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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Paka Imenyeshwa Sasa Ni Simba

"Listen here Government, if you don't lift the ban on live broadcasts by tomorrow, we will do something about it because we are not afraid of you now that Michuki is no longer internal security minister i am lion hear me roar........."

Please do not adjust your computer monitor-there is nothing wrong with it. What you've read is the response of our local mass radio, newspaper and televison media finally appearing to get their act together and warning the government that unless they withdraw their 3 week-long ban on live broadcasts, they can expect consequences ala ODM albeit silent instead of "peaceful" demonstrations.
Unlike ODM, the media feel that if they go to courts in this case, they will see justice served-what exactly would justice be in their case? Its not just the lifting of the media ban that is the solution to the problem, its the basic question of just how much "freedom" is in the "freedom of press" which our (in) dependent media is supposed to have? Now there is a something to scratch your heads over
The press can practise freedom akin to Government spokesperson Mutua which amounts to mounting attacks always on the offensive in defense of the state and its machinery, or the press can practise freedom similar to blogs and websites and just run with whatever they get afterall what makes their sources more credible than mine? or they can turn a blind eye
It will be intersting to see which "freedom" the press enjoys in Kibaki's second term of office-maybe just maybe the cat will evolve into a lion


Anonymous said...

The government spokesman just talked and said that the government will not budge on the whole 'live-broadcasting' issue; instead,he said, the local media are free to take court action if they so wish ... Mutua is a loose canon that could turn out to be very costly at the end of the day.

Taabu said...

Luka sometimes knowing who is the paka and simba in all this charade is a difficult venture bro. Our media have taken cue from the scoundrels per excellence and they have not disappointed. One is left to watch and read the western media which protray us si such a bad light you want to puke and switch off.

But for lack of a credible alternative you have to put up or sit up. All the noise and threats is merely to make then relevant with profits uppermost intheor schemes of things. Reminds you one voluble Dr. Mutua is a 'journalist' teacher mark you! Kenya, land of miracles, ama?

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