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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Breaking News: Kuffuor Led Crisis Talks 'Breaks Down'

According to information posted on the BBC website a few moments ago, the crisis talks led by Ghanaian President John Kuffuor have broken down.

For this to have happened even before Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga met face to face is bad enough and spells doom for the future of this country. This is also extremely terrible new for all Kenyans who cherish peace and justice and whose hopes were all on the success of Kuffuor as AU Chairman.

Both President Kuffuor and US Assistant Secretary of State, Ms Jendayi Frazer, were yesterday forced to extend their visits by a day after initially having failed to reach an agreement with the two Kenyan political parties. Both of them had been locked in lengthy meetings attended by a hoard of diplomats plus about four former African Heads of State and these meetings were still on going at the time of posting this.

Since yesterday, Kuffuor and his team had been shuttling between the Pentagon House (Upper Hill) and State House Nairobi talking closed door meetings with the ODM and PNU teams. Yesterday's sessions went into late night and begun again early morning today.

Press reports from Kampala had initially indicated that Government side (PNU) and the ODM had "agreed on a power sharing deal and the possibility of creating the post of prime minister. They had, however, differed on whether the holder should be given executive or ceremonial roles."

Interestingly, yesterday the US Department of State sent a protest note to the Government for the naming of half of the cabinet before talks with the Orange side could commence. All those appointed to cabinet were sworn-in at state house this morning. At the same time, the former African Heads of State, led by Joachim Chissano of Mozambique, have termed recent events "an injustice on the people of Kenya". It is not clear what is the status of the initiatives of another peacemaker - Archibishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa who has also met both parties.

PS: It looks like President Kuffuor is leaving the country (the government has announced) but Kuffuor has also indicated that a group of eminent persons (sounds familiar) lead by former UN Secretary General Koffi Annan (also a Ghanaian) will be taking up from where he left. Kuffuor says both parties are willing to talk.


Mla Nazi said...

There is nothing new about this. For all those who know Raila, there is no peace that can be brokered with him. A self beguiled "revolutionary", he thinks that the only way to take power is thru force.
Wake up and smell the coffee--people are tired of this nonsense. Politicians need to move on with it and serve us.
Parliament opens in earnest on Tuesday, Raila and his ODM pple need to move on.
As for Kibaki, you said "Kazi Iendelee" it is now time to deliver. Resettle the affected, revive the economy and let politicians go to parliament to sleep and hike their salary...that, ladies and gentelmen, is teh life of kenyans.

---what made u think that the talks would work?...for the life of me...u guys joke way too much, Kuffour coming to Kenya was just a gimmick...Kibaki continues, and those who have issues, the NACET is waiting to be swallowed...Nacet, for those who recall, were crude instruments used to sharpen pencils or shave beards!

Anonymous said...

Well Done RO! Justice must be served to the Kenyan people! You can't let the "imbeciles" at SH rule this country. Frog march them to the International Court of Justice!!!

Anonymous said...

Mla Nazi- people like you do not u/stand the under currents on the ground.
Personally with this announcement I'm I'm afraid, very afraid.
If Kenya does not sort out this problem this time round prepare for something worse in future. If you keep anger bottled up it will erupt and you cannot control it.
Do not celebrate anything yet!!

Morara said...

God help Kenya! For Mla Nazi and your ilk, your comments only fuels the fire. COULD YOU PLEASE SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

@Mla Nazi, thats right, we are tired. RAO or whatever his name is needs to go to parliament.

rastaman said...

Glory be to the Name of the most High King of kings Lord of lords Lion of Judah Elect of God and Light of the world Defender of the faith king of Israel and emperor of all of Ethiopia... give us this day our daily bread forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us....

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.14, What u and Mla- nazi do not u/stand is that its the people who are saying no!
Maybe u r blogging from abroad??
I wish there was a way to get thro to the hard headed Kibaki!
How much more bloodshed does this guy want?
There is no calm in no part of the xtry I've never seen a xtry where pple are more cowed- do not be fooled bcoz the Media no longer reports whatever is considered sensitive.
This is not similar to the 2002- MOU who can explain that to this guy? Who can?

Tamtam said...


The link to the press reports to Kampala is not working.

Do you feel Kofi Annan will be able to help move things forward?

Moninga said...

Looks like the end dead end is approaching very fast. Who will sink the shocks when the terror is directed to innocent people?

Moninga said...

O God of all creation Bless this our land and nation Justice be our shield and defender May we dwell in unity Peace and liberty Plenty be found within our borders.

Anonymous said...

Mla Nazi, who told you that it's Raila who failed the talks? Who was it who named his Cabinet just before Kufuor jetted in?

It's the senile bastard with a haggard looking wife who has led to the breakdown of talks!

Why is it that you are quick to blame Raila when P.N.U. mouth pieces like Mutua, Kimunya and Karua are spewing vitriol and thumbing their noses at every available opportunity?

Let Kenya now burn to the ground. Maybe that way you people can realise that there can be no peace when there's no justice. They say that it's darkest just before dawn. It's only midnight and believe me, people will fight for their rights and it's only midnight!

