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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dear Kenyans; Something to Remember


Obviously, we can all enjoy the freedom to associate Raila with all the present and former dictators of the world. The problem however, is that right now; you will have almost zero audience outside of Central Province . The only concern is that PNU supporters seem hard pressed to understand why many Kenyans are considering voting out Kibaki. Well, fellow Kenyan lets sample these:

Remember 2002; Raila and team tirelessly campaigning for Kibaki while he was bedridden? Remember afterwards Raila taking the road to Nyeri for Kabaki's first home
coming as president? Remember him mobbed by crowds in Central Province along the way and referred to as 'Njamba' (hero)? And only now he is a dictator, a fascist and so on. Was Raila only a hero because he was supporting Kibaki? How selfish can we get?

Remember these words, 'The era of roadside policy declarations is gone'. Those were Kibaki's own words in the inaugural speech soon after he was handed the instruments of power. He was telling Moi to the face that the culture of goodies (read- districts, colleges etc) is dead. FACT: Kibaki has dished more districts and colleges literally by the roadside in less than five years than Moi ever did in twenty fours years.

Remember Kenyans voted in Kibaki (among other issues) on a corruption platform? Remember Kenyans distaste of Goldenberg? Well, it took Moi and team almost twenty-four years to produce Goldenberg. Now contrast this, it only took Kibaki and team one year to produce Anglo Leasing! Now talk of corruption! No one has ever been charged and convicted in any court of law for these two mega scandals.

Remember MOU? Was that not trashed as soon as Kibaki's henchmen took over? In their short memory five years is equal to infinity! Now they are running around like headless chicken asking us one more term. Imagine the arrogance of the second term knowing that the 'Dear leader' will not need our votes again. Remember Matere Kereri, this late in the day, taunting Kenyans that he advised the president soon after election to trash-out the MOU. What was that for? Where I come from, you don't continue beating up a man stretching out an arm for mercy.

Remember we thought after Moi we were done with commissions of inquiry. Under Kibaki, haven't we witnessed one commission after another? Didn't commissions start inquiring into the work of others that came before them? At least Moi used to tell us the finding of a commission however compromised. Kibaki does not even bother to reveal the find after spending fortunes of tax payers' money.

Remember , Lucy Kibaki taking control of Nation News Rooms in the wee hours of the night? Abusing and beating up professional journalists? FACT: Like many Kenyans those poor journalists are mothers, fathers, daughter and sons to different Kenyan families. They go to work every day/night so that their families can have decent lives. Needless to say, they were embarrassed by the indignity meted upon them in front of cameras while their children, husbands, wives and parents watched from their living rooms. Now talk of dictatorship! Fellow Kenyans, did we troop to the polls to elect Kibaki so that Lucy can demean our brothers/sisters with impunity in full view of their own children and loved ones? We say NO! Kibaki's tells
us Kazi iendelee? Kazi ya kuchapa wazazi mpele ya watoto wao? Toa hiyo!

Remember 'The Armenian Brothers' taking control of East African Standard News Rooms and a few days latter beating up workers in our biggest airport? Remember those criminals calling our country men strong>NIGGERS.....on our own soil? Remember brother/sister? Isn't that painful? Remember they had government (GK) number plates on several of their cars. Remember, they were openly in possession of government issued firearm and police uniforms? Now talk of dictatorship! And Kibaki team wants us to sing Kazi iendelee? Kazi ya Mamluki?

Remember 'Rattle The Snake? Did we elect a snake or a government? My friends, to whom was the bite from the rattled snake directed to? The very people who voted Michuki's boss to office? What a short memory? They quickly forgot that they tried two times unsuccessfully? Third time lucky, Kenyans voted the Kibaki team - they quickly turned into snakes? What a metamorphosis?

Remember Moi being accused of tribalism in public appointments? Now compare Moi and Kibaki head-to-head on the extent of this vice. My friend, was there anytime in Moi's twenty-four year rule when all heads of all key ministries (Finance, Internal Security, Defense, and Education) were from Rift valley let alone being Kalenjin? Today, not only are all ministers from the same community, so are all the PS's, all the Under Secretaries and all heads of departments. Add KRA and Central Bank to the list. Amazingly, all this tribalization was achieved within three years of Kibaki's presidency! FACT - It took Moi twenty-four years to achieve some sort of semblance of Kibaki's tribalism.

