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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Those Who Do Not Want To Vote For Kibaki Can Go To Another Country, First Lady Tells Kenyans

First lady Lucy Kibaki is known by most Kenyans for her usually controversial pronouncements.

For example her statement captured on national TV some time back where she said: Mimi kama rais is still fresh on the minds of many.

Still the PNU campaign team seems convinced that she can add value to the president’s campaign.

So much so that recently she had her allowance increased from KShs 350,000 a month to Kshs 500,000 a month. Reasons given were “increased social responsibilities.” Top ODM officials wasted no time in urging Lucy to reject her pay rise in the same spirit that her husband had rejected his given by parliament earlier this year.

There is nothing wrong in the fact that the first lady now has a budget, staff and an office in NHIF house in Nairobi. The only problem is that it was never announced to Kenyans and we have come to find out at the eleventh hour.

Even more worrying is the fact that it is rather obvious that the first lady’s itinerary in recent months has been filled with functions whose only objective is to campaign for her husband the president. Could this be the “increased social responsibilities,” cited for increasing her monthly allowances so heftily?

The first lady’s office has then promptly gone ahead to use tax payer’s funds to provoke wananchi with inflammatory statements like the one she recently made urging all those who do not want to vote for President Kibaki “to go to another country.”

All this is happening behind a back drop where her dramatic “raid” on the Nation offices where she damaged a KTN cameraman’s camera are still vivid on the minds of most Kenyans.

One would think that in view of this, she is a liability to president Kibaki’s re-election campaigns rather than an asset.

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Anonymous said...

She doesn't actually mean it Xris. Do you have to report everything she says? Give us a brake. Its only that it is that time of the year that she turns bazzack. It normally hapens in a cycle of between 5-7 moths every year.

Taabu said...

What did you expect? Lucy must protect her tuff. What with marauding Mary wa Mwai lurking in the background threatening to STEAL thunder from the right owner of the clouds. Give mama Lucy a break, she is only being reala and natural.

Social responsibility, yes. It amounts to which came first, the egg or the chicken. She has to campaign for the husband otherwise the title first lady melts in the political heat. The first family is and kicking like never before.

Every effort counts this time round and don't expect TV appearance clarifying 'official' members of the first family. That would be tantamount to tipping the apple cart. Scoundrels knw when to yap and when not to. Kenya yetu!
She has to

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Possibly until Jan '08, so can those who don't like Lucy Kibaki as the first lady.

Vikii said...

I wll not vote for Mwai Kibaki and i will not go to another country. I dont know if she said that but if she did, she must know we are not in the country because kibaki is the president. My being Kenyan has absolutely nothing to do with Lucy or Mwai kibaki. I doubt if she said it though.

About the increase of Lucy's allowances, I dont know whether its good or bad. What I know is that ODM are the least qualified to talk about this. When the president's allowances were increased by parliament(Before he rejected them) , one of the louudest proponents of that increase who actually voted for it is one "PENTAGON" crook called William Ruto. Apparently, he set the ODM ball rolling in urging the first lady to reject the allowances 'just as her husband did'. My very honest and humble opinion is that some of these pronouncements by some of these guys dont make sense at all. They are just ridiculous.

Mrs Kibaki and the president's campaign? I think she is not very useful. The truth is that most people dont like her and will not start doing it just yet.

Anonymous said...

The First Lady needs to know that for more than just the past 5 years over 50% of the citizens that comprise the population of her husband's country have indeed already been been living in another country called the land of the WAPUMBAVU (hat-tip to her husband the incumbent) where all the poor, defenceless and victimised Kenyans dwell chasing the shadow of hope that one day someone will address their plight
Well Madam, don't mind we will appoint our own president afterall it is our own country WAPUMBAVU country and not Kenya so no need to solicit votes from us-DO NOT DISTURB unless your Father Christmas can defend the defenceless, uplift the poor and punish the corrupt who prey on us victims

kalamari said...