Phil said...

Tamtam and others, I apologise for the Kampala link. Try again.

Koffi Annan? Going by the attitude, arrogance and lack of goodwill by Kibaki and Co., I doubt whether Koffi will achieve anything. ODM has said it therefore, I urge you to brace yourselves for the worst, I repeat.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon above that people are saying no.... TO THE MURDERS AND RAPES INSTIGATED BY THE ODM CRIMINALS!!!!! Kwani you think people are idiots? The blood on Raila's hands has sealed his fate of NEVER being voted Kenya's president. Ati the people have said no.... we are not idiots my friend. The tide is turning against your ODM masters. You can see it, but are in denial. Oh well, keep burying your head in the sand.

God Bless Kenya

Moninga said...

Anonymous said...

According to the BBC report, Mr. Kuffuor spent hours in vain trying to persuade Mr. Odinga to agree to meet President Kibaki face
to face.

For more details go to

Moninga said...

It is too hot here. If we could use the few abusive words for constructive comments and idea sharing. Things could be good. However, the answer to the big question will be given to us in terms which will be non-ambigous. God has that answer.

Anonymous said...

uuuuuuuiiiiiiii,tumeisha? I have prayed and prayed and prayed..... Please who can talk to RAO to save us from this agony? I really wish he can be a Mandela by just letting his ambition go for the sake of peace.I tell you it can be a miracle for 'Emilio' to change his already set mind. Seing the way the Kenyans are suffering makes me wonder... What wrong did the Kenyan do to vote for these guys? Did you say there is a deadlock in the negotiations? Kimeumana!!!!! Got to c a doctor. I think am developing ulcers from too much anxiety. I used to walk with my head tall as a Kenyan, wear my Kenyan identity dress everytime an opportunity presented itself, Kenyan flag bracelet. Know what? last night I almost set them a blaze but thought let me wait till these talks are over...but now seems like I will make a bonfire tonight. I am ashamed any time people ask me "and how is Kenya now?" followed by "and r u 'Kukuyu' not knowing its
'Kikuyu' or Luo?" Well I am glad I don't have to lie am neither of the two.My children are even worse being a cross breed of the so called tribes and I have to go thru trouble of explaining that they are 1/4 this tribe, 1/4 the other and.....they can't comprehend since they have all along known they are Kenyans from the beautiful country with Maasai mara. e.t.c. I am paying the prize of being proud of my beautiful motherland while my sisters and brothers are paying the prize of qeuing in the rain to vote for "leaders". Someone had to pay the prize !!! and the struggle continues.

Phil said...

Anon at 7.10am, please provide a link to your story. Nowhere does the BBC reports on this whole saga implicate Raila. Infact Kenyans need to congratulate Raila for agreeing to mediation although everyone, including Kibaki himself, knows the election was stolen.

Meanwhile, I concur with you Moninga @7.14am.

The Kampala link, I believe, is working well now. Please re-try.

Anonymous said...

Congratulate Raila??? Congratulate Raila?? You have got to be kidding me!!! The same Raila whose goons all around the country have been raping women and boys and murdering countless people??? You people must be smoking some serious stuff. Mark my words, Raila, Ruto, et al WILL pay for the blood that's on their hands. And I don't mean in the afterlife either...
But don't mind me. Just keep sticking your head further in the sand.

Anonymous said...

anon at 7:05 wrote:
Let Kenya now burn to the ground. Maybe that way you people can realise that there can be no peace when there's no justice. They say that it's darkest just before dawn. It's only midnight and believe me, people will fight for their rights and it's only midnight!

And it's words like these that emerge as the sole attitude behind ODM.
They don't want justice they want power and if they don't get it then to hell with everything.

The very quote above tells volumes.

Phil said...

18h50 local time. Nairobi.

As I am posting this, Raila Odinga and the Pentagon are at this moment said to be in a closed door meeting.

Contacts are anxiously waiting for an announcement that should show which direction.

My early TAKE:






Anonymous said...

I really, sorry for the word, "hate" the likes of Phil. I lack words to describe the abuse of the 'kenyan people'(read ODMers) by Raila to simply assume power.
Phil, Raila knows only too well, like you and me, that Kibaki wont let go power. It is only sensible to concede defeat and form a strong opposition. Trust me, that way they will better serve the Kenyan people, you and me. Trying to get justice (read power) the route ODM has taken, will only mess my and your life, you Phil. While there is a "BEGINNING OF MAJOR PROBLEMS IN KENYA (YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET) AND SOME PEOPLE MAY END-UP HURT OR DEAD", we are praying AGAINST IT, for the love that we have for Kenya and its children. Phil, Phil, lets stop being alarmists, and assume a mind and heart of humility.

Anonymous said...

But an agreement to "an immediate cessation of violence as well as any acts which may be detrimental to finding a peaceful solution to the ongoing crisis" was made on Thursday between Kibaki and Odinga.


Just because all of you are so stupid....doom seers

Kenyan just a beautiful but infested with the most STUPID people.

Anonymous said...

Raila and his team has no interest of the country at heart. If they really care about Kenya, let them STOP their pursuit for power in such a manner that only endangers the life of the same voter they claim to be fighting for.

