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Thursday, January 10, 2008

An Open Letter to SAMUEL KIVUITU, Chairman of Electoral Commission of Kenya


Dear Mr. Kivuitu,

We've never met. It's unlikely we ever will. But, like every other Kenyan, I will remember you for the rest of my life. The nausea I feel at the mention of your name may recede. The bitterness and grief will not.

You had a mandate, Mr. Kivuitu. To deliver a free, fair and transparent election to the people of Kenya. You and your commission had 5 years to prepare. You had a tremendous pool of resources, skills, technical support, to draw on, including the experience and advice of your peers in the field - leaders and experts in governance, human rights, electoral process and constitutional law. You had the trust of 37 million Kenyans!

We believed it was going to happen. On December 27th, a record 65% of registered Kenyan voters rose as early as 4am to vote. Stood in lines for up to 10 hours, in the sun, without food, drink, toilet facilities. As the results came in, we cheered when minister after powerful minister lost their parliamentary seats. When the voters of Rift Valley categorically rejected the three sons of Daniel Arap Moi, the despot who looted Kenya for 24 years. The country spoke through the ballot, en masse, against the mindblowing greed, corruption, human rights abuses, callous dismissal of Kenya's poor, that have characterised the Kibaki administration.

But Kibaki wasn't going to go. When it became clear that you were announcing vote tallies that differed from those counted and confirmed in the constituencies, there was a sudden power blackout at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, where the returns were being announced. Hundreds of GSU (General Service Unit) paramilitaries suddenly marched in. Ejected all media except the government mouthpiece Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

Fifteen minutes later, we watched, dumbfounded, as you declared Kibaki the winner. 30 minutes later, we watched in sickened disbelief and outrage, as you handed the announcement to Kibaki on the lawns of State House. Where the Chief Justice, strangely enough, had already arrived. Was waiting, fully robed, to hurriedly swear him in.

You betrayed us. Perhaps we'll never know when, or why, you made that decision. One rumor claims you were threatened with the execution of your entire family if you did not name Kibaki as presidential victor. When I heard it, I hoped it was true. Because at least then I could understand why you chose instead to plunge our country into civil war.

I don't believe that rumor any more. Not since you appeared on TV, looking tormented, sounding confused, contradicting yourself. Saying, among other things, that you did not resign because you "did not want the country to call me a coward", but you "cannot state with certainty that Kibaki won the election". Following that with the baffling statement "there are those around him [Kibaki] who should never have been born." The camera operator had a sense of irony - the camera shifted several times to the scroll on your wall that read: "Help Me, Jesus."
As the Kenya Chapter of the International Commission of Jurists rescinds the Jurist of the Year award they bestowed on you, as the Law Society of Kenya strikes you from their Roll of Honour and disbars you, I wonder what goes through your mind these days.

Do you think of the 300,000 Kenyans displaced from their homes, their lives? Of the thousands still trapped in police stations, churches, any refuge they can find, across the country? Without food, water, toilets, blankets? Of fields ready for harvest, razed to the ground? Of granaries filled with rotting grain, because no one can get to them? Of the Nairobi slum residents of Kibera, Mathare, Huruma, Dandora, ringed by GSU and police, denied exit, or access to medical treatment and emergency relief, for the crime of being poor in Kenya?

I bet you haven't made it to Jamhuri Park yet. But I'm sure you saw the news pictures of poor Americans, packed like battery chickens into their stadiums, when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana. Imagine that here in Nairobi, Mr. Kivuitu. 75,000 Kenyans, crammed into a giant makeshift refugee camp. Our own Hurricane Kivuitu-Kibaki, driven by fire, rather than floods. By organized militia rather than crumbling levees. But the same root cause - the deep, colossal contempt of a tiny ruling class for the rest of humanity. Over 60% of our internal refugees are children. The human collateral damage of your decision!