That Lucy Kibaki is a liability to the presidency, and by extension Kenya as a country, is not in much dispute. It is her dose of livid intolerance that Kenyans abhor. We will continue to heckle her everywhere she goes because her brand of anti-heavenly manna is no longer in desperate need. We want true change and no amount of pre-election mosquito nets will hoodwink us to think otherwise. When her Excellency Lucy Kibaki, a person who slaps and holds hostage the media, let alone disrupt private parties and displays unkempt hair in State House issued pajamas as viewed on international TV is rewarded with tax payer money that finances plum offices, we Kenyans must expect much better from next first lady. Like her co-wife, this first lady’s determination to pacify the nation with token contributions to women groups must be received with the contempt it deserves. In 2002, we voted for an administration that promised to solve, once and for all, the inequities that are prone to developing into the pre-election-time blood-letting in the Kuresoi/Molo of today. We demanded an end to Moism. Instead we see Kibaki ministers transporting sacks of ‘normal’ crude weapons in govt. vehicles….only to be followed by sacks of maize, beans and mosquito nets as distributed by the first and second ladies motorcades.

PKW, unlike those of us who don’t like the first lady, I urge you to address the intolerance and in your heroine’s pronouncements. Which country will the slaves of Mbita migrate to? In the spirit of bring y’all back to the mainstream thinking of a better Kenya, I think it was in the worst of distastes when Raila intimated that those in Central were adui…..although I’m certain that is not exactly what he meant.

Vikii said...

Definitely, Raila didnt mean that. How could he with all the "legitimacy" in him?

kalamari said...

Vikii, typical personal response.

Anonymous said...

e-cop alert

Taabu said...

Kalamari can I provide the earthmover to help burry the hatchet between you and my brother Vikii? Move on guys, let nothing here graduate to being personal both get arrested by the e-cop for failing to show cause why both of you are unable to show us your post-molars in genuine laughter.

Vikii said...

Kalamari u are letting me off? Ha ha ha. Lemmie tell u one thing little brother, I dont need the Taabus of this world to "defend" me on anything. I am very much equal to the task of tirelessly exposing the idiocy in you. U can let me off but it is idiots like you that I am here for. I wont let you off, no, not any time soon because you started it all. My views on uhuru Kenyatta and your brothers, sister and cousins in Luo Nyanza still stand. Why u have to react to them, i do not know.

Taabu said...

Thank bro Vikii for your brand of compliments and humility, I humbly appreciate you take. That said, it is my humble prayer that both of you tone down the exchange lest you end up getting detracted by the trees and lose the forest.

We gain from an argument in trying to RESOLVE it and not WIN it, ama? You have all the right to your opinion but just come to think of it, won't it offend you when somebody casts aspersions, innuendos on your persona? Don't you think it JUDGEMENTAL for somebody to brand you an idiot?

I know you ca do better than you have done and you know it. But all the same it is your right to say whatever you want. Just remember there is a whole difference between freedom and happiness - doing what you like and liking what you do. The former is constrained by laws and demands responsibility while teh later can be be tactfully made boundless. Take your pick and indulge brother.

This is both in the spirit of BB and e-cop. Sio kwa ubaya and no insinuations please, ama? Over yo you. (NB: Multiple wrongs never translated into a right).

Vikii said...

I am not denying anything you are saying here Taabu. But it is time Kalamari reasoned with his HEAD. I called him an idiot (Not that he is not one) and u decided to highlight it. Can we go back to where the whole thing started? I had my opinion on Uhuru and a post by a guy called Kibisu who feels that the 'western region' and 'parts of EAstern' are victimised by the government and that Kikuyus are favoured with ownership of all important companies. This whack and it is unfortunate that it is Western -Nyanza mentality (And we all know it is) because the kikuyus for Example were the hardest hit by Moi's excesses, Did they all become watchmen during those 24 years? What does stupid Kalamari, who i suppose is a fully grown man with a beard (unlike Uhuru)do after reading my views? He starts a long comment with the word VIkii and goes on to call me a worshipper of the Kenyatta name. Even infants in Kenya know who worships who and that is why I reminded him that he was also one, together with his relatives in Mbita. According to him, I should have applauded his defective argument and when I didnt, he said I had a bumpy and pot-holed head. In my opinion, and I know it is not pleasant, Kalamari is not any better than the ordinary luo.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Lucy but a lot of people misunderstood her. When she said 'Mimi kama Rais', she did not mean 'I as the president' she meant 'if i was the president'. The challenge for Lucy is direct translation from Kikuyu. In Kikuyu she would have said 'Nii ndi Rais' meaning If i was the president. But it Swahili it came out as something else.

She may be all this but she would not go as far as referring to herself as the president.

Annie said...

I just want to know if it's true that she disrupted a party in her pajamas...

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