Phil said...


Its emerging that Kuffuor led team had prepared a TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT AGREEMENT that was to signed by both ODM and PNU, but President Kibaki refused/declined to sign the same, forcing Kuffuor to go back to Accra. The agreeement was to culminate into a elections re-run.

Usual government loudmouth Afred Mutua is denying existence of any such agreement and maintains Kuffuor was here on a state visit and a cup of tea, and NOT mediation, as Wetangula had clearly informed him that there is a government in charge and in control (you and I know differently, Kuffuor was here on a mediation mission). I leave you to decide whether government is in charge and in control.

Lets wait and see what statements Kuffuor, Condoleeza and Gordon Brown will release tomorrow.

ODM statement also still awaited.

Anonymous said...

While the Anon @8:22 is wrong calling all of us stupid, Phil, let us stop being doom seers!
Phil, justify you claims of 'assassination' of key ODM members! This is the doom seeing that need be dropped.
In life, two strong elephants cant just fight on and on, each expecting to win. Trust me, it will be unwise for Raila to insist on pushing to get to power, when he as a POLITICIAN knows only too well that the other POLITICIAN called Kibaki wont bow to anything.
Raila, man of the people, please stop it. Let the kids who have been given some 10K per year all over the country enjoy some learning, for heaven's sake.

Kuro ni Wakikuyu said...

What else do you expect from the thieves.

Kangotha said...

Formation of a parallel government by Raila and ODM will give H.E President Kibaki the power and reason to lock them up for treason and sedition.
Phil, if you want to give President Kibaki an easy way out of this, then form a parallel govt. thats when ODM will see cha mtema kuni...then confessions will be forced...people who dont know what the inside of jail looks like ---Mudavadi, Balala, Nyagah, Ngilu, Nyongo (maybe Ruto)---will be quick to confess and retract---get light sentences of like 6yrs...only brave Raila will be left. Our Brave Raila will be left alone...with a hefty prison term.
Dont form a parallel govt..that is not the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Far as I see, democracy, negotiations and meditation will never work with such a crack dumb head as Kibaki. If these are not working, sometimes force is a must. Get ready for force people; we are coming.

Anonymous said...

If Raila won and Kibaki lost, let Raila push for Kibaki to step aside and him to take over, without involving us again in an exercise called voting. Am okay with Kibaki stepping down and Raila taking over presidency, but save me the ballot!
I have no sike to go voting for these hooligans!
So Phil, if you are an employee of ODM, continue the shit good work.

Anonymous said...

PHil stop this!

Anonymous said...

Was not also Charles Njonjo part of the ODM-team ? At least he was (quite surprisingly for many)backing Raila for Presidency. Where is he now? I have not heard from him since. Does anybody know the answer?

Anonymous said...

Until last week, the town was emerging as a hub of education, finance and agriculture. While other towns were going down, Eldoret was on an upward trend over the past five years, promising to be a big industrial hub of North Rift region.

Over the past five years, industries that collapsed in the last decade have been revived, the latest of which was the Rift Valley Textile Mills reopened late last year.

Before that, New Kenya Cooperative Creameries was formed to replace the former Kenya Cooperative Creameries clearing the way for investment in the dairy industry among the area farmers.

The KCC factory has undergone a major rehabilitation at a cost of Sh100 million from the Government.

The grain sector has also improved through producer price increases by the National Cereals and Produce Board.

Added to this has been big investment from athletes, many of whom come from the area, with massive investment in buildings, schools and even hospitals.

With the existence of the fast expanding Moi University, colleges and other businesses, new jobs have increased by leaps and bounds, helping the North Rift town to a handsome economic position.


jAnaM said...

here is the bbc post on the cris talks failure

Anonymous said...

"Frog march them to the International Court of Justice!!!"

A tribunal that hears disputes between states is hardly the place to resolve Kenyan electoral matters. Some of you have been asking for the ICC, ICJ to indict people. Please acquaint yourselves with their jurisdcition and statute before you make fools of yourselves.



You are practically salivating at the prospect. The rest of us will carry on with our jobs and providing for our families, i suggest you do the same you fucking nutter.

Anonymous said...


Sam Okello said...

We've reached a critical stage in our march to free Kenya from the despots and elitist hooligans who've led us since the sixties. It's become clear that Kibaki won't turn over power peacefully. I call on Kenyans to be prepared to follow the directives of the President-elect Raila Odinga. And for all those who support the captain, I call on us to be very economical with our words. Don't let the other side know what we are going to do.

Peace be with everyone!

Anonymous said...

Okello and phil, This is not the time to be soft on story tellers like you. GET THIS IN YOUR TINY MINDS,

Anonymous said...

What directives? People are tired of this shit. Time to go back to work. Siasa is a dirty business and it doesnt pay bills, school fees or feed the family. SAm Okello, maybe you can afford to take days off work to protest sadly, the rest of us have to earn a living.

Anonymous said...

