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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Danger Ahead: The Next Move Could Leave Kenyans Numb With Shock

For one magical moment in the recent post where I reproduced the hate literature being distributed in the Rift Valley, all major Kumekucha contributors for once seemed to find a common ground. Everybody agreed that this was something that Kenya does NOT need.

It is my sincere hope that what I am about to say will be received in the same spirit because it is bigger than petty partisan politics. It is more important than PNU and more important than ODM, ODM-Kenya and any other political party for that matter.

Let me also emphasize that it has nothing to do with tribalism. The truth is that greedy politicians have always managed to rally their tribesmen around themselves in their grand mission to enrich themselves and to destroy any obstacle standing in their way. This appeal to the tribe has always worked like magic. For instance nobody talks about Anglo Leasing any more because the widely held view by those supporting PNU is that there is a bigger enemy that has to be dealt with first. Little do they know that this election is all about retaining power so as to continue with the plan of personal enrichment and more Anglo Leasing by certain individuals in the current government. It has nothing to do with our poor Kikuyu brothers, some of whom have suffered more than other communities in Kenya, losing scores of relatives who basically died for nothing.

In the same way, Tom Mboya was NOT assassinated by the Kikuyus and neither was Robert Ouko bumped off by the Kalenjins. NO!!! This dirty work was carried out by individuals who fell back on their tribes for support after their evil mission was accomplished.

For some time now, there have been rumours (mainly brushed aside by most wise know-all analysts) about an impending political assassination. Interestingly this rumour has been strongest amongst security personnel (which should tell you a lot.)

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Taabu said...

Blood is one item in our lives that is never shed in vein. All the assasinations before will be one day addressed even if it takes forever. You don't have to be superstitious, but you take a life and your blood will pay the prize no matter how many generations down the line.

To play the REAL DEVIL's advocate, may be it is this blood that Kenya needs to wake up and Kenyans to rise up and RECLAIM back their country from the scoundrels.

The era of blood aothing is long gone and average Kenyan sees the forest and won't park at the tempting parking lots. Tribe no tribes the leaks in out intelligence system is a manifestation of what ordniary Kenyans will NOT allow.

If anybody ever though that the TJ and Bob's death can be replicated then they are grossly mistaken. Forget the juvenile and hollow protestations against these gallant Kenyans. Begrudging their respective GREATNESS during their times is akin amounts to school boy ranting in a bus oblivios that other passengers were once in school too and even went further.

Call them spa rumours but make no mistake. Bloodshed will never leave Kenya the same again. Such a naive act would spark a domino effect nobody/army would stop. It would be the melting pot Kenyans would use to cook their frustrations. By the way rumours often have their foundations in enquiry and truth. Politics yes but asssassination no,no and no.

Phil said...

These plans were hatched a long time ago Chris, only for them to be suspended after the referendum debacle and artur brothers saga. These are the same reasons John Githongo still lives in exile. Same reasons why members of the pentagon who keep several homes in Nairobi sometimes have to spend nights in hotels booked in pseudo-names.

Unfortunately, the line that 'President Kibaki (and previously President Moi) is a good man sorrounded by bad people' has been used so many times leaving the executive blameless and the country with a string of unresolved murders.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a debate by the main presidential aspirants,broadcast live on all TV and Radio stations,for them to articulate their visions, programmes,and intends for Kenya, and to field questions from the audience,journalists,and all Kenyans,calling e-mailing,or texting from all over.

How do you think it will go?

I jus saw this question on, well we have been working to get it though and have gone ahead and talked to the media houses about such an event. the media houses have been for the idea and indeed would push or cancel NEWS at prime time to accomodate the show. we have spoken to nation media, citizen and standard group and the feeling is that we are not the first group to push for the debate. the common response was that all the other prsidential candidates were and are willing to be hosted in such a show and would actually make time off their busy campaign schedules. but one problen is the PNU candidate. his gate keepers dont seem to understand that their denial of him appearing in such a show gives credence to a tag he was once given as General keguoya!! time is very much on our side and we will continue to push for this milestone show.


Anonymous said...

The Steadman group is busy collecting data for opinion poll this Friday,a deal has been reached to give Kibaki a marginal lead,i.e Kibaki 44.8%,Raila 42.5% and Kalonzo 11.7%

lets wait and see. last time we blew the lid off the controversial hate leaflets in the rift valley and we were called names. well here is some information for the public. give or take the polls are likely to be as above when released!!!


gath said...

