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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where Is All The Fake Currency Coming From?

Most Kenyans, it seems are well aware of the fact that when elections are around the corner the volume of fake currency sharply rises. This time is no exception and according to our research the most common fake note in the run up to elections 2007 is… surprise, surprise, the Kshs 200 note. Very handy for dishing out under a tree in some remote village. Or even for purchasing some voting cards in some extreme poverty stricken area like Turukana (a place where most of my readers here have never set foot on. I assure you, you will not believe you are in Kenya. If a dog dies in this part of the country—it doesn’t matter from what— folks here celebrate because that means a serious nyama choma session is in the offing. I kid you not.) Kshs 200 is a lot of money in Turukana.

But what should be even more worrying to Kenyans is the question; where is it coming from this time?

It has been previously assumed that printing fake notes is quite often the work of some small time crooks situated somewhere around River Road in Nairobi. The Kroll report authoritatively told us otherwise and the name of Philip Moi (yep, the former president’s son) was linked to the printing of fake Kenyan currency and US dollars as well. Suddenly everything began to make so much sense since for example we all know that during the landmark 1992 elections fake Kshs 500 notes were printed in huge quantities. And we all know what the purpose was, along with the genuinely printed ones that were being packed at Anniversary Towers up to the roof and were dished out in carton loads.

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deroo said...

You guys, you mean there should not be money in the country when the elections are due. I think the government wheel (gurudumu la maendeleo) initiated by Emilio Mwai Kibaki, aka The Third and Fourth President of the sovereign republic of kenya is still rolling.

Happy to be back!!!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Jirongo had to decamp from ODM before he could be declared a villain.

Anonymous said...

Jirongo, Musalia, and soon Ngilu all belong to the Reinsurance Plaza jobless Corner that houses tens of BA blokes from Marathwada or Punjab unis in India. Having him in ODM is the best place for someone who made kenya a bad place to be in.

1992 Election violence in Western kenya and Molo are still fresh in the memories of many Kenyans and in this case, Jirongo should remain where he belongs. LOSERS, THIEVES, CONMEN et al. Kamiti 44 -Derek

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