Eti ODM and its make-shift pentagon have locked themselves in an office! Wat kind of leadership is this anyway. Kenyans have been butchered and suffered due the incitement and politics that have been instigated by ODM by decisions made behind closed doors. It is good that Kenyans are now coming to realize what kind of leadership is being portrayed by ODM. Their character is a joke and their silly public rallies are causing Kenyans a lot of grief.
They are behaving like a bunch of spoilt brats! Eti “we will occupy the governments bench while in parliament?” surely do they expect the Government to cease being the Government. I mean are these wanna-be pentagon idiots taking us for a ride. Has Raila seen first hand the people who have been displaced by the violence in the Riftvalley? Of course not, he does not care at all? To him, these people mean nothing to him and did not contribute to his re-election campaign. They deserve to rot and die like the rest of them. I’m I right Phil. And by the way Phil, those posters at Jamhuri phase II, I do have a copy and you will be seen them shortly.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that pro-kibaki supporters concentrating on the violence while pro-Raila supporters concentrating on illegitimacy of the Kibaki presidency? My take is that there can be no peace without justice. Yes we can have uneasy calm returning for a while but not peace.

So which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is the killing a worse crime than the rigging?

Just remember that there can be no peace without justice

Anonymous said...

We have seen looters return looted goods to shops for fear of the witchdoctors wrath. I think it's about time we hire the services of the wickedest witchdoctor of all to frighten Mwizi Kibaki out of office. Sometimes thieves need a face to face meeting with the devil himself.

Anonymous said...


Lillian said...

Sam Okello,
Ati "President-Elect Raila"? I guess this is the point where we are supposed to start shaking in the boots because Raila will forcefully take over the government? LOL. Ask him how that went last time he tried it, in the 1982 coup attemt.
This is just downright comical. If I were Kibaki, I would just stand back and let Raila keep tightening the noose around his neck, he seems hell bent on comitting political suicide. I need front row seats to this show. It ought to be fun. Porpcorn anyone???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

People, i have just been scanning other blogs.....and guess what! IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED,

Anonymous said...

An act of EVIL MEN. They can run but they can't hide. Blame evil all you want, these are acts of people quite capable of distinguishing right from wrong. They will pay! Them and their "pentagon" Murderer masters!

Lillian said...

That surprises exactly NO ONE. We all know Kumekucha is pro-ODM. How can anyone miss that given the tone of the posts on this blog? However, there is a difference between patriotic and peace-loving pro-ODM Kenyans who put country before greed, and then there are hateful, war-mongering, self-aggrandizing, downright delusional pro-ODM folks. Which group do you think Kumekucha falls in?

Anonymous said...

Writers must sometimes feel like the Greek prophetess Cassandra, gifted to see the future but fated not to be believed.

What is unfolding in Kenya could as well have been lifted from my novel Wizard of the Crow where the ruling party and the opposition parities engaged in Western-sponsored democracy become mirror images of one another in their absurdity and indifference to the poor.

The picture of men and women burnt down in a church where they had gone for refuge still haunts my mind. A child running away from the fire was caught and hurled back into the flames.

One of the few survivors was quoted as saying: "But they knew me; we were neighbours. I thought Peter was a friend - a good neighbour. How could Peter do this to me?"

This crime should be investigated by the United Nations

I had heard the same puzzled cry from Bosnia. I had heard the same cry from Iraq. I had heard the same, same words from Rwanda: "We were neighbours; we'd married into each other. How could this happen?"

And now I hear the same cry from Eldoret North in my beloved Kenya. For me this burning of men, women and children in a church is a defining single instant of the current political impasse in Kenya.

And this must be separated from accusations and counter-accusations of rigged elections by the contending parties.

Rigged elections is one thing - it can be righted by any mutually agreed political measures - but ethnic cleansing is another matter altogether.

What is disturbing is that this instant seems to have been part of a co-ordinated programme with similar acts occurring in several other places at about the same time against ordinary members of the same community.

Ordinary people do not wake up one morning and suddenly decide to kill their neighbours.

Ethnic cleansing is often instigated by the political elite of one community against another community. It is premeditated - often an order from political warlords.

Or it may be the outcome of an elitist ideology of demonising and isolating another community.

Either way the aim is to drive members of the targeted community from the region.


Frantz Fanon, the intellectual visionary of the Third World, had long ago warned us of the dangers of the ideology of regionalism preached by an elite whose money can buy them safe residence in any part of a country.

A single instance of premeditated ethnic cleansing can lead to an unstoppable cycle of vendettas - a poor-on-poor violence - while those who tele-guided them to war through the ideology of hate and demonisation are clinking glasses in middle-class peace at cocktail parties with the elite or the supposed enemy community.

This crime should be investigated by the United Nations.

If it is found that a political organisation has run a campaign on a programme that consciously seeks to isolate another community as a community, then they ought to be held fully accountable for the consequences of their ideology and actions.

It is often easier to blame a government when it is involved in massacres. This is as it should be.

A government must always be held to higher standards, for its very legitimacy lies in its capacity to ensure peace and security for all communities.

But what about if such a massacre is inspired by a programme of an opposition movement?

