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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Revealed: PNU Rigging in Progress

To those who have been following the story regarding the printing of fake ballot papers for the 2007 general elections, here is the latest information.

Aggrey Muiruri is in Brussels he was seen at Wetstraat near Lex building. He is booked in the Parc d'Evere hotel opposite Brussels main cemetery. Muiruri is an employee of FastPrint which printed Rift Valley leaflets depicting Raila hanging Mr Moi. Kihara Mutu ECK commissioner met Nigerian forger in Portmouth in UK. The Nigerian is a well known fake dollar and euro printer.INK removal substance a compound of methy has been procured by Mr Lennie (read 1m dinner plate guests).

The cargo is destined for Eldoret international airport from Dubai aboard DAS cargo flight.The substance is part of the rigging material.

It is a pity that ECK Chairman(Samuel Kivuitu) is relying on Kenya Police to investigate what is obviously serious crime even after being provided with evidence of samples of pre-marked ballot papers. Which makes us ask, is he repaying the appointing authority for renweing his term in office or is he going to be serious this time round, because he certainly was a toothless bulldog in the by-elections that took place in the recent past!

Will Kenyans allow the rip-off to continue?


Vikii said...

What a load of rubbish!

kalamari said...

Phil, please do not be perturbed by a five-word single sentence naysayer. Don't they know that it is the same alternative intelligence that exposed the Artur brothers and saved Kenya from the mother of all disasters. Some chaps in the NSIS do not like what Kibaki is doing.

Anyway, I kinda like Kivuiti and I think he is the ECK bastion of integrity and credibility. I however do not envy his current situation. I think he's slowly realizing that by his reappointment, Kibaki was actually turning his bespectacled face into a rubberstamp (alongside appeasing and hoodwinking all Kenyans). Now that the newly appointed commissioners are taking on their strategic positions with relationships in Belgium, Kivuiti amebaki na question mark.

Vikii said...

Let's make Anyang Nyong'o or Raila Odinga himself the ECK chairman so that Kalamari, Phil and all other disciples of Raila Odinga can find the elections free and fair.

Taabu said...

Association is no causation and to claim otherwise is to engage in terminological inexactitude. You only raise temperatures under your collar by dismissing and argument by waving your hands. You gain more by engaging to resolve and argument rather than fighting to win it.

Physicists have relativity as a cornerstone for their inference. Mathematicians provide a counter example to prove a point. Generating plenty of heat with no light is a letent sign of surrender. Two wrongs never made a right, or do they?

The varacity of Phil says and writes cannot be proved from his words. But engaging is the only sure way to unmask his pretense to knowledge. As the Greeks and philosophers of yore said you only shout (loud/whispers) for dearth of substance. Lies can be parallel truths you know?

Anonymous said...

why the hell does vikkii or whoever get so personal when Raila is mentioned, did he by any chance boot you or your friend? is he not a kenyan like you and me. all these hate responses fuel more divissions and mistrusts. remember, you hate him but soem one respects him, be civilized......

Vikii said...

Can you be civilized when questioning my 'insincerity' mr.Anonymous?

Raila Odinga is a Kenyan who has a democratic right to vie for any office in Kenya. Vikii is a Kenyan who has 100% rights to question Raila Odinga's qualification for any leadership role he aspires for especially if the said Vikii would be one of the governed. In fact Vikii has a right to not only question that but also to sasy ALOUD that he feels a demagogue of Raila's kind cannot govern.

Let's respect everyone's rights here Mr. Anonymous. Na ulale poa.

Anonymous said...

This should be the height of Raila's panic.I wouldn't be suprised if he was the mastermind behind the scattering of "Anti Him "leaflets in the Rift Valley.Wonder how those guys throwing things are always caught by ODM psychophants.Local arrangements ama?

Anonymous said...

Vikii and Anons,

You people amaze me! Where in the post is Raila? How did his simple name get into the discussion?

Why are people so obsessed with one man?

The subject of this guy Phil is some supposedly leaked information about possible rigging. Why can;t we discuss this info on its merits and demerits.. Not Raila blah blah blah...

John Oilepo

Anonymous said...

Vikii, I have always respected you and your opinions ever since I started reding these blogs. And you have always taken every opportunity to remind us whom you support. You will agree with me that no one, not even Kibaki wants a rigged poll, because it is a recipe for chaos. But since it benefits him, he has to carry it out.
Having said that, please tone down on the abuses you are using. It doesn't help at all. Even if you don't like Raila, you have to accept another person's right to support him. Does it make someone a lesser human being just because he supports a specific candidate. Kenya will remain; You and Me and Kalamari and Chris and...... and....all of us will remain. Elections will come and go! That's my sincere appeal to you. Let's remain brothers, and argue with sobriety.
Anyway, I take this opportunity to urge you to take up the challenge the train of change! It doesn't hurt to change your mind, after all, as the saying goes "Only fools don't change their minds." I want to recruit you, through this blog, to reconsider your decision to support ODM K and join the larger ODM Family. What say you bwana Vikii?

Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A. Nanga, MP.

Anonymous said...

A good number of the posts on Kumekucha are more true than any current publication on the Kenya dailies. You see NMG has decided to take sides, so has the Std Group. However Kumekucha allows all voices whether fans or opponents.I beleive this might not be mere propaganda bcoz despite the shouts of Kazi iendelee and the brave faces of PNU they know ground iko sawa sawa for ODM.
Only a moron would print hate leaflets depicting himself as a hangman and RAO is many things but not that.
Only Panua indulges in clueless behaviour such as this.
Picture this- Amos Kimunya he who understands the inside workings of the fish market beeter than all of us tells us that he will soon reveal how Mudavadi and Okemo were Anglo leasing architects.
Is he a clown or what?? The BOTTOM LINE is Kibaki was elected as Prezo in 2002 and given the mandate to do all that appartains to this position. Mudavadi has been an ordinary mwananchi for the past 5 years mbona hawakumshika even to quiz him on this anglo whatever.
Excuses, excuses and more excuses, they think kuweka viraka nguo ndiyo kazi. People are vigilant and will not leave polling stations after voting so that hiyo kazi yao ya wizi wa kura itasambaratika.

Alex said...

Someone tell me how the elections will be rigged. (introduction of the fake -I guess marked in favour of MK- ballot papers).

I am made to understand it this way;

The casting of votes will open at 6.00am and close at 5.00pm (note that its all within daylight)

The presiding officer at each polling station will be required by law to demonstrate that all ballot boxes are empty before commencement (the candidates agents, observers and the media to witness this demonstration)

The ballot boxes will be sealed with an unbreakable seal and
voting starts.

At on closure the votting will stop and counting will start shortly thereafter. (The agents and abservers, media will have been in the polling halls throught)

the counting will be done at the polling hall (again witnessed by all the agents, observers and media)

The results will be announced at the polling hall and initialled by the agents)

So unless I am missing something, how will the gfake ballot papers be brought in...or is it going to be an abraka dabra kind of thing?

Anonymous said...

Alex, Everything is not black and white as you are trying to depict.The only way to counter PNU is Domo Domo otherwise you cannot beleive what they can do. Once found out it makes it the more harder for them to pull it off.I heard Kivuitu on Debate '07 saying that in some polling stations during the referendum accross Kenya the ECK found in some constituencies more votes than the registered number. These fears are real not imagined,one cannot dismiss them as propaganda.

Alex said...

Anonymous, that is why I need some enlightening on the issue. now you are not answering. if Phil aready know who is printing the papers, how they will be ferried, that Kihara Mutu has met I do know who. the he or someone here may also be having the full scheme. Maybe even the blueprint. so why dont we get the whole story so that we can guard the integrity of the elections.

And by the way, ECK has introduced a rule that any polling station where the ballot cast will be more than the registered voters will have the results nullified.

Vikii said...

Chief Nanga, MP--Thank you for your appeal even about the impossible. I don't know how to insult people. Tell me in my commment whom I insulted. I was challenged to be a little bit civilized and I called for the same civilization from those who feel I am not. I called Raila a demagogue and I am suspecting this is where u feel I insulted him. I am giving you two definitions of the word 'Demagogue" and it's up to you to tell me if any of these two is abusive:
1.Demagogue---- A leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace.
2.Demagogue--A leader of the common people in ancient times

Now telll me whom I insulted.

Mr Anonymous. I included the name of Raila because it is his supporters who always talk about rigging.(Infotrack did a survey and found exactly that). When you ask them if they understand the new voting and tallying process and how the polls will be rigged, they just repeat the same tired line of 'kibaki is trying to rig'. That is why I feel we should have Raila as chairman of ECK and the Pentagonmembers as commissioners if that is what it takes to have a free and fair poll.

Taabu said...

Alex a nice pitch that one. Except you preacher to cardinals. Yours is akin to wondering why some candidates fail exams while all have acess to the same graduate teachers and materials. Rigging is an act not made in heaven. Ever heard of disenfrachisement? Take your pick. And by the way behind every rumour lies some intent that is often founded in truth. Indulge brother and only 19 days to go.

Anonymous said...

What is Alex still doing here? He had declared his retirement from this blog... It seems Kumekucha is just irresistible!

John Oilepo

Vikii said...

how old are u john oliepo?

Anonymous said...

How cares whether elections are rigged or not? What is important is to prevent Idi Amin from ascending to power.

Anonymous said...

vikii, are u male or female? am 29yrs old.

john oilepo

Anonymous said...

Anon, Idi Amin came to power through a forceful military coup NOT through a democratic mandate of the majority!

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