And now, imagine grief, Mr. Kivuitu. Grief so fierce, so deep, it shreds the muscle fibres of your heart. Violation so terrible, it grinds down the very organs of your body, forces the remnants through your kidneys, for you to piss out in red water. Multiply that feeling by every Kenyan who has watched a loved one slashed to death in the past week. Every parent whose child lies, killed by police bullets, in the mortuaries of Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret. Everyone who has run sobbing from a burning home or church, hearing the screams of those left behind. Every woman, girl, gang-raped.

Do you sleep well these days, Mr. Kivuitu? I don't. I have nightmares. I wake with my heart pounding, slow tears trickling from the corners of my eyes, random phrases running through my head:

Remember how we felt in 2002? It's all gone. (Muthoni Wanyeki, ED of Kenya Human Rights Commission, on the night of December 30th, 2007, after Kibaki was illegally sworn in as president).

There is a crime here that goes beyond recrimination. There is a sorrow here that weeping cannot symbolise. (John Steinbeck, American writer, on the betrayal of internally displaced Americans, in The Grapes of Wrath)

Haki iwe ngao na mlinzi....kila siku tuwe na shukrani ("Justice be our shield and defender....every day filled with thanksgiving" (Lines from Kenya's national anthem)

I soothe myself back to patchy sleep with my mantra in these terrible days, as our country burns and disintegrates around us:

Courage. Courage comes. Courage comes from cultivating. Courage comes from cultivating the habit. Courage comes from cultivating the habit of refusing. Courage comes from cultivating the habit of refusing to let fear dictate one's actions. (Aung San Suu Kyi, Burmese Nobel Peace Prize winner).

I wake with a sense of unbearable sadness. Please let it not be true.....

Meanwhile, the man you named President cowers in the State House, surrounded by a cabal of hardline power brokers, and a bevy of sycophantic unseated Ministers and MPs, who jostle for position and succession. Who fuel the fires by any means they can, to keep themselves important, powerful, necessary. The smoke continues to rise from the torched swathes of Rift Valley, the gutted city of Kisumu, the slums of Nairobi and Mombasa. The Red Cross warns of an imminent cholera epidemic in Nyanza and Western Kenya, deprived for days now of electricity and water. Containers pile up at the Port of Mombasa, as ships, unable to unload cargo, leave still loaded. Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Southern Sudan, the DRC, all dependent on Kenyan transit for fuel and vital supplies, grind to a halt.

A repressive regime rolls out its panoply of oppression against legitimate dissent. Who knew our police force had so many sleek, muscled, excellently-trained horses, to mow down protestors? Who guessed that in a city of perennial water shortages, we had high-powered water cannons to terrorize Kenyans off the streets?

I am among the most fortunate of the fortunate. Not only am I still whole, alive, healthy, mobile; not only do I have food, shelter, transport, the safety of those I love; I have the gift of work. I have the privilege to be in the company of the most brilliant, principled, brave, resilient Kenyans of my generation. To contribute whatever I can as we organize, strategize, mobilize, draw on everything we know and can do, to save our country. I marvel at the sheer collective volume of trained intelligence, of skill, expertise, experience, in our meetings. At the ability to rise above personal tragedy - families still hostage in war zones, friends killed, homes overflowing with displaced relatives - to focus on the larger picture and envisage a solution. I listen to lawyers, economists, youth activists, humanitarians; experts on conflict, human rights, governance, disaster relief; to Kenyans across every sector and ethnicity, and I think:

Is this what we have trained all our lives for? To confront this epic catastrophe, caused by a group of old men who have already sucked everything they possibly can out of Kenya, yet will cling until they die to their absolute power?

