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Thursday, November 22, 2007

January 2008 Assuming That PNU Win The Elections…

It is January 2008 and President Kibaki having just won a very closely contested general elections, disappears back into the inner rooms of State House where he was hidden prior to the hectic campaigns of late last year.

President Kibaki is of course the first president of Kenya to live in State House, Nairobi as well as work from there. The last ruler of the land to do so was in fact the last representative of the Queen shortly before Kenya gained her independence in 1963, governor Malom McDonald. Kenyatta preferred his Gatundu home and important cabinet meetings were even held there. Like the crisis meeting that planned Tom Mboya’s funeral shortly after his assassination in July 1969.

President Moi would also always retire to Kabarnet gardens off Ngong road at the end of hard day of work at State House Nairobi.

So as he starts his second and final term, it is work as usual for the aging president whose slogan Kazi inedelee lifted him to victory. And even at this early juncture of the second Kibaki administration, it is not too difficult to guess what should be expected.

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Vikii said...

And I guess I belong to the "Haves" tribe because I would go for the Kibaki-Kimunya-Biwott-Karume axis anytime if they were offered alongside the "hyenas" you had in mind while writing this DIRGE.

Anonymous said...

Chris, if you were here with me I would bet my next salary (Xmas notwithstanding)that tomorrow you will paint a very rosy,heavenly picture.

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