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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Can this senseless propaganda (in our civilised Kenya!) please stop

The other day I read a ridiculous vernacular 'propaganda' sms sent to an aquaintance of mine. It was in Kikuyu and it read:

Mwathani arokogitira maonduini mothe ma ngoma ta mirimu, aichi, mungiki, arogi, thuya, nguya, rwagi, ndaa, ngunguni, na muno Raila na kiama kia ODM.

It roughly translates to: May the Lord keep you safe from the wiles of the devil such as diseases, robbers, Mungiki, witches, stubborn insects (mosquitoes and the rest), and most of all from Raila and ODM.

Just sickening!


Kiarie said...

I have been following your blog for quite a while, and you have slowly degenerated to a propaganda monger so it beats logic why all of a sudden you are troubled when you recieve the a forementioned.

Sue said...

True Ritch its sickening and can people just stop using the good name of our Lord in lies, useless and hateful propaganda.

This "holier than thou" attitude in the name of discrediting a particular presidential candidate just shows stupidity of the highest order by some Kenyan's.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I received it,and another one, too. I was really happy that my friend was thinking so kindly of me till I got to the the thuya, etc part. I laughed out loud when I got to the end.
I don't think it qualified as propaganda, though. Don't we think we are elevating ever-smaller things to a propaganda level? Like what in this text would make me not to vote for Raila and ODM, if that's what I'd decided. Anyway, that's your take and I respect it.

Alex said...

Apparently some contributors in this blog, including the owner - Chris - have had me quiet for sometime now. it is probably my last posting on this blog (And I know you wont miss me - so let no one remind of that in your responses)

In Chris' and Ritch's and many others minds, other people are peddling propaganda while they are the sober voices of the debate of the politics of Kenya.

I have to totally disagree. I would consider the sms referred to very MILD in comparison to some postings I have read here in the last few weeks/ months. some that immediately come to mind are the "THE PNU MOU that nobody is talking about" and the "Danger Ahead: the next move could leave Kenyans numb with shock" among others.

I personally feel that most of the material in this site in the recent past has been very divisive. It only serves to promote hatred, fuel suspicions and polarise people. In my nature of loving Kenya I wish to exenorate myself (even though just in my mind) from having participated in such debates. and that is why I shall not be contributing anymore to this blog.

On another note I would like to point out that there are over 35millions Kenyans whose life is at stake here. They live and work in Kenya. The owners and many contributors of this blog are living and working outside Kenya. They do not feel the the heat of the fires that are burning houses in Kuresoi right now. they cannot relete to the lives being lost in Mt. Elgon. I dare say that because if they did, they would not be posting messages that only draw Kenyans apart. sometimes, I get the feeling that they are feeling safe in thier adopted homes abroad and dont care. when hell breaks loose, they and their families will sit and watch on CNN/BBC/SKY etc as Kenyans kill themselves, as peace keepers, and NGO's donate medicals and food aid to us and as the once bright future of this country lies in ruins. Most probably, none of their families will be 'on the ground' to be slashed to death, to be shot, to starve to death, to get displaced.

I have no intention of saying that this country has been run extremely well. and I dont think such a statement would stand the test anyway. I do believe that Kenyans have a right to change leadership if they feel let down (and even just for the heck of it.) However, I take great exception when people want to agigate for hatred and set up people against each other so that to gather votes for their candidates. Propaganda from whichever side is bad and we may not be able to deal with what will come out of it.

For you Chris and the rest of the guys who are bent on sending this country to the dogs. I implore you to make a visit to Kigali, visit the genocide museum (like I did early last year)see the pictures, the videos and the stories told by the survivors. Then you MAY begin to see what hatred can do to a society.

Kenyans who love this country and who LIVE in this country and who will be at the battle front have a right and indeed should boycott this blog unless Chris is willing to stop the peddling of romours and fanning of hatred in the site. (which he has powers to do).My advice is that you tranform this blog to be one that opens people minds and critically analyses the political scene with factual information, educated and justified opinions and bridge building.

Long live Kenya!!

Vikii said...

Ritch, how are you doing bro?
You have my unreserved respect any time but I am afraid U are grossly wrong in your understanding of what propaganda is desirable and what's not. I am ot sure exactly what the word innuedo means, but I a have feeling yours is an innuedo.

According to You, Chris and isignificant Sue, stuff is only propaganda if it is directed to Raila Odinga. With my little understanding of kikuyu, I figured out that there is nothing alarmist in that SMS. At least when compared to what the likes of Sam Okello say here that God has chosen Raila Odinga and crap like that,this is nothing.