You know these people too, Mr. Kivuitu. The principled, brave, resilient, brilliant Kenyans. The idealists who took seriously the words we sang as schoolchildren, about building the nation. Some of them worked closely with you, right through the election. Some called you friend. You don't even have the excuse that Kibaki, or his henchmen, might offer - that of inhabiting a world so removed from ours that they cannot fathom the reality of ordinary Kenyans. You know of the decades of struggle, bloodshed, faith and suffering that went into creating this fragile beautiful thing we called the "democratic space in Kenya." So you can imagine the ways in which we engage with the unimaginable. We coin new similes:

Lie low like a 16A (the electoral tally form returned by each constituency, many of which were altered or missing in the final count)

We joke about the Kivuitu effect - which turns internationalists, pan-Africanists, fervent advocates for the dissolution of borders, into nationalists who cry at the first verse of the national anthem .

Ee Mungu nguvu yetu Ilete baraka kwetu Haki iwe ngao na mlinzi Natukae na undugu Amani na uhuru Raha tupate na ustawi.

O God of all creation Bless this our land and nation Justice be our shield and defender May we dwell in unity Peace and liberty Plenty be found within our borders.

Rarely do we allow ourselves pauses, to absorb the enormity of our country shattered, in 7 days. We cry, I think, in private. At least I do. In public, we mourn through irony, persistent humor, and action. Through the exercise of patience, stamina, fortitude, generosity, that humble me to witness. Through the fierce relentless focus of our best energies towards challenges of stomach-churning magnitude. We tell the stories that aren't making it into the press: the retired general in Rift Valley sheltering 200 displaced families on his farm, the Muslim Medical Professionals offering free treatment to anyone injured in political protest. We challenge, over and over again, with increasing weariness, the international media coverage that presents this as "tribal warfare", "ethnic conflict", for an audience that visualises Africa through Hollywood: Hotel Rwanda, The Last King of Scotland, Blood Diamond.

I wish you'd thought of those people, when you made the choice to betray them. I wish you'd drawn on their courage, their integrity, their clarity, when your own failed you. I wish you'd had the imagination to enter into the lives, the dreams, of 37 million Kenyans.

But, as you've probably guessed by now, Mr. Kivuitu, this isn't really a letter to you at all. This is an attempt to put words to what cannot be expressed in words. To mourn what is too immense to mourn. A clumsy groping for something beyond the word 'heartbreak'. A futile attempt to communicate what can only be lived, moment by moment. This is a howl of anguish and rage. This is a love letter to a nation. This is a long low keening for my country.
Shailja Patel


Anonymous said...

Kivuitu's term had expired. ODM campaigned for renewal of his term when a new chairman ought to have been appointed.

the bible says that those who live by the sword will die the sword. ODM have succeded in ethnically cleansing the kikuyus in rift valley but let them know the same sword will come back to haunt them. Infact most of them are young people with may years to live.

Anonymous said...

Dudes...get over it! Kazi iendelee u lazy sods.

Anonymous said...

Anon @3.35

Great! You are advocating that because people are lazy, they dont deserve their democratic rights! Justice will prevail, "thieves" at SH will get their due compensation, let them enjoy the temporary shelter of SH, but they can't hide for long behind the state machinery.

Get your freaking ass working towards the reality of getting our democracy back!

Anonymous said...

