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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ODM Sues Government as Massacre Continues

So ODM has sued the Kenyan 'Government' at the Hague accusing it of crimes against humanity following last week's police brutality that left hundreds of skulls cracked and bodies stopping bullets. Depending on which political divide you stand either the opposition is desperately seeking justice from without our borders or just playing cheap insensitive political games with the lives of Kenyans.

True to our Kenyan political pussyfooting antics, Alfred Mutua has already opened his mouth spewing threats of counter suits with the caveat of individual culpability with no recourse to collective responsibility among ODM. The charade is on folks and it appears we haven't seen anything yet. Meanwhile the embers continue to engulf and extinguish more lives.

Already we have more than 1000 Kenyans dead in less than one month and we still shamelessly hang onto that tag of democracy and sovereign. As a nation we have taken DECEPTION to new levels no amount of pretense will pull us out of the present quagmire.

Former UN chief Kofi Annan may be in town with good and honest intention but unless the two sides undergo a MASSIVE change of heart, the outcome is as predictable as the sun rises in the east. Add this to the suspicious presence of one strong man in the name of Museveni you get a pot brewing with potent mistrust.

Granted, both the Government and ODM have their hands drenched in blood of innocent Kenyans. But until and unless the root cause of present skirmishes is addressed transparently, then we are only engaging in grandiose political motions bereft of any meaningful movements. Our political class are simply buying time and postponing full-fledged GENOCIDE.


lamentation said...

The presence of Museveni is an indication of further turmoil in store for Kenyans. Whenever Museveni and his buddy in Rwanda get involved into any conflict, things get worse and many many lives are lost. People get blown off the Airplanes when Museveni gets involved. So my dear Kenyans, this might be the end of the Kenya we have loved.

Anonymous said...

As predicted a low intensity civil war is under way in the border regions. Very unfortunate and expensive over time, but nothing that will mean too much to people in Nairobi living off Swiss accounts.

Never mind what Museveni thinks, he has to do whatever Kibaki says if he wants the army to help get him a bit of fuel. In reality he might very well turn on Kibaki, in fact that would probably be his safest bet medium term. Uganda is really suffering, something which is not that much in the media.

And really, both Kibaki and Museveni need to start showing some bang for the american buck keeping them going.


Anonymous said...

I thank Museveni for making sure that his country contaminated our pokot people with guns. I thank Museveni for secretly sending his soldiers to western Kenya. I thank museveni for congratulating a retarded illegal leader for rigging the elections. I thank Museveni for jetting into our country uninvited. How blessed and unpleasant it is to have such a wicked neighboring leader. After Kenya is through with this, I’m just going to finally thank him for his understanding next time we stop all trains and trucks heading to Uganda. Thank you Museveni. So long sir.

Anonymous said...

Other than the fact that Museveni is quoted as having said pre-election that "Raila Presidency not good for Kenya", the man has himself had issues back in Uganda including manipulating the Constitution so that he can stay as President for life. At that backdrop, I don't see how he can even claim to have come to mediate, let alone to be impartial.
Now, about Annan&Co. I am sure they have all the best intetions. But with the hard lines, I am really skeptical they will achieve much. Kalonzo says "...There are no negotiations. This is dialogue in the spirit of Kenya...". This only means they're buying time and not at the least interested in getting to the bottom of the impasse nor solving it. And now ODM have done what at The Hague? Both sides are just engaged in PR...
I am dejected.

Anonymous said...

Good move ODM.

But just to remind Kenyans that, BOTH Raila and Kibaki should be convicted for crimes against Humanity.

We should get ride of re-cycled OLD KANU crooks, thieves and power hungry morons.

Anonymous said...