I am actually praying that God should save us from povert, sin, disease and the disgrace that a Raila Odinga presidency would be.

Sam Okello said...

What's up Vikii,

Why do you find it inconceivable that the good Lord has chosen the Hon. Odinga for a time like this? After the rot Kenya has been through over the last couple of years, something dramatic had to be done. The heavens looked down here and saw in the Hon. Odinga the best man to take God's children to the Promised Land. Is that a holier than thou attitude? I don't think so. This side of heaven, we call that a premonition. It shall come to pass!

Taabu said...

Religion can be used as a facsde to hide from reality. I respect whetever people believ in but abhor when they broadcast their take on it to all and sundry. Whatever you belive in is personal and please save us sermons, we don't need it and even if we did we know where to get it from the qualified and those paid to foam at the mouth while shouting and threatening fire and brimstone.

I am not surprised that Ritch's post is being twisted and the basic meaning of propaganda pasted otherwise. Common on guys, you can do better to disguise your bias, can't you? Branding a fellow human being a vermin is the height of recklessness and cheaply insulating yourself from unpronounced insecurity. Deny it if you must but you are suffering from fear of the unknown premised on SOUR GRAPES (?).

Whoever choses to hang himself doesn't broadcast and ask for the noose. So if you are making your last comment here why tell us? We never asked for last tears, or did we? Sermons kando, try another one. KBC-type cheap propaganda of Rwanda type are more than 15 years old and didn't sell so why now? Threats only succeeds in raising the temperature under your collar and that heat never spreads by either conduction or otherwise. Boil from within and we won't miss the ashes.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Men and Women of Kumekucha,

I'm sure God really cares about Kenya, that's why He has freely given us the freedom of choice with the full rights to the consequences of the leaders we vote for. I'm 100% sure that He is not a dictator.Surely things can't be so bad that He has got into the habit of revealing opposing ideas of who should lead Kenya to different individuals, tribal, political and religious groupings in Kenya, could they? Lets agree on one thing:God is one 'Person' (for lack of a better word) that no one can claim exclusive rights to. I therefore don't get it when one group disses another and ends with 'God save/help/bless Kenya', or claims that they know his choice, only for them to accuse the other of a holier-than thou attitude as soon as they (the other group) mention God. If things go like this, we might as well call for 'separation of Church and State' which will remove freedom of spiritual expression from public places.I don't know if that'll leave us any better necessarily. I hate all politically correct forms of religion (like where people can never tell others about their faith or ever say God/Jesus/Amen etc in public prayers but say Holy One, may it be so etc so as not to offend anyone). This is where we might be headed if politicians and their puppets use God like this, their public records notwithstanding (Hi Sam Okello!)

Hi Alex, don't go! You will give Kumekucha the fake confidence that comes from lack of positive and constructive criticism. Dudes will think they have made Kenya an ODM nation while in real sense there are only so many of us who comment here. I mean, with the exception of the few who are scared for their lives if they associate even remotely with this blog.

Vikii said...

Taabu, I dont know whether you understand that yours is just an opinion guided by some strange logic. Why should you attack us for saying the obvious? I challenge you to say if this is the most propaganda-filled post you have seen here.I also challenge you without the slightest of fear or care to tell us which political camp really thrives on what you call KBC-type propaganda. I mean, you have to drop all pretence today. I know you know the truth but cant dare say for absolutely obvious reasons.

Alex is entitled to his opinion pretty much the same way you are to yours. The stuff you tell us here, just like Alex's has always been unsolicited. I am sure you know that Taabu, dont you?

luke said...

fellow Kenyans, debate forums such as this blog call for emotionless contributions with strong points that settle arguments and win friends. When feelings become involved the conversation quickly degenerates into either outright fanatical candidate worship masked as loyal voter support or the naked hatred of negative ethnicity masquerading as innocent campaign propaganda. Kumekucha and other such popular kenyan forums on the world-wide internet should be spared from emotion-save it for your family or girl/boy-friend or husband/wife. Nobody knows anybody here and monikers are all we have to go by so avoid e-sulking for e-sympathy-kazi ya blogging iendelee na maisha itakuwa bora tukiwa amani Kumekucha
Engage the brain more and argue with facts; tried, tested and weather beaten reasoning, sense and logic-the argument that if you are in the diaspora you cannot comment on issues that affect kenyans back home is OUT-DATED and UNSUBSTANTIAL-leave that to standard 1 to pre-primary kids-a leopard from the jungle does not change its spots because its adopted country THE ZOO is warm and scheduled feeding-or is it only Kenyans in Kenya who love Kenya? They also love Kenyans and indeed Kenya is incomplete without them some of them MANY infact will be home to vote this December so why not talk? Domo is allowed is it not?
Before the blog is transformed into a UTOPIA that opens people minds and critically analyses the political scene start with the man in the mirror-all we are doing here is just talk, no one should be offended when the bull is taken by the horns(hat-tip Newton Kulundu)

kalamari said...