I am saddened that we have all fallen for the allure of ODMs "truths". The devil is hard at work and will do whatever neccessary to turn the lord's people around! The international media especially in the EU has taken an offensive position against our nation. If u have read the details of **** Morris' Orange Revolution, this was an important step, conquer the media. Then, ODM borrowed one from hitler's own handbook, "lie, lie and top up ur lies with more lies and it will become true!" In Meru where they claim results were cooked, the public, along with ODM agents were at the announcements of the votes tallied. For example in Nithi, the results that emerged were as stated by ECK. ODM agents signed the form 16 and verified form 16As from all polling stations. The
total turn out was something like 95000 out of 126,000 which is a normal 75%. Reports from Nithi indicate that people were not allowed to enter bars, matatus, shops or even go home if they had no ink on their finger after voting! Meru came out in droves to vote! The reason: Raila was booed heckled and thrown out of Meru during campaigns. He then asked them why they did not vote Orange during referendum and then told them that they will cry in December. Meru is greatly angered by these statements and said that there
weapon is their vote. Raila wanted to deny them that right. On the night that Kibaki was down 1 million votes, he had only tallied 185000/1.7m votes from
Central and 85000 from Eastern. The delayed votes from Kibaki strong holds was part of a planned strategy. Many stations reported refusal by ODM agents to sign forms and multiple contest over results in parts of Central, Kisii, Eastern and Kikuyu Rift Valley. Meanwhile, ODM flooded the ECK with their results from
Rift and Luo Nyanza to create an artificial lead. The results from Luo Nyanza as PNU agents, at an important meeting with the ECK with all party agents, at 4am
found that Luo Nyanza and Rift Valley had areas with 95% or even over 100% turnout and some polling stations where everyone voted! Figures from today's Nation:
-Sigor 115%
-Eldoret North 116%
-Mosop 97%
-Emgwen 103%
-Baringo N 92%
-Narok South 120%
-Bondo 102%
-Kisumu Rural 120%
-Karachuonyo 94%
-Rangwe 92%
-Ndhiwa 93%
-Nyatike 95%
-Mbita 95%

Highest in both cental and Eastern is Othaya: 90%. Evaluate the rigging claims for urselves!

Meaning that even the dead and terminally ill in hospitals voted in Luo Nyanza and Rift Valley! Trust PNU to be fast asleep as this happened at the polling stations! At that meeting, ODM realised that from this audit,
upon revisiting all the 210 constituencies with all the relevant documentation, that Kibaki had won. Despite all their rigging and tribal inferences, ODM were out! Ruto rushed to deliver word to Raila who went to a press conference late morning. He came out before results were released and said that he does not
want to pull off an Abiola (Research on Abiola) and does not want to resort to turning kenya into an Ivory coast! He implied he would not accept defeat of any
sort. He also told his supporters to be calm until the announcement. This was to give them a signal to cause chaos upon announcement. Later, Raila walked in2 KICC geurilla style. He walked thru the plennary hall where everyone else was seated and stormed into the ECKs private chambers. With his entourage, they blockaded the ECK from leaving the room to announce results! This took place for hours all the time he was coercing the ECK to do what he wanted. When it wouldnt work he went outside to address a press conference rejecting
anything that the ECK would announce! Upon his re-entry into the plennary hall ECK arrived and Kivuitu began his announcement of the results from
molo. Kibaki lead in that constituency. Raila himself literallily converged on Kivuitu as Ruto began to involve himself in physical confrontation. GSU had to
step in and escort the ECK out as ngilu tried to grab onto Kivuitu and stop him from leaving. Why was everyone including the media get thrown out? Some
