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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Election Riggers Get It Wrong... Again!

Two things have shocked me today.

1) The realization that the people who were involved in the rigging (cooking) of figures during the just concluded general elections are still at it.

2) The realization that some of the people involved read this blog religiously.

On Monday Jan 7th 2007, I posted the following remark in one of my posts;

Monday, January 07, 2008

Nime-RIG, Muta do?

Excerpts of Richard's email to Kumekucha;

"Are you aware ECK is yet to release the final tally to Kenyans? The 1 million votes that gave Kibaki the final figure are yet to be broken down. The Meru and Central Kenya 90% turnout was never carried by the press..."

Kumekucha's comment: They're probably still cooking.

Yesterday a notice (paid advertisement) appeared in the newspapers finally releasing those results. They were signed by disgraced ECK Chair Samuel Kivuitu.

But wait a minute...

Today Kivuitu has denied that he had anything to do with the notice or the figures.

The piece that appeared in today's Standard says in part;

"I wish to say I did not submit this report or authorise my name to be used for its publication. The use of my name is a falsification," said Kivuitu.

"It seems like some outside force has pushed for its publication otherwise whoever published it would have sought my consent for the use of my name," he said of the paid-up advertisement booked by the commission’s secretary, Mr Joel Tsola.

Wow!!! Gosh!!! What the??!!!

Well, folks, the plot thickens.

Despite strong but secret support from the Americans, the credibility of this Kibaki administraion is being bombarded every day. Just how much more punishment can it take?

I must say that I am very surprised at the clumsiness of the election riggers. Even now when there is no pressure from anybody, couldn't they get something as simple as publishing figures which the ECK chairman does not agree with, right? This clumsiness is what has brought blood shed in the country. My take is that if they wanted to rig they would have done it intelligently and neatly so that nobody has any proof. I thought retired president Moi was on their side, why didn't he give them a few tips? Had they gotten that detail right, hundreds of Kenyans, including children who are now dead would have been still alive.

Read the full Standard article here.

Some of the images that can't leave my mind. Dead toddlers from the election violence at the City Morgue in Nairobi.


Anonymous said...

Funny you are yet to utter a word about the burning to death of 50+ innocent Kikuyu children in an Eldoret Church!

Anonymous said...

The government to blame:

5000 dead, thanks to mungiki

50+ burnt, thanks to government lack of security in R.valey

950 shot in kisumu

Anonymous said...

What shall we do? I am amazed to read about the state of our city--Osumo Dala. We will never recover

Anonymous said...

