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Sunday, December 02, 2007

ODM Distributed Hate Literature Against Its’ Own Presidential Candidate, Says PNU

The Two APs arrested for being caught red handed distributing the hate posters and flyers in the Rift Valley have been freed. But not before Kenyans were treated to high drama.

The government started off by dismissing the early reports made public by ODM on the existence of the controversial posters. Using the police department the government sternly warned Prof Nyang Nyong’o for his cheap publicity stunts and even as the press conference was going on, the APs and some civilians were being arrested.

This was followed by a statement form the Administration police spokesman saying that after accounting for all their men, they could confirm that the two men arrested were NOT APs. KTN later obtained the two men’s full names and force number which they released to the public.

Now the latest in this highly amusing drama is that PNU says that the hate literature was in fact distributed by ODM people.

The truth is that all politicians tell lies when it suits them. ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga initially told Kenyans that there was no MOU signed between him and the Muslims only to later retract that statement under immense public pressure.

However this latest chain of lies by the government and PNU breaks all records and leaves the question; if these guys are willing to lie in broad daylight and abuse the intelligence of Kenyan voters, what else have they done that we do not yet know about?

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Anonymous said...


As a journalist you should confirm your sources before making sweeping statements. Raila never denied having an MoU with Muslims, this was misinformation propagated by the Nation Media Group. To be fair to Nation they later issued a clarification and an unreserved apology to Raila on its print edition but the damage had already been done.

If you memory serves you right you will also realise that it is Raila himself who without being prompted publicly declared at his nomination that he had signed an Mou with Muslims to protect their rights...

So for purposes of integrity you should also retract the MoU denial by Raila from your article.


Paulo Ragen

Taabu said...

Which inteligent are you talking about? Do we have any or is it up for the highest bidder? It is all systems go and propaganda is the name of the game. Success is guaranteed with prompt delivery.

Lies is but parallel truth just like Kenyan men have mistresses who amount to parallel wives. We reason in doubles, ama. We are only receiving full dose of our own prescription. Na bado.

patriot said...

You are wrong, Raila never denied the muslim MOU, that was the creation of the Nation Newspapers(a PANUA mouthpiece) which they later retracted after publishing the blatant lie 3 times.

Pascal said...


Please note that Raila never denied signing the MOU. The Nation misquoted him and even apologized later. The probem of course was that the distortion was in the lead pages and the clarification a small column in the middle pages. The damage has however been done, and even a rational person such as you think that Raila was waffling on the issue.

Morara said...


Raila never denied existence of MoU with Muslims. It is the Nation that misreported but they later apologised.

Ruto said...

Actually Raila did deny the existence of the MOU. Just ask someone who is faithful church attender at the Mark Kariuki's church in Nakuru. What shocked me is Nation Newspaper later retrcting its initial statement which was true.

Vikii said...

And how come all of you have exactly the same kind of language? I am thhnking all of them are identical quadraplets or three of you were cloned out of the other remaining guy. Just an opinion, u know?

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