Remember the government of the day has been trying to counter tribal accusation by circulating a list of 'Other Kenyans' - outside Central Province , in public appointments. Isn't it laughable that our national government is bold enough to compare public appointment of one Province against public appoints offered to all other Kenyan communities? And to be fair, the list actually compares very well. Meaning the rest of the country together has a somewhat equal appointment tally to a single province. Isn't a pity that Muslims are asked to hand in their resumes for consideration 90 - days to the end of the president's term? Where was he all these years? Did he just remember that part of Kenya is Muslim?

Remember Livondo he who cannot read a written speech? Remember that he has four AP bodyguards provided for by the government? FACT: While women and children in Mt. Elgon are being butchered, the government affords Livondo four government soldiers ready to shoot at the public as they did in western.

Now I know you must remember this. Remember Nyachae with his war cries? Inspecting a guard of honor mounted by a rag-tag private army in full view of press cameras? Didn't the thugs make good their threat by attacking three respectable politicians just moments latter? Again, in full view of the cameras?

Remember....... Remember.......Remember.........!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is bullshit.Get your facts right before you publish Anglo- leasing started well before 2002, Goldenberg touches everybody including the Raila you keep campaigning for.what is the the proof that the arturs had the presidents blessings?.Pliz give us a break!!!!!!

Tom said...

Granted, Kibaki has made his mistakes, but he has done very well in several areas such as the economy, education, revamping the matatu industry which was killing kenyans daily, tax collection, improvement in public services, restoration of parastatals, etc. These are areas impacting millions of kenyans lives whilst Kibaki's goofs have merely bruised a few egos and at worst hurt a few. No country in the world, even the US, has a perfect president. I never appreciated what we have in Kenya until i came to the US in 2004, then i realise that kenyans are largely spoilt people who do not appreciate what they have. The problem with ODM supporters like Chris is that they are too myopic. They forget what state this country was in in 2002 and where it was headed. You just wait and see Kenya in 10 years time, then you will see the effect Kibaki had on this country.

The other flip side of the coin is, who is the alternative? Raila himself sold out to Moi in NDP, admitted to perpetrating the 1982 coup, is friends with Gilbert Deya who steals people's children. How any kenyan parent can vote for Raila after seeing this beats me. With NDP Raila was willing to sacrifice Kenya's democracy for his own selfish interests. Raila's henchmen are even worse - Ruto, Kosgey, Kosgei, Ntimama, Mudavadi, et. al, are well known to kenyans. Yesterday i almost cried when i saw the CNN documentary and a Nandi
man was saying how Kosgey took his family's land. Yaani this Kosgey chap didnt stop with destroying Kenya National Assurance. I am only in my mid-thirties but i know how Moi almost ruined the country and will not take a risk with these clowns. I am surprised we are even arguing about this.

Kibaki is not perfect but he beats the other candidates hands down. The problem with Kibaki is that his leadership is too advanced for kenyans. He is trying to teach kenyans that hard work, not empty politics and tribalism, is what will take kenyans, their families, and the country foward. Unfortunately kenyans do not seem to have the mental capability to appreciate this, yet.

njoro mzee wa kijiji said...

Ndugu zanguni - its true we have a very short memory as a people. Its also true that sooner than later the guilty will be pronounced innocent and then they will drag the innocent to the courts of law for all what you can imagine. Having said this, i don't think whoever posted this is campaigning for Raila. Show what good Raila has done and intends to do once elected, rather than demonise your oponent and a community. Lets for heaven sake separate personalities with communities. THe elite of Kenya are becoming a curse of this nation. How i pray that sooner than later we shall all realise that our destiny as a people is intertwined. Porojo na siasa za pesa nane will break this country.

Vikii said...

Now this is what I call objective stuff. If you give me stuff like this, I will agree with you. You see I am not a Kibaki fan as such, What I hate is Nyatanga kind of rumours and propaganda.I HONESTLY believe there are presidential candidates out there who can do a better job than Kibaki. I must however add that Raila Odinga is not one of them. A win for Raila is a HUGE step backward. Kibaki has done his part and it is time for him to leave;

It is true Mwai Kibaki promised us that the era of roadside declarations ended in 2002. He has not only reneged on this one but he has perfected it. It smarks of 19th century backwardness for a president to go creating additional administrative centres without any accompanying resources. It is bribery--I am sorry there is no better word.