Neme-Rig, Mta-Do? Chris, here is the answer. Tutaendelea kwenda ma-ofisi zetu, kujitafutia riziki ya kila siku. Naye Kibaki ataendelea kuwa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Kenya. Naye Raila, ataendelea kujaribu kupata ikulu. Huenda Raila atazide kuhujumu serikali kwa peaceful demonstrations that always turn violent, after which biashara husimama. Uchumi kisha unadidimia. Huenda pia, Raila ataona heri akuwe Kiongozi Rasmi wa Upinzani, in which case Kenya will be the African Economic Tiger.
Kisha tutaendelea kusoma Kumekucha, the ODM and alarmist blog.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:06 am are u in Kenya really? You think with mass action you will still go to work? Kenyans we need each other as much as you want to believe that you can survive in a vaccum by yourself too bad. The other day someone said we will close uplands road so that vegetables don't get to Nrb for those kales, luhyas and luo so iw as wondering do we only have the three tribes in Nrb? Even the common kikuyu man leaving in Westlands will not get it. Scenario two: who are the hawkers in Nrb the ones selling mbogas in town and Marikiti...1% other tribes, 99% kikuyus so who will umia....U know the answer i dont need to tell you and even if you decide not to bring we will eat cereals, beef, chicken, managu and malenge and these are herbs that can be found anywhere in a bush. And the mbogas trust me zitaoza Are the kikuyu's now not crying that sugar is expensive now....Sugar is in western, fuel (What if the Kales decide to close the roads from Eldoret and the Coastrians decide hapa hampiti then will you put water in your cars? The fish industry is in Thika and i don't know if there is lake Thika or you will start fishing from river sagana? The tobacco industry is in Thika and tobacco is found in Kuria....And i believe in Thika the majority are kuyus so they are the ones employed there..What if the Nakuru -Nrb road is still closed? Need i go further coffee and tea in large scale you find them where RV, Sugar - Western, Tourism -Coast apart from the aberdares....Cows - Maasais and NEP fellas.. The maize we sell out is from Rv especially Kapsabet which is still closed to GEMAs. If the Kales refuse with their milk believe me Uhuru Kenyatta will close Brookside like yesterday and who is employed there? Need i answer..Nuh i don't think so. Miraa traders in Meru are crying right now that they can't transport their miraa far and wide...Chest thumping is not helping anyone Kibaki tried it in RV the other day...and what were the repercussions? Houses were burnt a kilometer away....When you look at CEOs who are making the headlines around the globe yaani those who have made it by sacrifice and hardwork... I mean those who have not been pushed by their illeterate godfatheres...Judge for yourself??? And you know what God is so sovereign that he made sure he didn't give everyone everything with the sole reason to make them co-exist with one another and have fellowshp. Did you watch KTN yesterday of that woman who wanted to buy milk in Kericho...What was he told..Enda ukamue Kibaki...Do you want us to that route? So my friend .....THINK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris! Come on Man! Can’t you tell that Son of a Bitch Kivuitu is trying to save his name publicly? They are doing this with Kibaki’s satans and now that he knows that the damage has been done fully, he comes out to a press conference to say he did not know who won it. As evil and equally a dead man as Kibaki, why can’t he just shut the hell up. He was doing that to save his name and a job. He will need that job again come 2012 to help Uhuru. If he had been forced or threatened to release the results in Dec 30, he would never have come out and say he doesn’t know who won it. Yesterday, he pressed again that he did not release the results. What the hell? Whose signature was on the release? And if he surely didn’t, why didn’t he come out and say, “I’m firing so and so for releasing the results without my consent”? Why?

The hell Chris! The guy is just cooking things with Kibaki and comes out to just look innocent publicly. Like I said, he is as dead as retarded Gefaki.

Makena said...

I just feel sorry for the people of Kisumu who turned up to work on monday and found their businesses and offices detroyed. People can carry on with their demonstrations- its their democratic right- but the idiots who sacked Kisumu and many other towns better realise you are detroying many futures.

BTW, this blog seems to relish disorder in Kenya. I have read shit over the past year here which makes me wonder whther some people should have been born and raised in Rwnada. They'd have excelled at radio milles colines and at Kangura. As for me, nitaendelea na kazi, i have clients to see.

Anonymous said...


The truth hurts. If you read shit in this blog, what are you doing in it? Why are you posting more shit in it? You got clients to see? Who? Your prostitution work clients? Taking all the prostitution business in Uganda…..Go to hell…. The truth hurts

F.Y.I. I don’t work for Kumekucha but Kumekucha stands tall in informing people. Did you ever read a sentence in Kumekucha telling people to go kill? Again, go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Ditto @anon 7:22AM. I have asked those same question several times to those who attack Kumekucha. No one's ever responded to why they read it if it soooo toxic. Point is, if you this blog is what's wrong with Kenya then you are in a state of denial and smoke some hot stuff!

Anonymous said...

oops meant to say "if you think this blog is...."

Anonymous said...

At Anon 5:38 am. Stop being tunnel vissioned! Goods and services are affecting the whole country! Both suppliers and customers. What does it help to have plenty of maize ikuliwe na weevils? Does it help to pour milk because it cant fika KCC? The simple truth is that we're all suffering directly or indirectly and the best way to stop it is come to our senses. If Kibaki and Raila cant communicate then I dont have to follow them. Watoto wao wameshiba and they dont care about the rest of us. If you can feed your family how will u survive.

Now all the mass demonstrations they've called for.. how long will people agree to be on the street. At some point they will realize that they need to work, get paid and feed their families... and some journalist semad on Nation, unless the middleclass is involved with what is going on, then we will not move further.

Ndovu wawili wakipigana ziumiazo ni nyasi!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @10:00 Trust me i am a middle class but if they call them on a Sato i will be on the forefront...Did people get tired in 92 when they were fighting for multi party....I dont think so

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