Chris, this may be your blog but if you really have nothing to say dont say it here. We expect to read material of substance here not this alarmist drivel. Why are you guys panicking? It's only an election! I'd rather even read your usual ODM singsongs than this. Wisen up, dude.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

This may be propaganda.

Vikii said...

ODM professional crap, there is nothing like blowing the lid on anything. We all, including Raila Odinga, know that the next poll will seee Mwai Kibaki leading, the next one with an even bigger margin and the last and final poll (The real one by the people) with a massive lead. That is not rocket science.

Chris, has it been this serious? It can be scary I understand, when all roads appear to lead to no where. So were the Arturs in the country to assasinate Raila, Kalonzo, Gideon or all three? Please shed some light on this. Grab the phone and call the leaky security people and ask for a clarification.

Philo ni aje? Hizo zako zinakuwaga uongo za Nyatanga na unajua hivo chali yangu usikajifanye.

kalamari said...

There's no doubt in any Kenyan mind that Kibakis administration has been in a bed of very bad sin with internationally sort fugitives aka the Margayans, also known for pilfering, shooting up our airports, calling us niggers when we are working at night in media houses, burning our newspapers, trying to marry our very own first daughter, illegally acquiring police badges, importing uninspected containers into the country and torturing our police by setting big dogs after them. They have also accepted the services of Stanley fake-ID-card Livondo aka the legendary and very prosperous village chicken thief. They are also the stalwarts of Anglo-Leasing, the scandal that never was. Also the scandal that is causing one of our most promising corruption fighters to spend sleepless nights in hibernation at some college in the UK. When 'Mwai zero-tolerance-on-corruption Kibaki' solves this cookies, pigs will fly and cats will carry umbrellas when it rains. You will also see cows driving cars.

Like all criminal organizations, the cabinet desperately needs a top boss. In a way, it's a blessing that the greed within the current kitchen-cabinet-shot-callers will not allow them to identify an undisputed don aka boss of bosses. It is this lack of clear leadership that has led to indecisiveness in picking the right assassins for the job. Mara it's Margayan, mara some Israelis. In the meantime, ODM trudges on.

Please excuse my ignorance but someone may know the answer to this question. What happens to ones parliamentary candidature if one of his opponents dies before the election date? Will the ECK postpone that constituencies parliamentary election to a later date? If so, what happens if one of the surviving candidates is also running for president? Really, please educate me.

Vikii said...

Kalamari lemmie teach you (Kama kawaida). If one candidate dies, the remaining candidate gets elected unopposed (if they were only two of them). BUT, u need to forget about this because Livondo is not going anywhere. He is a very patriotic Kenyan exercising his constitution-granted right to run for office and no amount of threats from hired hitmen like u is gonna make him abdicate is very noble duty. That wont happen. He has been threatened by Idd Amin himself and is still running. Why Idd Amin is trying it through you this time round, with all the flaws you have, speaks volume about the extent of his despair.

Anonymous said...

the reign of terror you are so proud of will eventually come to an end. If the Kenyans do not put a stop to it on December 27, 2007, they will do so five years from December. Your shameless attitude indicates that you are, arrogantlty, oozing with wealth grabbed from the Kenya treasury while slums are popping up in every town across Kenya. You are incapable of seeing anything wrong with that because your lack of moral fabric does not allow you to see anything wrong with "Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not kill".

Why promote uneducated goon like Livondo while there are many well educated Kenyans who can negotiate sound economic and business deals with well prepared international companies looking for loopholes in violent goons like Livondo? On whose behalf does this man, Livondo, speak?

Your gravy train will come to an end this year or five years or ten years from now. The longer it takes the heavier the fall will be, buddy.

Taabu said...

If only we understood the oblivios like why we have TWO ears and ONE mouth. Well that is a wish and no horse. Indulge let the lips glide down the hill as you part yourself on the back ridding on empty. That may as well be the beauty of diversity and reasoning best by contrast. Otherwsie you may never know you have a load on your shoulders with ears sprouting from either side until you meet reasoning from the lower fuculties. This life, mmhh!

Vikii said...

OK wasee nimesikia. One thing though Mr. anonymous--I am not 'oozing in wealth' neither do i know any relative or close friend who ever was pro establishment. Tumeteseka chali yangu, probably hata kuliko wewe. I am a very ordinary Kenyan who has borne the brunt of what most kenyans go through. As in mii ni msee wa kawaa.

Taabu lemmie take this opportunity to wish you a fabulous night.

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