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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Expedient Loving Political Face

Kenyan politicians must be the undisputed masters of plastic smiles. Seeing them plant those fake smiles on their faces while soliciting for votes pretending to show concern with the real evil intentions running deal in their hearts leaves one's intestines turning.

Looking at Minister Gabriel Muskari Kombo smiling gleefully in this picture while leaving a shack for a house aptly captures this hypocrisy. These scoundrels must be the most heartless of homo sapiens alive. Otherwise how do you stay sane and blameless leading people is such a state of poverty?

But make no mistake. Our politicians are just playing smart alecs taking advantage of our state of mind as Kenyans. They rope us in their evil schemes only to damp the same ladders as toilet tissue once used. Swearing and sweating on their behalf comes in all shades, the elite here on Kumekucha and the 'crude' version out there.

Until we stop our politicians dead on their tracks by holding them accountable, they will continue ridding on our backs as they serve their selfish interests in our name. We must reclaim our lives and country now and not tomorrow. Anybody out there to join me for the long haul?


kalamari said...

Taabu, don’t you worry. Going by the picture, Kombo’s sheepish smile is only visible when you stand right next to him. That said, the hearty laughter from the villager standing by the entrance to his grass thatched hut can be seen and heard from the moon. You see, the villager is laughing at the idea of voting for Kombo. In fact, according to the villager, the biggest joke of the year, as said to him by Kombo is, ‘Vote for Kibaki’.

Let us allow Kibaki and the PNU gang an opportunity to traverse the country and visit every village as they bid farewell to the people of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Mwalimu, tell me please because i desperately need to know-what MEDICINE is it that Kombo had to take before he was NUMB enough as a leader in Government to step inside that hut? Please prescribe said tonic in a hurry to gentleman&family living in aforementioned caboose-his is only a pipedream to one day own 21st century home complete with modern day necessities like clean running water and sanitation without wings
The stark reality is that its lack of INTEGRITY for leaders to live in a plush mansion in leafy suburbs in the same country as where a another fellow Kenyan no lesser than you by any means lives hand-to-mouth in a shanty
This stark reality represents the failure 44 years of independence in our country has been unable to change or alter in anyway, shape or form, reason enough for Kibaki just like Moi before him, to go

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