Alex, I too have been to Nyakabumgo in Rwanda and seen first hand how a liberated people can put their lives together and move on to prosperity. Though nowhere near the implied scales, the residents in Kuresoi are living in circumstances similar to the anarchy delivered to Rwandese villages at the height of the genocide. We have already seen the purchase of hundreds of farm implements. The perpetual fear of Mungiki attacks is still fresh in our minds, in fact their leader has been instructed to run for parliament. We have seen rouge cabinet members commandeer ruthless militias on national TV…all these without a word of rebuke from the current president. Pamphlets of hate are already being distributed by our Administration Police. Need I go on? You see Alex, we are either already in Rwanda or are being involuntarily herded towards it at a fast pace. In Rwanda, I met a 37 year old widow raising a child conceived during a heinous rape at the climax of the genocide. She was one of the lucky ones whose siblings escaped unhurt. Leaving her behind, they made it to Uganda. I asked her why she didn't leave when she was able to. With tears in her eyes, she said she could never imagine that men could be so beastly. She never saw the signs.

Alex, when a government allows the distribution of sharp pangas and Somali swords, it must go. When a government cannot see the urgency in quelling the clashes in Molo, it must go. When a government parlays with known international fugitives, it must go.

You see, this is no longer about the mildness of propaganda. It is no longer an ODM/PNU thing either. We are talking about human lives here. Tearful mothers carrying rolled up mattresses walking along dusty roads to nowhere. It's all real and happening today and that is why it is on this blog. There's no fueling of hatred or promotions of divisions; just attempts to stop the blood-letting.

You are at liberty to flee the good fight with your tail between your legs but calling for a boycott based on your timidness is a far stretch. Those of us left behind and apparently propelling the country to the dogs, will prepare a feast for our women, children and now you, on December 28th; when deliverance will come to Kenyans in the same fashion it has come to the happy faces of liberated Rwandans today.

So long Alex and happy trails.

Sam Okello said...

Hi to you too, proud kikuyu woman,

You've made my day with your forceful objectivity. But God and the realm of the unseen are a crucial mix in our politics. Besides, in a nation that's almost 95 percent Christian, whoever succesfully beacomes an ally of the Almighty will walk away with sweet victory. Isn't politics a beautiful thing?

Phil said...

Ritch, I concur with you, its just too much and too childish.

I wish PNU would sell its policies rather than engage in propaganda. But then again, when an organisation has defrauded a nation and remains as clueless like the one we all know, it resorts to these sort of stone-age avenues.

Thank you Kalamari. In Kenya, it will need people to put their lives on the line so as to ensure equality for the benefit of future generations. One doesnt even need to go to Rwanda.

South Sudan is a case in point. Another is Eastern Uganda. There's no way a dominant group of people can be allowed to rape your natural resources, force their culture and religion upon you, slave drive your people and go as far as assassinating your political leader. NO WAY IN HELL!

This world is changing and we must respect one another in order to make progress. The Kenyan emulating the sudanese dictators are here with us, presently on the campaing trail. They know themselves!

To Alex I say, are you running away because Tom Wolfe is no longer at Steadman Group?

Anonymous said...


The disciples claimed exclusive rights to God and Jesus!

The Israelites claimed exclusive rights to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...

So it is a completely false statement to say that no one can claim exclusive rights to God.

Paul says thus:

"We know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness"

That is an exlusive claim.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Thanks Anonymous (Why hide under the tag? Don't be ashamed of Him, else He will be ashamed of you come the big day-not Dec 27th!).

We can go on and on and even quote endless verses from scriptures here. My my understanding is that whoever believes in Jesus has been given the right to be a child of God.Maybe that's the 'we' in the verse above?

It is fanning hatred in the name of God that I personally cannot attribute to having exclusive rights to knowing His opinion about something He has given me an opportunity to choose. That's not been my experience with God.

