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Friday, December 28, 2007

Tears and Cheers Galore

A new don is here folks with dinosaurs kissing their political seats goodbye as the new face of Kenyan politics graces our motherland. Kenyan voters have once again demostrated that they have no respect for cheap political peddlers.

Seeing Gabriel Musikari Kombo's forlon face after suffering a huge thrashing by one Alfred Sambu makes you wonder how fortunes can change in a twinkle of an eye. Joining Kombo in the political dust bin are VP Awori who suffered the wrath of moody voters of Funyula. Add to that pit Tuju, Kagwe, Nyachae, Kulundu, Kirwa, Sang and Munyao among others and you get a complete orbirtuary signed in golden letters.

And as these ex-lords nurse political wounds, a new breed representing the brand Kenya are smiling all the way to the August House. And the message is clear: deliver or wembe ni ule ule in five years time. Our pride and congratulation to Ababu, Kones, Kabando wa Kabando et al.

With proper brains and no shortermism, we don't care who becomes the president. Kenyans have shown the rest of the world that they are in a class of their own. We want our motherland back from the scoundrels.

Meanwhile we at Kumekucha start keeping tabs on the new political faces without fear of favour and the acidic sensoring will not spare any face. No amount of juveline swearing and sweating can deter Kenyans from realizing their dreams with eyes singularly trained on the ultimate prize: SUCCESS.


mariannebriner said...

4 p.m. my time: the German Television Channel ARD reports that Mwai Kibaki is leading although - according to them - certain Kenyan sources report Raila Odinga to be winner .......

I thought this is an interesting view how certain Western Media Channels are reporting .........

But as I told Chris: 'I had a dream and I am sure that this dream will come true !!!!!!!!!!!'

Marianne Briner

Phil said...

TAABU, thanks for this.

Just wanted to remind you, most, if not all of the problems in this country, originate from the powers of the Office of the President, ie the executive.

We MUST care about just who gets elected into this office and more importantly, if those powers will ever be devolved as per the demands of the Kenya people, if proposals to the Ghai commission are anything to go by.

Get the drift?

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Yeah. Devolution of powers, sawa. Majimboism, not so sure. The power's in your hands, Orange team.

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