press members comprised a large group of hecklers that were a big part of the planned ODM chaos. They had to be removed! ECK went to the VIP room and with official observers and KBC announced the result. Another question, why did the ECK take so long to announce even when they knew the winner? First, delayed results, second, ODM interference. The third thing was happened today. While the agents were at the ECK for the meeting last night, the results were apparent and Kibaki had won. His agents reported back to him. Kibaki asked ECK to stall the announcement so as to allow for the army to assemble at the barracks and go into red alert as well as to position the police countrywide! This also allowed time for the CJ to be taken to statehouse early. A vacuum at such a time could result in military rule if their is civil strife! Kibaki was thus quickly sworn in. He also wanted to call on a million plus supporters to stream into uhuru park where he would be pronounced president and sworn in seperately. The govt took action. It blocked all live broadcasts to avert this coup attempt The lack of media has enabled the govt to keep out inflammatory messages that will cause worse strife. Kikuyus in Eldoret have been killed like a
nonsense. In Kisii migori, after the results came out,ten people killed in less than 15 mins. In Rift, Kalenjins are killing each other. In one estate they burnt house after house while throwing people out into the street and killing them.A friend's house was in that estate. Her whole family, kalenjins, regretted voting for Raila and giving him the mandate to cause chaos. She said that it might be her last day as all her neighbours were out on the street dead! Kikuyu homes and businesses have been burnt to a crust in all slums. The Luo have destroyed their own home in Kisumu and now Kibera is all on fire! All this for the selfish ambitions of Raila! He called them out as he followed **** Morris strategy to the letter! Kenyans chose Kibaki. He is a national figure! He had over 25% in 7 provinces and even 17% in Nyanza and Raila had that in only 6 provinces and in central and eastern he
had just 2% and 5% respectively. Most impressively Kibaki got a large tally of votes in Western, North Eastern and Coast! We need to unite at this time to refuse militant rulers in our country who refuse to follow the rule of law and will
take power by force. He blatantly dissmissed the laws of Kenya in sunday morning's press conference by saying he does not care for the courts and will not set foot there to settle his grievances! He has chosen to use force and the blood of Kenyans to seize power! We refuse! We pray against it! He cannot deny us 10 million kenyans who turned up, stood for seven and a half hours and even lost our IDs to exercise our constituitional right! We are here and we are
together as peace loving KENYANS. Join us in solodarity. We love Kenya too much to see such abuse of our laws and unity! As for the EU, I take a stand to publicly denounce them. Their comments are based on their own selfish vested interests in this country. The fact of the matter which u all know is that the EU has been a loser throughout the five years Kibaki has ruled! They have lost billions of Euros in trade to the far east and they are not happy about that at all. Fact: Kenya engages with China for a large majority of its trade which was previously monopolized by the EU. Fact: Kenya has given over 90% of all its contracts to China for infrastructure! Fact: Kenya is no longer dependent on the donor funding to draw up its budget! Kenya relies on local revenues for 95% of its budget with the other meagre 5% shared out between donor funds from China, EU and US. In comparison Tanzania and Uganda draw up 78% and 88% respectively of their budgets from donor funding. The donor community is full of sharks who use donor money to siphon trillions out of their own economies! Fact: Kenya has been the torch bearer for the rights of African and Pacific nations to have fair and unbridled trade with the EU. They are making ALOT of progress. EU has gained nothing from Kibaki's administration and wants him to go! They want us eating out of their hands like we did in Moi's time. This is neo-colonialism! Divide and conquer. It has happened in too many African countries for us to be blind here in Kenya! We refuse EU control of our Nation! They want to turn us against ourselves so as to take strategic positions in the process. They are looking for ethnic cleansing and genocide to overule Kenya. Never!
Kenyans, open ur eyes, the war is not within but with those around us!