So should we be happy or sad that Museveni is in Kenya to see his friend Kibaki? I think I should and I am sad. Sad because Museveni is our immediate - next door neighbour yet he has NOT seen it necessary to walk in to condole us in our hour of need as Kenyans. Instead he was the first to laugh at our predicaments. I say laugh because he is the only leader world over who has openly congratulated Mwizi Kibaki on his 're-election' that never was.
Did Museveni have to wait till Kofi Annan comes to Kenya from somewhere in Europe for him to cross the porous border to Kenya?
Did he have to wait for us to burn seriously before he knocked on our door to find out how we are fairing on? Or is he satisfied with the work of his soldiers in Western Kenya? Is he in Kenya to shed crocodile tears?
By the way, having congratulated Kibaki for his 'win' how can he (Museveni) sit down with Mwizi and the Peoples' President Amolo Raila to reconcile them? It is common knowledge and an open secret that Museveni is Mwizi Kibaki's buddy and therefore partial in this situation and time.
How can a partial person like him claim to be a mediator? It is like taking Rattler in chief one Kimendero John Michuki to mediate in this situation where he is heavily involved and partial! It is ridiculous and near absurd! Hypocracy gone mad! SHame of you Museveni.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that will save our nation from what is left is TRUTH. Let Kibaki accept that he is not sure he won, a re-run be held in a few months, the we shall have a thing called Kenya.

Kandis said...

"Ma ekak jogi chando wuodwa. Ose mana dhero kod juma achiel yawa! (This is how these people are persecuting our son. He is already thin). Agwambo has to eat like Kibaki and become fat.

BenBen said...

The post election violence has brought upon the country such loss, and opened such schisms that anyone who loves Kenya can not accept patchwork remedial solutions. Any resolution to the current crisis must be one that focuses on appeasing all stakeholders, be they civilians, politicians, businesses etc.

As such it is imperative that as our leaders work toward national healing, they address the matter of both verifying and re-tallying the election results. If this is impractical, then a new calendar must be put in place to occasion a re-run for the two leaders - Kibaki and Raila.

In the meantime, parliament must act to provide constitutional amendments -if not a new constitution that will strengthen institutions of governance, and protect the instruments of power from misuse by the executive branch.

Finally, a truth, justice and reconciliation commission must be formed to facilitate the sound resolution and restoration of our social fabric.

It is important that all Kenyans get to know who was culpable for the transgressions that changed our electoral process into a prelude for murder and mayhem.

Much as some politicians are wont to start chest thumping and exhibiting brinksmanship to protect positions that they undeservedly occupy for the moment, we as a people must resist imposed solutions that will only cause further mayhem.


Anonymous said...

The biggest problem we have is prejudises and preconseptions amongst the various commumities which have blinded us from viewing the historical cause of our problems. Wangare Mathai is on record for saying the cause of our problems trace back to 1992 which i think just lays the blame to a leader from the other tribe and avoids the real cause which even caused JM s death. I got another email which explains it this way,
Being Kenyan I can confidently give you an insight as to why many communities are uncomfortable with the kikuyu. It all stems from kikuyu’s adaptability, hard work and success. I will give an example.

If a Kikuyu, Luo, Kalenjin and Luhya were all to be employed on the same day at the same organization e.g. Kenya Ports Authority, Mombasa and you visited them after 10 years, this is what you would find:

-Living in his own house in Mombasa ; family living in Mombasa ; happily settled at coast
-has rental houses, matatu in Mombasa
-owns a small car 1300cc EFI
-meets a friend at a local cheap bar for nyama choma and one or two beers discussing business

-Living in big expensive rented house
-Has big car 4000cc petrol
-Family living in Mombasa
-No investments; thinks of investing back home but fears being bewitched
-Leader of KPA trade union; always complaining, agitating for fairness/ equitable distribution of resources
-Meets ten friends in a pub with loud music each person has six beers waiting to be drunk and politicking.

-Family living in kericho while he works in Mombasa ; wishes there was a port in kericho so that he could be near home
-Has small car 1300cc which is in kericho
-Has bought small farm in kericho
-Believes kikuyus are thieves; wishes they would be evicted from Rift Valley.
-Drinks beer/Choma alone or with fellow clansmen and usually less discussions

-Has 2 wives; one in Kakamega, other in Mombasa
-Hopes to get a luhya MD to give him promotion to ease burden of 2 families
-No investments. Beer/Choma, Lingala music and a sweet sixteen girl are favorite.
-Amazed by kikuyu’s success

Digo (coastals/locals)
-No investments. Very superstitious and heavy drinkers of Mnazi wine.
-They seldom invest in their children’s education.
-Wants all upcountry people (‘foreigners’) to move out coz the port/institution is theirs


Kambas are not mentioned for one reason, ………………………………………and you know it….hawana story nyingi! WIPER!!!

' however no matter your tribe, you are my friend i will not hate you for baseless reasons I suppose each community has its role …

Our collective role, however, is to come to terms with the root cause(s) of the “political chaos” and contribute in whatever way we can to the healing of this nation.
I believe the mediators should be aware of our history and preconceptions too.