This ought to receive equally severe condemnation from all and sundry, for being in opposition does not give an organisation the right to run on an ideology of isolation and hate targeted at another community.

The world does not need another Bosnia; Africa certainly does not need another Rwanda

An opposition movement is potentially a government of tomorrow. A programme that such a political organisation draws while in opposition would obviously be the programme they'll try to implement when in power.

That's why such acts must be condemned even when they are clothed in progressive, democratic-sounding words and phrases.

I therefore call upon the United Nations to act and investigate the massacres in Kenya as crimes against humanity and let the chips fall where they may.

For the sake of justice, healing and peace now and in the future I urge all progressive forces not to be so engrossed with the political wrongs of election tampering that they forget the crimes of hate and ethnic cleansing - crimes that have led to untimely deaths and the displacement of thousands.

The world does not need another Bosnia; Africa certainly does not need another Rwanda.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/01/10 12:00:24 GMT


Anonymous said...

I do not get you morons complaining that Kumekucha is pro ODM. You clearly have no idea how blogs work and what they are for. Blogs are for authors personal opinions, thats why setting up one costs nothing. If you have a problem with posts in this here blog, simply start your own or go where you find suitable views for you.

Last time I checked, Chris was not being paid to run this thing, it is not run like a newspaper or media organisation. IT IS A BLOG.

Lillian said...

Aah, the oft quoted "freedom of speech". You do understand that even in some of the most advanced democracies, free speech can in fact be restricted if it is "likely to incite imminent lawless action" right? Absolute freedom of speech is a myth my friend, with good reason. You need not go further than this blog to understand why.

kitumoja said...

I am a regular blogger here, I have just noticed a systematic attack based on some of the above "sentiments".

I tell you the truth, ODM shall one day triumph over injustice. Let us not be moved, nor shaken, or stopped, and never stopped.

Citing the numerous remarks from every logical pole of this earth, it is clear that the elections were not rigged, it is more precise to state that we had none at all, and the Kenyan people from every divide should unite, to condemn injustice in whichever form, regardless of our feeble political inclinations. It is time to truly face the mountain and swim the lake.

Confronted suddenly by the whole mass of evidence now at hand, it would be difficult to maintain a clear view, and so easy for the pattern to be distorted by the very weight of the records. I remember one goldenberg (why do they spell it with a capital G?) defendant, coming to court with boxes of evidence .... it will not be easy to distort us Mr. President (His Ego-ness H.E.)

I have seen fellow Kenyans smiling at me in traffic, I have heard that it is now a chess game or for those who prefer the 18th hole. The ingredients of any conflict are fear, hunger nad pride, but we must also remember that the deadliest of all ingredients is the final detonation.

My question to the president, will you continue to lead in a state of permanent powerlessness?

However much it still falls short of completeness, and my own ideal, what is to come, will at least be termed 'a history' of the true liberation of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Kitumoja, I agree with you that ODM shall one day triumph over injustice. AFTER THEY PAY FOR THE BLOOD THAT'S ON THEIR HANDS!!!!!

kitumoja said...

Anonymous, 1:20, lets go easy on the CAPS, and one exclamation mark is enough. Kwani you are on coffee?

Blood is on the hand of those who have killed, some with the crudest of weapons --- some without a face, some without a heart, some facing a future taken away by the hearts of the selfish.

The faces of those on the trigger, with their "clean hands", bloodied only by the recoil of their guns, return to their camps, haunted still by their murderous acts. What man or woman would kill another on command? Shall they triumph too?

Yes, the mobs are traversing the country in a frenzy, not compelled or commanded by any leader, but led only by fear and anger. I agree that this is regrettable.

If I was the current Minister of Internal Security, I would do some Mathematics? Why is he been setup to fall for this mess?

In my shallow mind, I beg to say, that someone (YULE YULE), has placed a certain community in the combined solitude and circumscription of a political and social isolation ward.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha is not pro-ODM. Not in the very least. This blog is pro-DEMOCRACY. One man, one vote. Hii ghasia Kibaki alifanya huko Central ni kazi ya shetani na ndugu zake.
This is precisely why we must all continue calling for Mwizi Kibaki to resign. In fact, we will buy him a set of classic golf clubs. We will then follow up and hire the best psychiatrists to give his wife, the inglorious Lucy 'the violent' Kibaki, a brain check.

In agreement that Kibaki pick-pocketed votes, it is our duty as citizens to demand his arrest and subsequent jailing for fraud upon the people of Kenya. Everybody knows that the killings going on in Kenya is Kibakis sole responsibility.

Anonymous said...

We must ask Kibaki to stop swimming in the pool of our blood. When he sees us displaced in camps, Kibaki thinks it's comedy. When he sees morgues filled to capacity, Kibaki thinks the dead are actually sleeping and having great dreams.

In fact, the man has no authority and deserves no respect. Si walichoma houses in his presence. The man is nothing but a balding cartoon.

The Congolese said...

