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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Statement From Marianne Briner Concerning Kenya Betrayed Controversy

I am writing today to XLibris and inform them about the fact that I never agreed that the contract with them was cancelled - and I will also tell them that Sam has cheated me for the royalties ......I will also ask them to give me the exact numbers of copies they have delivered - including the socalled author's copies which Sam has then sold directly.

I told you yesterday that he is now throwing the Shining Star into the market for $ 5.99 via Amazon etc. - taking into consideration that companies like Amazon are getting between 50 - 60 % commission - this reduces the price for which Sahel Publishers are giving the book to them to $ 2.50 - 3,00 - deducting the printing costs, there is not much left ....... so Sam would not have to pay me - even if he would still make 1 $ per book he would have to pay me 50 cents ....... or nothing ..........

Some people may call this clever - I simply call it criminal cheating - because he is offering his other books for 21.00 $ - books which are just simple cheap love stories without any impact .........

If Sahel Books claims now to have the copyright on the Shining Star - this is not correct: the Copyright is registered separate in my name and in Sam's name - this makes us both independent owners - the agreement I had signed says that we decide 'mutually and also share the royalties' ....... this agreement is not valid anymore since they have cancelled it when they unilateral took the book away from XLibris and started selling it under their own name without my approval ...... besides the fact that they kept all the royalties from day one ...... so if they reserve the right to continue publishing the Shining Star, I can also publish Kenya Betrayed which as you rightly stated, is my own story told in my own words in an uncensored way contrary to the Shining Star which was - on Sam's insistence - as a fiction using false names and also changing details and leaving out information which could 'endanger' his return to Kenya .....

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Taabu said...

Wow this is getting HEATED. But throwing the first stone is an act better left to the Pharisees. I read in between the lines where no word exists and tehre lies the gem. I have no book to judge so I won't pretend to do so based on a non-existent cover.

Sam may have a point but he loses the ploud when he throws in some cheap RACIST epithets. Common Bw Okello youcan do better than that. It takes two to tango and if you were a partner in the dance just own up and disown the whole party. You cannot bake your cake and goggle it.

And FYI stop insulting the collective intelligence of Kumekucha readers. Chris and MB are two different people. You may be new to this blog but Chris and Kumekucha has been long before MB surface here.

The trumpet may be you so why not blow it harder. You have more importatnt engagements so leave us a lone. Make no mistake. This is no personal attack on your person for I care less whoever you are but don't rope us in your nasty schemes.

We also know of better things to do other than publishing. I am not holding brief for anybody except you insulted Kumekucha bloggers and the e-cop never spares any SCOUNDREL.

marianne briner said...

I have decided to fight back - and the best way to do this is to hurt the Okellos where they are obviously most vulnerable: their greed ...... so from now on I am giving the scripts of the following books free of charge to anybody who is interested. Just write to me and I will immediately send you by email the complete script of the following books:

A Shining Star in Darkness
Her Excellency
The White Girl

Maybe this brings the Okellos to their senses to at least try to become 'normal' again and fulfill the conditions of their agreement with me ...... but since I doubt that they will, I have decided to act besides taking legal action against them and their companny ....

So - I repeat - just send me a short notice and you will receive the scripts of the above mentioned three books..... you can then copy them, sell them or send them to others .... and even charge for it .... in other words: you can do whatever you feel like .....


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