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Monday, December 31, 2007

You Can Do Something Peaceful To Save Kenya

Dear Friends,

I am contacting you because you have either expressed a desire to create a movement to demand that Kibaki step down and that Kenya's democratically elected President Raila Odinga be instated or you were recommended by another ally.

Sam Okello has suggested that we join ODM in wearing black arm bands on Thursday. I would like to second that motion and suggest that we publicize this effort broadly.

I would also like to update you of an online petition on this issue that you can sign at

Our working title is Coalition of Kenyans and Allies for Democracy. I think it is important that we frame our movement in terms of democracy and human rights. I also think it is important that we condemn violence and encourage those at home to avoid it until we have done all that we can do.

Please read and sign the petition. Also, please feel free to copy and send it to your elected officials. It would be wonderful, as well, if you forwarded the petition URL address and told your friends and colleagues why you think that their signature is important. We need to build critical mass quickly so anything that you can do in that regard is very beneficial.

Of course, please send any suggestions, ideas, and comments that you have to this dislist. We have a monumental task and cannot afford to lose any time. If you are interested in being part of the leadership of this effort, please reply.


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Anonymous said...

Close to half of the voters rejected Raila and Kibaki whichever way you look at it, the war mongers ofcourse would like to the world to believe that all the voters rejected Kibaki so they can continue with their looting, stealing and murder under the cover of fighting for democracy.

Close to half the country does not want Raila, that is a fact and Kibaki stepping down so that Raila can take over is not acceptable when there are irregularities in vote tallies in Raila constituencies eg Alego which had a 110% voter turn out and in areas (eg Langata etc) where opposing party poll agents were locked out during vote tallying. If anything is to happen, a new election must be held, ODMers are revealing their violent and uncivilised nature under the guise of fighting an injustice that has gone both ways. Don't purport to speak for all Kenyans when half the country does not share your sentiments and violent nature.

chris said...

These badly-trained annonymous cops don't bother to read before vomitting their text book comments. Who said anything about violence?

Secondly I need to ask a question;

Do the Mt Kenya tribes including Kikuyus make up 50% of the population of Kenya?

And thirdly, for your information if elecions were held again today people would realize that this is no longer a tribal matter as Mwizi Kibaki was determined it should be. A huge section of Eastern and a sizeable number of Kikuyus will vote Raila this time round.


mike said...

Mr. PANUA above, the violence throught the whole country apart from central and eastern provinces shows you that most kenyans would like Raila to be their president. Which school did you go to ???? Which level did you reach ???? How did you fair??? I am sorry ! The more than 100% voter turnout in the ODM zones were errors from Nation and it was clarified yesterday in NTV news. You are behind news man! Domo Domo !

Atherere said...

there are people who pretend to use the situation for fame and by default, money. Hope that is not the issue here. Well we all have to build a democratic Kenya, but the price is what is hapenning now. The president should be the first to obey the law, then others will folow him. HE JUST HAVE TO RESIGN. Before any order is brought back.

Mdawida said...

Well put mike. Pea brains like these dont deserve to be allowed to comment in forums such as this. Did we not see scenes of business coming to a standstill in areas such as Othaya and Meru, where all were on high alert because there were those waiting for the slightest oppourtunity to loot. Were those ODM supporters celebrating the commander in thief's fraudulent victory. Grow up.

How are we going to achieve peace in this nation with arrogant displays such as these. We all need to tone down and be accomodative of opinions of others in this trying times. Ofcourse there will be those who will take advantage of the situation to cause mayhem and loot, but that is not to mean that all who voted for ODM are looters and rioters. Not all who voted PNU ares vote thieves, and dismissive of all tribes not from the Mt. Kenya region.

The country is on the verge of going up in flames. Lets be sensitive in our utterances.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny that those who disagree with kumekucha are labeled PNU, state agents, pea-brained?? Is that not the very atmosphere that translates into bloodshed on the streets? Do I have to agree with you to be right. I have seen some very disappointing comments from both ODM and PNU supporters, and this from "educated,literate" folks. Until we all debate from a position of mutual respect, the turmoil will go on. I believe rigging took place, an injustice that should be rectified. But it will not be rectified by way of chest thumping, name calling and anti-this, pro-that attitude.

Vikii said...

Chris you are a dishonest human being. That is all I can say. You keep lying to yourself and this is laughable!

Vikii said...

Mike, Mdawida and Chris; You may be better trained than all of us. Your brains may not be as pea-sized as ours, but I have to tell you that it doesnt reflect in your arguments. You sound like typical Raila Odinga supporters and that's reason enough for you to cry if you know what it means.

trailblasa said...

Another peaceful protest:

go to site ( hosted on facebook), click join cause and pass around even to non kenyans to call their governments and protest.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Chris, mark you, I'm not a PNU apologist. I've even grown beyond your cheap resort of calling anyone with a different opinion NSIS or govt cops or whatever the word of the day is.

But I'm disappointed you don't seem to grasp a few glaring facts here. If you have chosen not to see them, well, I can't make you. Here's what I'm talking about:

Kikuyus, Merus and Embus do NOT make up 50% of the Kenyan population. But in central alone, there were more than If 2.2 m registered voters. History has shown that they vote overwhelmingly for 'one of their own' every time we are at a crossroads-and that stinks.

Add that to some Kuria votes, some Gusii votes, 50% of the NE votes, and small %s here and there including the coast.Is it still impossible for them to make up close to 50%? Yet you have held strong on on your myth that its Kenya vs the Kikuyu even after the voting stats showed otherwise.

Don't even respond to this comment if you have nothing of substance to say. These days when I think of you I see a horse that wears blinders so it doesn't see any other view, lest it strays form its master's course.

Hellen Okello said...

Oh! PKW, the Kuria and Gusii votes which were stolen before the election results were announced?

Coalition of Kenyans and Allies for Democracy said...

Thank you so much Chris! I will send you more on our efforts soon. For now, I think it should be noted that we are reaching out to all tribes in Kenya. Our petition's signatories reflect Kenya's ethnic diversity. Along with Luos, Kalenjins, Wakamba, and other ethnic groups, a number of Kikuyus have signed on and said that they believe Kibaki must step down to restore peace. We are working to represent the interests of Kenya as a nation. I ask everyone to PLEASE TELL THOSE AT HOME TO REFRAIN FROM VIOLENCE.


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