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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gor Sunguh On ODM Nominations And Ouko

Dear Chris,

attached is a mail I got today from Sungu ..... it was also addressed to John Troon with copy to Sam Okello and a few others .....

I like especially the careful way he spells 'Biwott' = 'Bewhat'.

Maybe you should publish it under my name since it also talks about the chaotic Primaries and the cheating .....

Gor was a good man - maybe too honest and decent and not 'tricky' enough for being in politics !!!!!!!!!



Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 15:42:50 +0000


It has been a long time during which a lot of water has passed below the bridge.

How are you and family doing? Hope well even with winter getting worse? I do hope you follow the Kenya Press. If you do, you will have noticed that i have now left Politics and will not be standing for elections next year having been "shoved" aside during Chaotic Party Primaries in which money and outright cheating was the order of the day!

It appears that old Moi and his side kicks ' bewhat ' had a hand in it having infiltrated our party by their own admissions. They used lots of money and ensured that people who could raise the issue of Ouko in Parliament are blocked. Never the less these things have a way of resolving themselves in the fullness of time.

Anyway now that i am out of politics I may revert to my old profession of insurance loss adjustments and investigations.

I wish now to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for the Co-operation and assistant you extended to me as chair of the parliamentary select committee of the late Hon. Dr Robert j Ouko. The report lies in Parliament though it was never debated due to the interference of you know who!

I also wish you the best in life as we all proceed to our sunset years

God bless you,
Gor Sungu

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Anonymous said...

Pls, don't entertain such cheap propaganda on this lovely site again...

Anonymous said...

good morning chris!!!
lets talk about poll rigging. i can tell you from "HIGHLY" reliable sources that the intelligence system is leaking at an alarming rate. further the PNU moles planted sometime back have begun their work and are reporting back to get some ORANGE juice to quench their thirst!!
that the election will be rigged is a foregone conclusion. have you seen the level of confidence the president displays lately?? well that is all about to change!!!
here is a detail of how our PNU guys intend to tell us KAZI IENDELEE!!!
The PNU has recruited 5 poll observers for every poll station in the country. each of these thugs will be given 5 unmarked ballot papers to mark in favour of you know who!! at least this gives credence to the intelligence information on ballot papers being printed in Belgium in addition to the ones brought in from london. THIS IS NOT PROPAGANDA CHRIS. many people have wondered what MOIS role in this election was?? well i can tell you that kibaki did not even know about this mode of poll rigging.
lets go back to the 5 thugs. each will be given 5 unmarked ballot papers. that makes 25 ballot papers marked in favour of PNU. Per constituency there is an avarage of about 10 polling stations. so that gives you 25*10=250 ballot papers in favour of PNU!! NOW multiply that by the 210 constituencies you get 250*210=52500 votes. now add this to the already pre rigged by the PNU friendly ECK commisioners and you get the drift.
this scheme is being conducted not only at the constituency level but also at the provincial levels and is being over seen by non other than the retired president himself.
in about another week or 2 all these thugs will go for a seminar in tanzania to horn their skills on KAZI IENDELEE!!
chris ive told you, the moles in PNU have started their work and theres more to come!!!!


Taabu said...

Once a politician always one. Who are these scoundrels trying to fool here? They only appear to rediscover their human touch when the going hits a dead end. Well we have no tissue for tears and all we can afford them is omne way to hell, good riddance to ...

Moi may be the devil incarnante that crippled Kenya with his lootocracy politics but next time Sungu wants to lie using Uncle Dan's name he must make sure he closes his eyes. Gragging dead people's name for political expidiency is to be uncivil at best and insensitive at worse.

Why would Sungu only think of MBs and Troons of this world after meeting his political waterloo? Toa hiyo, weka ingine. For his information Kenyans are well ahead of his lot. No love lost and he can pay hell a visit. We will try very hard to miss his ilk but I guarantee we won't miss any of them.

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