Maua said...

Kenyans, Kenyans, Kenyans, hey, wherever you are. This is not the time to cry for spilt milk, haisoreki. Let us stop calling each other names, stop destroying the little we have. That neighbour you are turning against now, you never know where you'll find him tomorrow.

Let us unite and pray for our nation. The will of Kenyans may be denied right now, but the will of God will always prevail. Pray and ask God almighty to intervene and rule the country for us at this time.

Anonymous said...

Anon @4.10

You surely sound like a PNU confidant who surely knows how to spin the story just like you advocate that the Morriss fella did! Further from the truth which you have established with your so called evidence, then why the hell did Kibaki get sworned in at night, and why did the national anthem of Kenya was not played! Why did Kivuiti makes statements that cloud the doubts of the elections taken place. C'mon, the devil is at SH, and he has been found GUILTY as charged!

We will see what unfolds infront of us in the near future, let the pandora box open, then we will see who is the so called "SAINT".

KIBAKI killed democracy, looted his way to SH, and now you are claiming that he is "legal", get your brain checked!

Anonymous said...

Crap! I think copy-paste nonsense

Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita said...

@previous anon. I agree with you. Never again should Kenya allow ethnic cleansing to overule her.

Anonymous said...

The Anon ''saddened by ODM truths'' is a real PNU person, it sounds like Amos Kimunya or Dr Mutua who wrote that article.
You people think we are fools or what do you take Kenyans for??
Who staged a coup, Kibaki or Raila??
Who is walking around with loads of policemen, who has ensured children cannot walk on streets lest they be shot dead??
Who has shot dead little kids??
I was on the ground in RV when the results came out- actaully marroned enroute from Western for over 1 week.
Some of the people started celebrating and laughing at their friends- obviuosly what started as a joke turned into full fledged fighting with houses burnt and properties destroyed.
Others maybe do not know any other way to protest hence the burning.
Some People on this blog have been blaming Ruto and Raila for the hell that broke loose. Please put the blame squarly where it belongs on Kivuitu, Kibaki and Kalonzo and Kilonzo ( for pushing Kivuitu to announce fraudulent results).
Why can't you people see clearly that the devil is Kibaki and Kivuitu??
If he is so confident why can't Kibaki accept a re-run, its a small matter!
Kibaki will pay for the blood of innocent Kenyans- Kikuyus, Kisii's , Luos, Luyhas and Kalenjins killed bcoz of his greed for power.
Kivuitu, if you make so many people cry with your name you place a curse on yourself and your family- what have you done to our nation??
Kalonzo- the bible says judge and you shall not be judged, by taking up a post in a fraudulent govt you have legitimised the fraud Kibaki commited.This is not about raila, but you forgot that. In 2012 these people will be going upstairs and Uhuru K tally will increase by 1M votes in seconds. Will you cry and will you want the rest of Kenya to cry with you over democracy??

Meanwhile as usual Kenyans will burry their heads in the hands- oh we are peaceful people- Can we wake up and address the reason why the so called cleansing happened??
Why? Why?
Otherwise if you want Kazi kuendelea, we'll dig a deeper hole than where we are now!
I wish we had 100 Wangari Maathais for 1/4 of Martha Karua and 100 Maina Kias for 1/4 of the Kimunyas.
Let's not pretend to pray and go about daily lives- oh how I wish people could force Kivuitu to resign??

Anonymous said...

Whatever figures the ECK and the local media give us now are useless. I put it to you Kenyans that the entire local media is currently part of the grand conspiracy(as of Dec 31st or the day they met Michuki and Co. to negotiate the live broadcast ban) .

If the tabulations in the press now wer published two weeks ago we would not be in this situation. Now we are seeing numbers cooked to add up to Kibaki's apparent lead of 200,000 votes and to propagate the theory that all sides (read all Kenyans) are thieves.

Note that the intervening time before this publication was used to reverse-engineer the figures. (Any other explanations??).

I suggest that since there is so much noise and distortion of facts over the last 2 weeks, the most reliable numbers are the ones we saw live on all stations before 29th 2.30PM. Also we seem to have credible witnesses for the part of the grand robbery committed in Molo and Nithi ie. the EU observers. We could limit arguments to such clear facts.

As for Mr. Kivuitu, that guy sold our country to Michuki Saitoti Mwai and Co. What is even more sad, he only got peanuts for his bold crime (if at all he got anything). see our friends from South Eastern are used and dumped with such ease. You will be amazed how soon Kalonzo will start crying foul. He is only being used for the moment - Mark my words

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We may never get hold of you Mr. Kivuitu but I wish you burn in this hell too the same way you’ve put our brothers and sisters in deep sorrow death and trouble. May you rest in hell with kubavu Gefaki because both of you are living deads.

john oilepo said...

anon at 3.32am,

How dare you invoke the Lord's name on behalf of election thieves? It is like a thief praying who has refused to return stolen goods praying that those who killed his relatives should rot in hell...

But then again am sure you don't see the irony. To some people stealing is a virtue, it is a measure of praiseworthy shrewdness.

john oilepo

Anonymous said...

