story though.

deroo said...

Phil leta picha ingine. That one is...

Tell Chris to CHOMOA that one. Promiscuous et al


Phil said...

Niki jijazia I see you are making reference to secession.

Are u telling me that central, eastern and Nairobi will be breaking away?

Firstly remove Nairobi from that province and count out parts of Eastern and Central.

Secondly, secession for Mt. kenya mafia (athuri) is akin to signing own death warrant. They will never accept it for obvious reason.

Thirdly, did I hear you say precision genius? LOL. Lets wait and see what will happen after Annan departs Kenya.

Fourthly Kalonzo's acceptance of VPs post was the beginning of the end of ODM-K. PNU are sponsoring Maanzo/Julia against Kalonzo...and there he is quite contented with flying bloodied flags. Tuta ona.

He will never inherit Kibaki's mantle and even if he did, it will be futile just like project Uhuru was to Moi and kionjo ilikua 2007.
Pole sana Derek. By the way, Viki alichorwa baru na watu wa wiper nini? Amepotea sana.

Anonymous said...

I can hit that...

deroo said...

That PNU line is DOMO! PNU cannot leave the easiest catch they ever made since Kanu. But this is politics. Next week you guys refuse the cabinet posts, then things will turn blue. Phil wetu, hapa mtaumia.

Lakini mlituwahi!!!


Phil said...

There's nothing wrong with that photo guys.

Your comments are betraying your true feelings guys.

These days women are liberated, and rightly so.

I kindly ask you to drop the mungiki-like attitudes.

Kenyan Revelations said...

ODM-PNU have just signed an agreement.

Anonymous said...

Talks collapse "despite a cheap document signed"

Karua is ugly said...

That photo of Passaris reminds me of another that belongs to Karua. Only that Karua's "chini chini" is ugly as her face. The phpto of ugly Karua who exposed her "things" can be found here:

Go down and then enlarge (click) the photo. Fie!

deroo said...

Can you take that one to Naivasha? Then, you should crop it to show the face, Phil. Cant you see the thighs man? Cheki hiyo picha and imagine you took that one to your mum as your possible suitor? ***** "aende, na asiingie kwa boma yangu"

Marianne Briner said...

Please could we at least agree on this and bow down our heads for one silent minute (maybe even two) in the memory of

Dr. Robert Ouko

Bishop Muge

and all the others who died or better said, were killed because they believed in a Better Kenya ? ......

And if you agree, pleae bowe your head and pray for that small hers boy who was unlucky to uncover Robert Ouko's mutilized body and who was then killed himself because he became an unwanted witness,,,,,,

Pray for the more than 100 witnesses who have lost their lives because of this ......

I know it may not be of much importance ..... but they were sons and also fathers ..... and they were important to their families no matter how much money they brought home at the end of the day .....

I even challenge you to say that supporting your family with less than Sh. 20.000. is in many cases worth more than earning 20 Millions -

Of course if such a figure is an honest earned one and not in ripping off others and robbing them of their livelihood and savings .......

Maybe I am too emotional, too honest ..... when it comes to this.

But just think about it - and then give me an input.

Marianne Briner

Anonymous said...

a statement of status quo is not a deal regardless of where and in what national park (read which ever monkey is in the room) it is signed. Why not move it to Tsavo East and let whoever survives for more than a week become president. That sounds as realistic as expecting a deal that will save Kenya from utter chaos. Sorry, but further outside intervention is required, but we also know what that means. Take cover.

Kenyan Revelations said...

Anonymous said...

I am a woman and I think that skirt suit is way too short. Women should wear anything they want, but, there has to be some sense of decorum. A woman can look hot without showing too much skin. And Esther is a hot woman. I can't help but notice her thighs.

blessed said...

Now Now Now, Passaris seems to be a good idea. But remember, she has serious interests in the City. She Tried in 2004 to kill all out door advertising companies, and create a giant monopoly via a City Council/ Adopt A Light partnership.
However, given a choice between the Baba Dogo Councillor, and Passaris,I think Passaris is a better choice.
I have heard the speeches, views and policies of the Baba Dogo guy, and feel that by electing him, we shall just be substituting the illiterate guys from Central Kenya with those from Nyanza and Western.(Rememember Ndirangu and Co.?)
That will benefit no-one.
So in order to move ahead, I support Passaris

Anonymous said...

i am also a lady and support 8.13's sentiments.

passaris has no business wearing that goodness i can see her cellulite very well, what was she doing? a jamaa must be sitting on the opposite side taking the picture!!only a foolish man would take such a picture.

and she has two children!!!wakiona!!disgusting!!!

hiyo skirt akavae kwa beach mombasa!

yeah i support passaris too! for mayor lakini anunue nguo za heshima-kama hizi ndio anavaanga.

Abass said...

anon 10:57, lol you are making the assumption that all photographers are men... what if it is a fellow woman who took it? She will also be a foolish woman, right?

Anonymous said...

no 11.49 am not making that assumption, am assuming a woman would not take a photo of someone's cellulite on their inner thighs!

if a woman had taken that photo and saw how badly mayor-to-be had sat, she would have taken only her upper is only a man who would have been so intrigued by the thighs so as to photo them!!