"Corruption will now cease to be a way of life". Hon Kibaki lied to us on that particular one. Njeru Ndwiga avoided paying Kshs 6 million as taxes to the government in 2004/2005 and all the president could say was that he has not eaten anybody's goat. It really hurts when a minister of government avoids paying tax and the following day you see government spanner-men fixing bill boards with the message that Kulipa ushuru ni kulinda uhuru. True, revenue collection has improved immensely under Hon Kibaki, but it is the existence of sacred cows that really sucks. That is what we call corruption. Failure by Mwai Kibaki's government to prosecute the big corrupt fish in both government and opposition is a clear proof that his interest in the business of fighting corruption is at best lukewarm. Appointing commmissions of inquiry is not an entirely a bad idea. In fact most of those commissions have been headed by men who are not corruptible. If you want me to give you names of politicians who should already have been prosecuted, I will:
1.Goldenberg report----George Saitoti, Musalia Mudavadi, Nicholas Biwott, Gideon Moi.
2.Ndung'u report----Raila Odinga, William Ruto, George Saitoti, William Ntimama, Fred Gumo.
3.PAC Report on Anglo leasing--Moody Awori, Daudi Mwiraria, Chris Murungaru.

These are just examples of people who do not deserve to be free had Mr. Kibaki been serious about fighting corruption. If I was president, I am telling you all these 'gentlemen' would have appeared before a high court judge in handicuffs and would most probably be in jail as we are talking.

"I am inheritting a country that has been ravaged by years and years of corruption, ineptitude and misrule" was another Kibaki classic on 12/30/2002. If foreigners can terrorise our International Airport and all the country's chief executive says is 'the woman accompanying these two foreigners is not my daughter', then that chief executive is not worth the title. He should just return the employment badge and go home. President Kibaki is an incredibly smart person, Iam sure he understands such is what we call misrule. We cannot have elementary school droppers whose country of origin nobody knows and whose job portfolio nobody knows driving around the city in government vehicles bought by poor Kenyans. Hon Kibaki should know that some of these things are unacceptable.

Lemmie talk about tribalism now. In my opinion (I am not here to rubberstamp anybody's opinion), I honestly do not believe Mwai Kibaki's has exhibited tribalism in the running of the country's affairs. Mwai Kibaki is not a tribalist and we all know it. The Kenyan press just talks about stuff that is ot substantiable and the Kenyan public just swallows everything that comes their way and even introduce completely new dimensions on every issue. I believe that the Kikuyu deserve all the appointmens they get. If I was president of Kenya, they would still have be the majority in my government (Every section of government) for the simple reason that they form the biggest chunk of the citizenry. I still do not understand why the Luhya community for example has more ministers in government than the kikuyus. Someone should explain that to me.

MOU. First of all that was an illegitimate document. Few "scoundrels" sitting down over beer and allocating positions among themselves is damn crappy. They certainly did not have the mandate of the Kenyan people. HOWEVER, Mwai Kibaki signed whatever he signed. He should have adhered to what he committted himself to. He should have created the position of a NON EXECUTIVE prime-minister and given it to Raila odinga. (Take it or leave it). He should have appointed Kalonzo Musyoka deputy Vice president as per the agreement and made him VP when wamalwa died. He should have given Awori, Saitoti, Ngilu and Kirwa what he promised them. MOST IMPORTANTLY, he should have given half of all appointments to the LDP or atleast makeappointments to the cabinet in proportion to parties' parliamentary strengths. The LDP certainly deserved better than the 9 ministerial positions they got(That was the number given to the DP, which was a far much smaller party). I beieve in proportional representation and Kibaki did not give us that.

Having said that, I must point out that Kibaki has enabled major improvements in the way government is run. That is not debatable. He however should be rejected maily because he has failed to contain insecurity and corruption.

