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Monday, December 31, 2007

Mombasa Needs Urgent Attention

Matters may be seriously getting out of hand in Mombasa.

Apart from door to door searches for perceived PNU sympathizers, reports just in from Likoni indicate that members of the Kamba community are now also in hiding. Apparently they are being targeted because the ECK chair Samuel Kivuiti hails from that community.

Police have clearly been overwhelmed in Mombasa and angry mobs now rule most of the town especially the Kisauni area.


deroo said...

That is a show of cowardice. Tribalism should not go that far. Why are there no violence acts in Meru where the count fo dead people could be higher now. Fikiria sana if one has to target the Kamba. Why dont the Luo target the Kisii and why dont the Luo target the Kuria.

It is all about rumours being spread by people in Nairobi Chris. Chris you have lived and worked with various communities across the country in your adult life.

Can you just wake up one morning and do a Hutu-Tutsi remake after an election. It has not even been boiling or simmering in the country. I hope it is just instantenous. After a few day, when the landloard asks for his rent, is when people will realise what has been lost and what war can be all about.


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

How is it now? Shall someone educate the Kenyan masses on democracy. No one should be killed for exercising their democratic rights. You have a right to vote as you wish, and don't have to be killed for your perceived political allegiance.

deroo said...

Imagine, I spoke to my nanny, and she tells me that people are fighting in Kisumu. To her, police are beating people. I know she is not getting much because of the TV and Radio censorship, but she tell me home is okay. She actually thinks that people were only looting, ands explaining to her that it is election violence is another thing altogether.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans, do you know that Kivuiti was forced at gun-point to announce the outcome of presidencial elections?

Kivuiti was a victim of these thugs from Central Province. He should not be victimized now. I would only urge him to come up and tell Kenyans about his ordeal.

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