It's so spectacular the way governments in Africa subvert the law while couching their usurpations in the language and decorum of the law. Kenya has unfortunately joined the ranks of those bandit governments. It's an outrage to see Kibaki holding the Kenyan Constitution while being sworn in: a travesty of momentous proportion. I love Kenya and her people; I love Nairobi where I used to live; I love Westland where I used to seep my "Tusker" baridi at "The Gypsy's" bar while watching sports on TV... I am mad the Kenya I so much love has been destroyed by the madman who'd subverted the democratic process.

Tamtam said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, seems the link got broken for being too long.

Here's the main site, right now the article is the first one, anyway:

Anonymous said...

Folks, you are sleep walking into a civil war-like situation. Ask us from Sierra leone if anyone wins in a situation like this? The answer is a dead no.

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter. Your country is now free and they know the consequenses and would never do it again. We also have to experience it, those alive will live to tell that GREAT BITTER story.

For kifaki to keep Kufuor and Raila waiting for 5 Hrs is not only coward, but also proves the fact that he doesnt make any decision and only waits for michuki to tell him what to do. He could have said that he does not want it, than swearing in the mionisters and the other side is waiting for him. He needs to be sober for one second alone without being dictated by mutua and michuki, then he should go down and pray before adressing the press; GOD WILL GUIDE HIM.

For kalonzo to start enjoying the statehouse while things are rotten bad in the country is too shelfish of him. The post was to be his, all he needed to do was to mediate for peace then go for 'his' post. What is wrong with people? Some things are so simple to do! shish, for how long is this stupidity going to continue. Real leaders need to come out and tell kifaki OFF, for heavens sake!

Anonymous said...

Anon above said: "It doesnt matter. Your country is now free and they know the consequenses and would never do it again. We also have to experience it, those alive will live to tell that GREAT BITTER story."

I really do think there is some very potent stuff being smoked around here, because I REFUSE to believe that these words come from a sober person. Either that, or our 8-4-4 system has failed miserably. How else does one explain the kind of mediocre thinking on display here? If I were you, I would demand to have my tuition, all the way back to class 2, refunded. Anyone who taught you above that level trully failed you.

Anonymous said...

Quote from anon 3:36
It doesnt matter. Your country is now free and they know the consequenses and would never do it again. We also have to experience it, those alive will live to tell that GREAT BITTER story.

I'm actually getting afraid of ODM - coldly pushing for a genocidal civil war just for power.

Unbelievable what all is sold as 'democracy' these days..

Another quote from the abovementioned

This is *not* a pathway to clean elections, democracy and civil government, but one to chaos and authoritarian government with ethnic hatred and demonization as its basis. If you don't like the outcome of the last election and think it was rigged: demonstrate that problem and find ways to *fix it*. Playing divisive, power politics is not a long term help to you, your ideals or your Nation unless you are fixing yourself up to be a dictator. Then its a great way forward.

Onto Raila Odinga, the man behind the Orange Democratic Movement, National Rainbow Coalition, Million person march and instigator of the recent unrest due to losing a close election. Or maybe not, we will not know as Mr. Odinga does not want to go through the civil court system to work out problems with the election and, instead, looks towards marches and riots to cement his non-win victory.

I never would have believed I would say this, but maybe Kibaki did us all a favour with his rigging..

Anonymous said...

anon @ 3.58
You're exactly right! Before this whole debacle I trully believed that either of them would make for a good president. Not anymore! I would vote for bwana Moi himself before voting Raila. He is toxic for the psyche of the country. Turns out that he had figured the only way he could ever get elected in Kenya was by marginalizing one tribe, hence all the violence.
Like you said, maybe the silver lining in all this is that the murderous traits of some of our so-called leaders have been exposed!

Abass said...

Now, this division in the country is taking toll on everyone and everything. Just read the 2 leading stories in both the 2 leading papers: The Standard nd Nation. while both are talking of the same subject (the breakdown of talks), both have different versions. In The Standard, the gov't hardened its position while the nation seems to say the opposite: ODM making unacceptable demands (some of them reportedly dropped earlier) and looking at names of the writers of both stories doesn't help. It just is so sad :(

Abass said...

Whether Kibaki did you all a favour by rigging, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Haha!!! Kenya will rise again and everyone will prosper. The next five years Kenya is going to be one of the TIGER'S of the world economy. Remember both leaders Kibaila have significant business interests which get priority now! Off you go little war mongerers.

Vikii said...

This feels like 'deja vu' all over again.

Anonymous said...

The opinions expressed here are individual democratic views and should not be used by the PNU/Govt staff writtng here to suggest that they are of ODM. Kenya has only one solution to this problem we have now. It sounds horrific, archaic and so primitive, but remember modern starts from primitive. The primitivity in Kibaki's head can only be removed by proper fighting that will bring soberness to the few with the orportunity to remain alive and tell the tales. Sorry buddies, but it is fast coming. Just watch.........! It is inevitable with all the recless acts of kifaki and mchuki, plus the alarmist speeches written for the president by mutua/tuju, nothing civil or good will come for KENYA

Anonymous said...


We write to you in our earnest hope that you will take time to read this letter and think it through before you respond.

We will make it very brief because you are busy but give it a very serious thought because you know us and you know that we campaigned for you.

Today, as the world stares at you, you are the only one who can save Kenya and help Kenya move forward. Please do it and the world will never forget you.