It is because of all the above that we should vote in Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka in the coming polls. It is time for a morally upright leader, one who is not corruptible and above all one with a sobre mind. These are attributes Kibaki has except that he has refused to contain his happy-go-lucky circle of friends.

Vote ODMK, vote Kalonzo.

kalamari said...

Vikii, I think somebody has stolen your identity.

Taabu said...

Vikii that was an apt rejoinder and smart campaign for Steve. Except you load it with latent vitroil directed at others and that takes the wind off your sail, ama? You never add value to you course by smearing others dirty. That has caused and wasted PNU plenty of resources and you can do better than that, don't you?

That image is EVERYHING cannot be gainsaid and add to that perception and you arrive at the RIGHT mix. Steve has all that except the last and most imporatnt ingredient: man-made efforts. Divide intervention yes but you have limbs to make it happen otherwise you stroke emotional and religios insecuties in vein. Televangelists in the US have never made Americans more Godly.

Granted every candidate must capitlize on his strength to succeed but prayers is not one of these. You can chose to hide your insecurities under religion but it cannot wash. No offense intended to anyone (it is personal common).

May the best candidate win clean.

Anonymous said...

Ati one can compare Raila's anti corruption credentials to Kibaki's. Please, please, please just stop there.

And another one wants to compare Raila's cleanliness and development record to Kalonzo's.

Until such a time when this outright lies will cease in our youth we will be going nowhere.

We are very busy blogging here purely by the efforts of the second liberation struggle. None between Kalonzo & Kibaki belong there.

Ati Kibaki has given us freedom (which one?). He actually found it and even tried to constrain it by the Media bill and arturs.

The folly is that most of us do not know the very recent history of our country nor the past. For starters you guys who may be reasoning like so can watch Hillary Ng'weno's documentary being aired on NTV.

You make one so sick with your lies and tribal prejudices!!

Its like someone telling you that Kenya got Uhuru in 1978. Outright lie!!

Vote for whoever but do not distort facts.

And then you still have the courage to go to church or call God's name to enable ua candidate to win?

We are cursed nation because we want to steal other people's sweat.

It's all over this country - in claims by advocates, jumping queus,stealing exams,cheating weighing scales, excessive medical claims,etc. All this by low and mighty. In this Kenya!!

And now you want to rob Raila of his painfully earned credentials.

Shame on you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Guys this is atrue reflection of how divers KENYA is. Long LIVE KENYA and the end of all this emotional mix of comments. WE NEED TO BE UNITED AS A COUNTRY AND OPORTUNITY GIVEN TO EVERYONE. LET ONE'S ABILITY FAIL THEM.... But reading All these comments shows indeed WE ARE A BLESSED COUNTRY. We only need to realize this and accomodate one another....PEACE!

Yvonne said...

Watching the events unfold as the countdown to this year’s general election calls to mind scenes from the last 44 years of independence, struggle for liberation, bad governance and prosperity for the few

After Kenyans unanimously kicked the Kanu government out of office in 2002, it may be surprising to witness the elected officials who were mand ated to ensure KANU was kept out, inviting the same group to form part of our government.

But let’s delve deeper to try and understand why this happened, on whose mandate did the elected officials act? Was the ballot loud enough in the last polls as to who Kenyans wanted in their government…… the most pressing question is …..Of what does this new Kibaki-Moi-Uhuru axis represent? May be someone was right when he said “Removing Kanu from power is like cutting the “mugumo” tree with a razor blade.

And yes Kenyans in the last liberation may just have cut the mugumo tree with “not a razor blade” but with a power saw, so now what is being witnessed is the “mugumo tree “shooting and trying to rise once again. So the time has come to not cut it once more but to UPROOT it from its foundation “roots” and all that it stands for.

In My opinion the “ mugumo tree “ now represents the three richest families in Kenya, it is also the families who have ruled us for the last 44 years and yes the families who own the most land in Kenya .

In his Book, “The Elusive Quest for Growth” William Easterly describes his World Bank visit to Cairo in Egypt in a conference to study the wealth and poverty of nations; he says that Cairo throws back the same question at his team.” Why Egypt is so poor four millennia after the pharaohs built the pyramids? And He responds” a quick back of the envelope answer is INCOME DISTRIBUTION”. The Pharaohs had everything and the masses had nothing. The Pharaohs enriched themselves with the labor of the masses. Rich elites do a fine job of erecting monuments for themselves and selecting polices that ensure the status quo is maintained at the expense of the larger masses. So prosperity for the few in Egypt has lasted four millennia but the majority prosperity remains elusive.