Phil said...

Taabu, I find it had to agree with you that both PNU and ODM have 'their hands drenched in blood of innocent Kenyans'. The root cause of present skirmishes is known, and I think those responsible must carry their own cross. Peaceful demonstrations and prayers, where allowed, have proceeded and ended without any violent incidences. Instruments of power are in the hands of one man. I can tell you for a fact, Raila, Ruto and the rest of the pentagon have got no control on the Kenyan masses whose votes were thrown in the garbage. Any disenfranchised citizen will protest when their right to vote is taken away from them. And when their right to protest is blocked, this may (and it already has all the signs of) evolve into an armed, underground, rebel/guerrilla struggle. Make no mistake, that will happen sooner rather than later.. This is something ODM cannot control. Even if Raila were to accept (God forbid) a cabinet position in this illegitimate government - him and his pentagon will go and fly those bloodied flags alone. The ODM pentagon is well aware of this fact. In a nutshell, PNU is 100% responsible for the disaster and the aftermath of 2007 general (s)elections.

Lamententaion@11.16, I agree.

Museveni is a known hypocrite. It is also an open secret he dreads a Raila presidency, just like he dreaded a Garang presidency in South Sudan.

Sources in ODM indicate that only Annan's mission is being taken seriously. ODM is NOT short of options, and as Chris put it; it is a question of how long Kibaki can put up.

Despot Museveni is in-country for 'a cup of tea' while the Kalonzo committee has already been dismissed even before it had its first sitting. This country belongs to all of us, not some of us.

Anonymous said...

How I wish Kibaki, Raila and their hardliners like Karua and Ruto could go to hell and then we could have a completely new class of leaders!

And to those Kenyans abroad praying for a civil war from the comfort of your bedsits, be careful, you may just get what you wish for!

As for M7, he's here as the current president of East African Community and as a buddy of Kibaki. Yes he's bloody but we know Raila's chums and financiers like Gaddafi are even bloodier!

Anonymous said...

The presence of Museveni scares me!

This is a bad man. He can only bring more problems.We should demonstrate for his deportation.

What I always say, If Kibaki actually won the election can he confirm this through a repeat election. I doubt his victor and so other people so let him prove to Kenyans that he actually won.

There will be no PEACE if this cannot be proved through a repeat election.

Raila continue being thin; we are behind you to see justice deliver and you are our (kenyans) man.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9.26pm.
Thanks for trying to be hilarious. Please note that it is not funny. This is not the time to try to pock useless fun and old stereotypes.
I am kikuyu from Molo but (I live abroad) i don't if our home still exists. I have lost communication with home.
But I have worked in nairobi, Kisumu, Kitale and I know several Kenyans from different backgounds e.g. Luos, Luhyia, Digo speaking who have bought property in nairobi, Nakuru Kisumu and all over kenya and build super homes for family and rental purposes.
please stop this silly old stereotyping.
To me you sound like one of those people who see themselves as Kikuyus,or Luhyias first and Kenyans for convenience.
As for me I am a Kenyan first and foremost then a Kikuyu,Luo, Kamba purely by chance and accident period.

Anonymous said...

I heard Raila say that he is the President of the the People .... but the reality is: he got maybe 4 Million and counting votes - and Kibaki got 4 Million and counting votes ...... so even if is true that Raila got one or two-hundred-thousands more votes, this still does not make him the President of 'the People' - pure mathematics make him the President of one or two-hundred-thousands ..... and that's it.

Anonymous said...

Great article, I hope more people start to realise that it is our leadership that is flawed, and is a catalyst for all the violence

Taabu said...

Anon @3.14 are you by any chance latently adminting that 1 and 2 are equal? Democracy means simple majority and if that takes an extra vote so be it. But you respect that single vote instead of stealing it.

Anonymous said...


Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anonymous @ 8.58.

You are the only blogger i have seen in this forum who is not sleep walking through life. Most others are just a bunch of ignorant know-it-alls and marionettes for our politicians to play around with.

Taabu said...

Kimi congratulatons for being able to note the walking in your sleep. You don't add value to your by trashing others or do you? You only do that if you don't mind having eggs on your face. Argue bro and stop shouting, it amouns to all heat and no light.

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