The whole world knows that you won the elections: But our advice to you is not to continue fighting..

The right thing to do is to take your position in parliament as the official opposition leader and lead the country from there.

Lead the country by using ODM’s numerical strength to initiate legislation including such constitutional amendments as:

- Autonomy of the National Assembly
- Parliament’s participation in the appointment of Judges, Permanent Secretaries and any other Accounting Officers, Parastatal Chiefs and the Electoral Commission
- Many more.

If you effectively use your position as the official opposition leader, you will effectively ensure that we do not have Anglo leasings or the plunder of government resources like the selling of public corporations to a select few.

The reason we say this is base on the following:

Kibaki has been sworn in. Whether this was illegal or not, there are only two ways you can remove him.
i) By a petition – here you have said that you do not have faith in the judicial system.
ii) By protests – here you will be ill-advised to go this route because contrary to what others may be telling you majority of Kenyans including those who voted for you do not want chaos. The middle class be it Lwos or Kikuyus does not want chaos and no country can develop without a vibrant middle class. You may call for public protests but trust us, the retaliation from government forces is going to be so ruthless that Kenya will end up like Rwanda or Somali.- do you real want to be president of a Somalia? We bet not.

Since the only two ways of removing Kibaki from the presidency are not viable, save the country, swallow your pride and let it go. Kenyans and the world at large will respect you and come 2012, you will win with a landslide.

We are aware that there are those telling you that if you let go now, they will do it again in 2012. That is not true. Kenyans have been wizened. They will not let it happen again. It is going to take very long before Kenya sees a Kikuyu presidency after Kibaki.

On those claiming that the whole country is against Kibaki, they are wrong. If we go by the official ODM numbers you defeated Kibaki by a margin of 300,000. Democratically under the principle of winner take it all, you should take it all. But realistically what this means is that almost one half of the country is for Kibaki. It is because of this that a call to protest will be very ill advised as that will mean that one half of the country will be fighting the other half.

It is on this basis that the international community is asking you to join Kibaki in a coalition government. Our very considered opinion is that if you do that you will have taken us back to the days of one party rule. It is not even constitutional anyway, but we guess there can be a quick amendment to accommodate it.

If you join Kibaki in a government of national unity, he can fire you any time because ministers serve at the pleasure of the president. You will do more as the official opposition with a full shadow cabinet ready to form the next government than serving as a minister in the Kibaki government.

If you let it go and save our country from demise, the support you will get both in parliament and outside parliament as well as the whole watching world will be so much that you will virtually be the people’s president as you wait to become the real president come 2012.

Our attention has also been drawn to the pretended attempt by outside powers to help solve the crisis. The Geneva Convention clearly notes that elections are a cardinal principle in a nation’s sovereignty. No non citizen can tell a country on how to deal with voting issues.

These countries sending people there and there are just playing public relations and showing their mighty. Let us take the example of the president of Ghana, a good man and also chairman of AU. While he may have some clout as the current chairman of AU, what is he going to tell another president who has been sworn in, especially considering the fact that Ghana’s economy is just a fraction of Kenya’s.

What can even America do when Kibaki simply tells them that we have our own institutions and procedures of resolving electoral issues and that is through the high court. If the high court tells me I lost, I will move out. What can they say? Nothing.

All that foreign powers can do is to put sanctions which end up hurting the ordinary people who voted for you.
Since you have said that you do not trust the high court, go to parliament use the ODM numerical strength and build and strengthen these democratic institutions so that future generations will not have a problem trusting them.

That will be your greatest gift to Kenya and Kenya will forever remember thee.

They already know you won. But lives are greater than power.

Sacrifice power and safe lives and God will bless you with more.

You have brought democracy to Kenya.

Thank you.


(Signatures removed for privacy purposes)

Anonymous said...

Even more serious are the doubts raised by Mr. Obama's attitude toward Islam, which has so far received much less scrutiny than might be expected in a post-September 11 presidential election.

If Mr. Obama did not know about Mr. Odinga's electoral deal with the Kenyan Islamists when he offered his support, then he should have known. If he did know, then he is guilty of lending the prestige of his office to America's enemies in the global war on terror. We need to know exactly what Mr. Obama knew about Mr. Odinga, and precisely when he knew it.

Anonymous said...

This is precisely the problem with Kenya as we stand. Brush the issues at hand under the carpet, all in the name of peace. You let the narcists "elite" rule the majority. When will ever stand up to this kind of autocracy and dictatorship. It is unfortunate and sad that innocent lives have been lost, but isn't it the job of th egovernment to protect innocent lives, so who may I ask is currently occupying the SH?

The more we brush our problems under the carpet the worse it becomes in the future, deal with it now not later.

The world will be very different in 5 years, and if you let these "imbeciles" occupy the highest seat in the country without the mandate of the people, then worse is yet to come.

It's very easy for the rich and middle class to let it be and let life go on, but the poor keep on suffering because of the rich enriching and dividing the nation.

It's time tyo stand up and be counted! RO must stand up for justice and peace will prevail. This fight for freedom is long from over, its the beginning of a crusade for liberation of our beautiful nation.

