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Monday, December 31, 2007

ECK Commissioners Say Election Was Rigged

Today the fraudulent government of Mwizi Kibaki is on day 2. It has survived the last few hours by deploying the largest deployment of security personnel countrywide in the history of the nation. And also by banning live broadcasts and intimidating the media.

Yesterday President Mwizi Kibaki opened his mouth to speak and one would have expected a statement calling for calm or to help heal the wounds. Instead he vowed to crack down on rioters countrywide. Interestingly many Kenyans still believe that the evil man in this regime is John Michuki. Wake up Kenyans, open your eyes and see for yourselves where the real evil is.

And now a bombshell. Yesterday 4 commissioners from the Electoral commission called a press conference to tell the world that there was something badly wrong with the election results. The 4 heroic Kenyans who have done what is right are; Mr Jack Tumwa, Mr D.A. Ndamburi, Mr Samuel arap Ngeny and Mr Jeremiah Matagaro.

Read the full story HERE

This blog is an open public forum and therefore one would expect all sorts of characters (including State agents). Some of them have repeated the point that there were also irregularities in ODM strongholds like Nyanza. Any fool knows that the opposition has no capacity or access to state machinery which is the only way to rig elections these days.

It is interesting that in a conversation online just before the polls with a prominent personality easily recognizable worldwide, who wanted to know my thoughts on how the Kenya elections were going to go I mentioned something that easily explains what may have happened in opposition areas. Excerpts;

Me: If it is free and fair, this will NOT be a close election. My figures show a clear win of well over 60% for Raila Odinga.

Prominent personality: That contradicts the opinion polls. I am receiving plenty of contradictory views. It was not like this in 2002.

Me: It depends on where you are getting your info; Muthaiga or Mathare

PP: Hmmm.

Me: But having said that there are other factors that could greatly reduce Raila's big win.

PP: Like?

Me: Delays in opposition strongholds and lack of enough ballot papers to reduce the number of people who vote. And then the usual vote stuffing. It will also be done in opposition strongholds to create the impression that the opposition also rigged.

PP: You think so?

Me: These guys are in no mood to accept defeat.

PP: But that is surely a recipe for a blood bath.

Me: Correct. But they really don't care.

(This is a gist of how our conversation went. I was not able to retrieve the exact words but I know in the near future this well known personality will be in a position to confirm that this conversation took place to anybody who cares to ask.

I leave you with an article from a recent post many of you appear to have missed:

Monday, December 31, 2007

International Community Has A Responsibility To Save Kenyan Lives

Sympathy is a very powerful force in politics and the mood on the ground in Kenya at the moment is a lot of sympathy for Raila Odinga whom many Kenyans believe had the presidency stolen from him in a most crude manner.

That is for those who have yet to be victims of the anti-Kikuyu and anti-PNU violence sweeping across the country like wild fire.

The fascinating thing here is that there is sympathy from people who only a few days ago were greatly opposed to a Raila presidency.

For instance my impeccable source on the ground in Naivasha puts it thus;

Things here are okay and its back to business as usual ... the difference is that you will notice that people are still in small groups talking. Most them despite being PNU supporters agree that what we have here is a stolen presidency.

So what happened to change people's minds?

Part of the reason is the extremely obvious manner in which this rigging was done. One Kenyan commented to this blogger; "Why didn't Kibaki get some rigging tips from Moi? Moi never used to get caught and it was impossible to prove anything."

After some strange results in parts of Western Kenya, Ukmbani (Eastern province) Kibaki cronies held back Meru results and simply waited for Raila votes to come in and then doctored Kibakis so that they were more. It was vote rigging done in the most obvious manner in full view of the world.

This is why gthe decision by the International community and especially America to retract their statement recognizing Kibaki's win is significant. It will save a lot of innocent Kenyan lives and send the right message to other power hungry despots in Africa who equate the lives of their citizens to that of mere chickens and simply want to hang onto power at all costs.