Anonymous said...

I am a PNU Supporter..Kazi iendelee

BUT for the mayor of the city of nairobi, I'd vote and want Passaris to go in any day. I don't acre about some baba dogo councillor sijui....who I don't even know his name..all these councillors just squabble, fight with another pysically, and render no services.

Passaris has proved herself in the businesswold, sheknows what ails nairobi and she'll be the best one for the job! not some baba dogo councillor who'll just enhance the status quo.

But all you ODM Comrades, I wish you'd have adopted the wako draft where it calls for mayors to be directly elected by the people who live in those cities...lakini mlisema No.

Anonymous said...

Erecting a street light is not proving oneself in the businessworld. Just like Adhu Awiti selling water in Kisumu town was not enterprenuerial. sawa

Anonymous said...

I'm a PNU damu and i really support Pasaris as the mayor of Nairobi.Men,this lady has amazing PR and fundraising skills and this is what we need for the image of Nairobi.

Anonymous said...

Hey hiyo skirt maze- Phil you did not do justice to Passaris with this photo.
She is the best choice for Mayor of Nairobi.

Anonymous said...

Pasaris has helped thousands in the slums with the street lighting project.
Once it gets dark and thieves and bandits reign begins from state house ...led by Mr GREEDY himself and other SCOUNDRELS WHO LOOT from Kenyan tax-payers to enrich themselves SHAMELESSLY!TO RUB IT IN IT'S DONE ON LIVE TV@!!!!!!
Pasaris may have her fair share of problems but she is perfect for the job bringing in experience from the private sector.
We all know city hall has been run like an exclusive usual let the city stink and rot away.....remember Wandera collecting all the parking fees for the week in Nairobi and going home with it...millions stolen in cash!
Pasaris has what it takes...the city nowadays is one big slum...everyone walking on the roads..everything being sold anywhere including bras,panties ,condoms, bangi,cocaine,toys.....

Councillor Muhindi said...

As Nairobi residents wait for the elections of a new mayor on February 25th 2008, intense campaigns are currently going on for the 25 nominated slots at the Nairobi City Council. Unbeknown to the general public, hundreds of individuals have been camping at the ODM and PNU party headquarters attempting to influence their nomination into City hall.

Hilarious reports from reliable sources indicate that PNU, which was allocated six seats for nomination, has received over 300 applicants! ODM, with 12 seats to fill, has received an even greater number of applicants, estimated at 500 plus individuals.

Clearly these guys know something the rest of the public doesn’t.

I can confidently assert on this forum that selfless public service is not the motivation driving these individuals to cajole and induce party bosses into nominating them.

Allow me to explain why these seats are so attractive.

Just imagine a monthly salary of Ksh. 85,000/= for the next five years, and no job description to talk about. In addition, voters will never ever scrutinize your performance over this time because the media will never put a spotlight on you unless you are the Mayor.

According to the Local Government Act cap 265, you can even go up to three months without attending a single council meeting. The icing on the cake could be the potential deals one is likely to come across at the City Hall. This is definitely a dream job for many people out there. Remember, no CV is required for this job.

These factors might as well apply to many of our recently elected Councillors. To add insult to injury, the caliber and competence of many of these councillors is nothing to write home about, party affiliations notwithstanding. I honestly do not expect much difference in terms of service delivery and accountability from the new councillors. LATF monies remain without oversight while Council meetings are likely to degenerate into the tragi-comedies we saw in the last Council.

Maybe we should some borrow radical ideas from other countries if we seriously want to improve the management of our local authorities. For example, Councillors in the United Kingdom are not paid a salary but rather a sitting allowance. In a way, this ensures that money is not the motivating factor in seeking a council position.

If per chance this was to be adopted here, I believe that Nairobi City Council is likely to attract more selfless and dedicated individuals to offer much needed reforms in urban management. Am open to corrections and ideas on how we can improve this critical local authority. Meanwhile, lets wait and see how the current council will perform.

Published @

Anonymous said...

who took that picture of Pasaris lol...someone had a hidden agenda there...the man was fully focused on the leg area!

Anonymous said...

eh! why are you being modest? leg area??

ebu click on the picture you can see the cellulite!

Anonymous said...

ya, I agree that photo did not do her justice...that's definitely a dude who took that. even her facial expression is off, she seems as if she's in distress.

I'm PNU Supporter, but Passaris would have my vote for nairobi mayor.

who is this baba dogo councillor ? what has he done in the past ?

Anonymous said...

DAMN!!!!!!! That Passaris is F***in hot!! i think she's best stuff for Nai Mayor...Beauty+Brains....and a Kenyan record..the very first MILF Mayor.. :-D

Anonymous said...

Yes women are liberated (and I am speaking as one), however that photo's only accomplishment is evoking salacious comments that are not contributing positively to her campaign.

Surely you can find a picture that depicts her as the strong , beautiful woman she is without having us stare down her thighs!

And while you're at it take a look at your own attitude!!

>>Blogger Phil said...
>> There's nothing wrong with that >>photo guys.
>> Your comments are betraying your true feelings guys.
>> These days women are >>liberated, and rightly so.
>> I kindly ask you to drop the >> mungiki-like attitudes.
>> 6:56 AM

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