Yes, violence is not the answer, but there are ways to cripple this "illegal" government, and that will come to bear fruit in the coming months!

Vikii said...

What do you mean the "elite ruling the majority"? Who are the majority? What criterion did you use in labelling them the majority? And who are the elite? If Raila Odinga and Musalia Mudavadi, both sons of former government ministers (Oh, I am told one of them is the son of a former VP)are not elites, my friend, nobody is. If Musalia Mudavadi, your illusory Vice president, someone who became a cabinet minister at 28 and straight from college after being "elected unopposed"(Tell that to morons)is a true representative of the majority poor, then obviously these words mean different things to us.

Anonymous said...


You sure are ready to jump at the notion of "elite" . Why is it hurting you so much when i call them an "elite" bunch, are you one of them? Let's be very clear, it is fact and no one can deny this, that the current government as well the past governments, have been run by a small cliche of "elite" class who have no regard for the common man. If the bunch of "imbeciles" had any idea of how to govern a country, we would not be in such a situation this day.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Kufuor was the right man for this Job?

It may be worth reading..

I still insist that Phil should insist that this forum provides substanciated facts and insist on use of civil language when exchanging opinions.Oherwise you will find people quoting from it and spreading untruths which will not help us heal the land.

Voice of Reason said...

Why is it...
Why is it that when Kivuitu says that Kibaki has won, then the president is sworn in, but when the same Kivuitu says he was pressured and coaxed into making the statement, they say go to the courts?

Why is it that when people run to Eldoret Police Station for safety it is said that Raila and Ruto are carrying out ethnic cleansing, but when people run to Limuru police station for safety they don't say Kibaki and Michuki are carrying out ethnic cleansing?

Why is it that people in Nairobi marching in the streets disputing presidential results are tear gassed and shot at but the ones celebrating Kibaki's "victory" in Nyeri and Othaya are allowed and even protected to do so?

Why is that when people react in Eldoret, they say it was pre-meditated but when the ones in Naivasha react they say it was spontaneous?

Why is it that Kibaki has the temerity to tell people who are in a police station for security to take their children to school on Monday when he can see smoke of burning houses and schools behind him (I hear he was quickly told that it was "just a forest fire")?

Why is it that everybody is telling Raila to swallow his pride (of his presidency being stolen) and let go, but nobody is telling Kibaki to swallow his pride (of rigging himself in) and step down?

Why are we told that John Kuffuor was invited to Kenya for a "cup of tea" but he then spends all his time shuttling between state house and Orange House for 3 days?

Why is it that ODM-K turned Kibaki sychophants, Kalonzo and Poghisio, rush to take over their seats before they are sworn in but the PNU ones wait until they are sworn in?

Why is it? Why is it? WHY IS IT?

Anonymous said...

Voice of reason

I wish the mainstream media can extract and publish your very fundamental questions (if phil allows).Reminds me of shamba la wanyama by george Orwell.

Phil said...

Voice of Reason, Thank You.

Very valid questions.

Anon@11.00pm, of course I wouldnt stop them, I wasnt there when they published the rest. My only worry is, so-called Mainstream media supports the other side and large parts of it are owned by the other side. However, I concur with your suggestion.

Anon@9.48, this is a free forum and encourages free speech. What youmay take to be a solid fact will be dismissed as rumours by others, and vice versa. However,

Anonymous said...

At this rate, why not just split the Child( read xtry) into two???
Isn't it the easiest way out??

Anonymous said...

Vikii again in this forum...I must get out!!!!!!!Doesn't this fellow get tired????

Anonymous said...

Where is Taabu

Philip Roy said...

LoL, people talking about ODM in the opposition with strength are dreaming.

Latest from KBC:

ODM Kenya forms coalition with PNU

Written By:Lillian Mwendo , Posted: Fri, Jan 11, 2008

ODM Kenya has now formed a coalition with the Party of national unity-PNU-in a move aimed at giving the government majority representation in parliament come next Tuesday when the 10th parliament resumes.

Other small parliamentary parties have also joined the coalition.

ODM Kenya secretary general mutual kilonzo who is head of the draft committee terms the move as a landmark in Kenyan politics.

The big decision came after lengthy deliberations held under a closed-door meeting at the Windsor hotel in Nairobi on Friday attended by the concerned party members.

NOTE: What is remaining is to find the weak links in the ODM party and buy their loyalty.Yani Kibaki team 2- Raila Team 0

Anonymous said...

@phil roy
if your brain can accommodate this- i doubt:

Birds of the same feathers flock together.

The coalition between Kalonzo and the untrustworthy thief will end in January 2011. I can tell you what later will happen after that.

Philip Roy said...

I am not for ODM-K or PNU.

What I am saying is that parliament will be crazy and the guys who were behind the rise of Moi to VP are the same people who have organized the rise of Kalonzo to VP.

Kalonzo is considered a moderate as was Moi back in the 70s.

The only thing they have under estimated is the power ODM will have come 2012 if they stick together till then. Unless Kibaki intends to take us back to a one party state.

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