The guy who has been posting wrong Presidential Election results for O.D.M. zones here is an idiot to say the least. I looked up the figures in the E.C.K. website and this is what Raila's results in these constituencies were;

Bondo - 53,202 (62,349 registered voters) - 85% AND NOT 102%

Rangwe - 64,458 (73,611 registered voters) - 86% AND NOT 92%

Kisumu Rural - 44,129 (52,938 reg. voters) - 83% AND NOT 120%

Baringo North - 30,961 (37,953 reg.
voters) - 81% AND NOT 92%

Emgwen - 51,738 (80,987 registered
voters) - 63% AND NOT 103%

Mosop - 47,865 (60,548 registered voters) - 79% AND NOT 97%

Eldoret North - 79,953 (143,729 reg.voters) - 56% AND NOT 116%

Sigor - 36,937 (46,566 registered voters) - 79% AND NOT 115%

Now where is the rigging here? Look before you leap! Kibaki rigged and no amount of spin will wipe away that fact!


Anonymous said...

KIVUITU was doing a big favour to his master and a small miracle to his tribesman Kalonzo.

Kivuitu is not innocent but he was used to return Kenya back to the dark days.

The culprit remains Kibaki.

Anonymous said...


A forum for rule of law in Kenya. Be part of it. ALL KENYANS. Protect your country from political cleptocrats. Fight to save this country from oppression. Enough is enough.

Dont support your tribesman. Be wise and support the future of your grandchildren. Think about the future of Kenya and not of your tribe.

Charles said...

@ Omany 6:37am

Now you quote ECK numbers and figures when it suits you?

Well those same figures by ECK put Kibaki ahead of Your god Raila so eat humble pie and go rebuild Kisumu and see if you can do business like the Kikuyus and Asians you chased away with your stupid wrath!

Anonymous said...

fellow kenyans please lets stop fighting each many politicians did you see visiting the most affected when things were hot two weeks ago?they dont care they only pretend when things calm down.lets live in unity like before coz all our politicians care about is their pockets watch out for them when they want a pay rise youll know they dont love us none of them.we need to pray and pray to God.

Yvonne said...

Charles ....Kisumu will rise again. shock on you kwani you think there is no business, Mungiki or no Mungiki...There will always be a remnant in Kisumu. For 44 successive years since Kenyatta's regime to Kibaki. we have lived!!!! Do you remember the song 'I will survive...Kisumu will come out strong...You can kill the body but the soul you cannot.Watch this space.....I wonder if Kibaki gives you shopping vouchers for Nakumatt every month...Get some tips from Mutahi Ngunyi


Anonymous said...

nowonder this Kivuitu man had the ordersity to appear drunk on TV announcing results the first night.

SHAME SHAME SHAME on you Kibuitu and may the blood of all our brothers and sisters lie squarely on ur bald head.

Anonymous said...

Trading alone doesnt make a nation. Research, Science and production.

Check Academy of Sciences in Kenya. Who is there? Distinguished AIDS researchers killed by Kikuyu thugs. From where are they?

You can not stroll in Kiambu at 7 pm. Is that civilization?

Charles, Kisumu would be happy not to have thieves trading in our clean city. Go to Nyeri and witness what dirt means, go to Karatina and learn what chaos mean. Mungiki is not civilization.

Civilization started in Western Kenya and without Western Kenya, there will be NO civilization in Kenya.

uhuru2012 said...

"It's like cutting a Mugumo tree with a razor blade" that's what President Kibaki said during the fight for multi-party, when Matiba and the rest decided to fight for social justice and remove Kenya from a one party state under Moi and KANU regime. The so-called Saba Saba's so ironic now, if we didn't have section 2(a) in the constitution amendment, we might not have removed Moi from power and Kibaki would not have enjoyed his tea with Lucy at Ikulu ya Nairobi for "2" consecutive terms. Knock on wood! Ever heard of spoils of war? that's Kibaki's forte since he entered politics...he knows when to rip from other peoples sweat and outcry. I love this guy!

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