See earlier post on International community retracting support for Kibaki.


atherere said...

they are not statesmen. They saw this hapenning n cold not say a word due to the monetary reward they have been given, why pretend now and they were part of it?

Benard said...

I think that Kenyans in the diaspora are doing and should continue to do their best in alerting various international organisations and the governments where they are. It helps in making the world to know the gravity of the matter. It is good that Gordon Brown is responding and the US has withdrawn their support. We don´t want to be quiet lest Kenya degenerates into another Rwanda.

Lets keep the good fight until justice is done in Kenya.

Philip Roy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Philip Roy said...

I think they should hold the rally at Uhuru park peacefully and then tell Kibaki, they will continue the fight in parliament by put into place new laws and a new constitution.

They have the numbers and the goodwill from the masses. Right now they can Definitely pull off a new constitution in less than six months.

The problem is Kibaki will try to buy the new MPs and also delay the opening of parliament.

Anonymous said...

I really sympathize with Raila and ODM supporters for the victory that was rightly theirs, whatever exuses PNU may give.
I have commented elsewhere that:
-not everybody who disagrees with Kumekucha/is anonymous is a state agent. I hope we shall rise above tempestuous namecalling that I have seen on many forums.
-Raila is wasting a golden opportunity to be the bigger man and show how he has reached the status of a president even without living in Statehouse.
-Given that mass action is rarely peaceful and we know most of the looters on the streets are simply hooligans and couldn't care less about "democracy", going to the streets only heightens passions and leads to more loss of life & destruction of life.
- Kenyans are aware of the stolen presidency, even PNU supporters. Raila can call for peace and fight a good fight in parliament where he will yield immense power as he regroups for 2012(if not sooner). By marshalling his troops on ODM benches, he can easily control the fate of Kenyans, avoid bloodbath and gain a headstart in the race next time.
-Some of the legal provisions governing ECK need to be cleaned up. Again, who is in a better position to bring that around? RAO
-Alternatively, the killings can continue.

Francis said...

I have been on this blog for more than 2 years. I'm a keen reader of Kumekucha postings. I've never made any comment so far until today. Chris has made very good comments especially advocating for peace and saving human life.
I'm personally greatly disturbed by what is happening now in this great and beloved country of ours. We have actually come from far. I have a number of questions that I want to put forward.
First, what will benefit a man if he gains power, money, authority and lets people die like rats?
What precedence are we setting for our next generation if we cannot accept the truth and instead dwell on lies?.
Is MUTUA, a politician serving the interests of a party or a spokesman of the peoples government? Is he a civil servant who should remain non partisan?
What is the future credibility of E.C.K? Shall we ever have trust in any elections in this country? Is there need of having future elections? What bills should be enacted in parliament so as to curb vote cheating at the Tallying level?.

Anonymous said...

Kenya should not be allowed to plunge into darkness like Somalia, Congo and Rwanda. Kenyans, we are too intelligent and realistic.

GO OUT THERE AND CONVINCE ALL KIKUYUS THAT WHAT THEY HAVE DONE WILL NOT HELP THEM. They have more bussiness interests country-wide than any other community in Kenya. Animosity towards Central Province will do more damage than loosing presidency. KIBAKI must resign immediately.

KENYANS, ACCELERATE PEACE in our beautiful country by BOYCOTTING PRODUCTS AND BUSSINNESS SERVICES FROM CENTRAL PROVINCE: NO BANKS, HOTELS, FOODS, RESTAURANTS, MATATUS,ETC. The Kikuyus should rectify themselves whatever they have caused. They should use their diplomacy to convince Kibaki to resign immediately before more bloodshed occurs.

By a concerned Kikuyu

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Kikuyu, you are right. Only a stupid Kikuyu bussiness man would oversee the damage caused by such a boycot.

Kenyans will indeed boycot us. We should act swiftly to save the situation. Kibaki should resign as fast as possible.


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