Again, that's your opinion, and I totally respect it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris. I have not received such email equating the devil to the devil. I am going to send it to some of my colleagues her in BC. I think the sms is calling a spade a spade and does not mount to propaganda given what Raila did in 1982. Or do you think the airforce coup attempt was the work of work of Michael the Archangel? NO! it came from Lucifier, the guardian angel of Raila Odinga. Kioko na Kazi iendelee..

salf said...

The sms does not fit into being propaganda. It is meant for laughs like PKW laughed when she read it. Yes we are in Rwanda already as Kalamari says, but before the deliverance comes, shall we moan and frown all through? That sms is just a joke, nothing serious about it. If you take the "Ridiculluss" stuff seriously when they do the show, or you take KJs mchongoano seriously, then take the sms seriously. Do not get me wrong that people should make jokes on grave matters! You are allowed to make a light touch comment on your opponent. The feast on 28th will be there because Kenya will have won, after a fair contest whose results can go either way. Whichever side wins, the feast will be there. This is to say Kalamari is no different from Sam Okello who says Raila is chosen of God, when he impresses on us that we will make a feast for our mamas and kids after ODM comes to power! To be precise, if PNU wins, Rwanda continues? Spare us the pity party, we are of age to know what democracy delivers - the voice of the people, the majority win. In short, each one of us has just but one vote, which one should use on 27th to bring deliverance to oneself and Kenya at large. After all, uchaguzi ni siku moja tu, na maisha itaendelea kama kawaida (Rwanda continuation or a liberated Rwanda). Sam Okello, I respect your stand, and I really pray that the chosen of the Lord takes leadership for the next term. I will take nothing less than the chosen of the Lord. Due to my limited human nature probably, I will know the one chosen by God on 28th. God makes no mistakes like us humans do, so I will be glad when the 28th dawns.

Anonymous said...


I am not supporting any side of your political mess. I just wanted to point make a point of correction so that no-one is led astray by false doctrine through misintepration of the Good Word of the Lord...

If you really want to get in touch with me dont worry about the anonymous tag just email Paul - support at

And please don't bombard me with spam.

Thank you.

Yvonne said...

That is just a tip of the iceberg but coz most of you are in the diaspora you get to miss many. I guess some of us get them by mistake and thus have chosen to do the only good thing in such a situation and that is to ignore them and say it shall come to pass. Did you know that for one to qualify for a house in Umoja, innercore and most parts of Eastlands is that you have to specify your tribe or else pay three months advance

Alex said...

Luke, Kalamari and the rest..I never said that people in the diaspora should stop commenting on local issues. you guys must either have a problem with memory or understanding issues! All I said is that we should try to unite Kenyans instead of dividing them, we should urgue for candidates based on some solid performance (or expected performance) and not by polarising people.
As for Phil, you have too much idle time to even be following up Tom Wolfe and the staff establishment of Steadman. You certainly believe that Kivuitu is going to ask Steadman for their opinions on 28th and announce results. Wisen up man, the elections will be won (and lost) at the ballot and regardless of how steadman rated who. I have no time to urgue about them, the results of their work or who is or is not employed by them.

...and you must stop thinking that there is a 'dominant' group taking your/our resources. People have worked for what they have. If you or a group of people sit back and wait for manna from heaven/sky or wherever, it will never happen. People invest in their future through endless sacrifice,discipline and commitment. And if you do that, regardless of where you come from, you will succeed. (and its time you started on that route instead of idling around saying nothing)

Taabu said...

Brother and sisters (Sam/PKW/Anons) please save us SERMONS. We respect your respective political takes but not when you conviniently sprinkle religious sentiments. Religion is personal and please if you must pocket your god keep hi/her to yourself. If we need preachers we know where to get them and this sickening deliberation of capital H is better left to high school CUs or is it re-incarnation of yester years?

kalamari said...

Alex, what are you still doing here?

Phil said...

Why respond to 'idlers' talking if you are not an idler yourself Alex?

Alex said...

Kalamari, I have realised that these issues are too important to be left to busybodies who have nothing to offer. for that reason I am still 'here'

Phil...your level of 'idleness' Shocks me.

Anonymous said...

Please try to understand Phil Wesonga, he is idle like most jaluos. What do you expect of people who rush to the river to get a few God sent creatures for dinner without sweating? No wonder they think the stock exchange is like a fish market. ..and to sit around and inherit a wife! I Kioko, shall always be opposed to kihii leadership. Long live PNU.

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