So the time is NOW for Kenyans to choose prosperity, to choose to destroy the status quo and to choose polices that equitably distribute income. We need to choose leaders that will break this vicious cycle of rich few and put us on path to prosperity for all. (Is it a wonder the poorest areas of our nations, Nyanza, Coast, North Eastern have remained so each successive government?)

There is only need do one thing this December “UPROOT THE “MUGUMO” TREE. Once for all.

Final word of caution to the voters, most ambitious people have realized being in parliament is a career in and of itself and a sure way to enrich themselves given the perks earned by MPs. Be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing , who purport to represent you but are only preying on your vote for what it can do for them…. You know who these are….

I will just sum with a few to Anonnymour number it is said ignorance is no defence and as Truman rightly put it "The buck stpos with me, KIbaki might not have been in the know but apparently all fingers point to Him, the Deputy director of Kenya Airports Authority lost her job but one Mr. George Muhoho is still up and about and guess what he is the Chairman of Kibaki Tena.

To one Tom, tac collection well done, but the major contention was how was it utilised? to create disparities and enrich a few people here and there...For your information check resource distribuition charts then i guess after that we can have a meaningful conversation with you. Free primary education is it Free indeed, it is my tax and your tax that is paying the free primary education and mark you some of us are still paying fees to our children not because of prestige but because of the quality offered and as one P.L.O said until the M.Ps and other big fish take their children to public primary school it will continue to be free indeed as in (BURE KABISA)!!!!

Lastly Vikii Kalonzo is a good man and will make a good president of this country but sorry not in this dispensation... Right now we need one who will tackle the problems facing this country head on and not a diplomat. Imagine Kalonzo telling Moi and his cronies to bring our money back....I don't think so remebering the fact that he said Forgive and Forget....Kenyand are crying for one thing JUSTICE the way our national anthem sums by the word "JUSTICE BE OUR SHIELD AND DEFENDER' which brings me to one point where was STEPHEN KALONZO MUSYOKA when innocent Kenyans were clamouring for change, during the Nyayo house basement chambers, where was he when Robert Ouko was killed, did he ever speak up. The last years of Moi regime were the worst for this country and yet Kalonzo was in his cabinet. Pls give me a break.

To us all Rwanda managed to grow their economy by 10%, Kenya was at 7% what does that tell us, we would have done better. Kibaki was a good man, but Kenya needs someone better na KAZI IENDELEE

Taabu said...

Yvonne, wow that was a fact ladden mouthful. You have done your dissection and revealed all the nasty and nice gems whose wake will earn you barbs and barguets. You are right Kenyans have set their BAR TOO LOW. Just because more than 60% of Kenyans were born during Nyayo error doesn't mean Moi's ruinous era becomes the marking scheme, or does it?

Kibaki has done his part and let us not get caged in a time warp. If he did wonders then somebody else is also capable of DOING BETTER. Nobody was born with clothes so why the paranoia? Kenya demands and deserves better and we must think outside the BOX. But will we?

Anonymous said...

Yvonne that was pretty clear and incisive, only that you skirted around to letting every well meaning kenyan to vote for real change.

Anonymous said...

Tom I also watched the documentary on CNN and I must say it was riveting. I've always known there's grand corruption in Kenya. We all know. But to be honest a lot of us don't quite grasp how deep its affecting people. A poor Kenyan bribing a receptionist at a clinic with Kshs.100/- to be able to see a doctor!! And hence going hungry because that was the only money they had for food. That kind of suffering while billions are stashed in foreign individual accounts is life at its most unfair. And the Kosgey issue. It was just sad watching the poor farmer and imagining he has nowhere to turn to after his land was taken by Kosgey. I mean, where can he go to report that? To the police? But at least he was able to confront Kosgey though I'm sure that was the end of the case. And I realized I had actually forgotten about Gachara. She of the ROBBING THE DYING fame. One of our local TV stations should air that program - CNN's LIVING WITH CORRUPTION.

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