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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Shocker As Devolution Makes It In To Kibaki’s PNU Manifesto

It is now clear that devolution (Usamabazaji wa mamlaka or majimbo or whatever you want to call it) is an idea whose time has come. The concept sneaked in, albeit at No 10 (the last item), in the PNU Manifesto.

But here’s the comedy; speaker after speaker at the PNU manifesto launch spoke against ODM’s Majimbo plan apparently oblivious of the fact that PNU had now sneaked in the exact same idea into their own elections “contract with Kenyans” as president Kibaki referred to his manifesto.

Of course the president pointed out quite clearly that the devolution they had in mind was “very” different from the ODM one. But then let us be honest here. This is like saying the multi party democracy Kanu was planning to introduce in 1991 was quite different from what the opposition then had in mind. Pure meaningless semantics, if you ask me.

So what has happened to change the president’s mind?

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Taabu said...

Chris did you conclude by saying that ..."Still the good news for all Kenyans whatever side of the divide you fall is that now it is clear that whoever wins the elections, devolution is coming to Kenya." Well continue dreaming brother unless you have just landed from outer space and not alive to Kenyan brand of politics.

These SCOUNDRELS may pretend to have our pulse but trust you me they don't mean any whiff of what they propagate. At the risk of being branded an OVER PESSIMIST, I can bet with my last breath that all these motions are and will be bereft of any MOVEMENT. None whatsoever.

Ati contract with Kenyans my foot! Didn't we have almost a photocopy of the same manifesto in 2002? Come on people swear and sweat if you must but not everbody can be fooled all the time. We have simply and unwitingly roped in as players in the circular game.

Not that the opposition can be trusted either. They may rightly claim that Emilio aimed to cleverly steal the thunder from them by putting together most of the things they have been yapping about (remember EQUITY?).

It is all about perception and whoever deliveers to the heart and not the head has a head start. May the best candidate win. Na bado.

Anonymous said...

I did read the manifesto and found it excellent. Looks like the work of Anyang Nyong'. Hope when ODM is in opposition in a few days time, they won't be shooting down all the govt policies like they have been doing in the last 3 years.

Phil said...

Anon, which manifesto is excellent? Do you really live in Kenya as Taabu is asking? To begin with, that manifesto is a copy and paste from ODM ten point agenda released at Uhuru Park on 06/Oct/07. Why not first give us a report on 2002 promises?

Secondly, it appears you and many others have forgotten why Kibaki was elected (after two failed attempts)as president following an agreement for a single opposition candidate. I will remind you: One reason was CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS and the other was ANTI-CORRUPTION. So far he has completely failed on those two. He may claim he brought a constitution that was rejected at the referendum, but that only confirms he is not at the pulse of the nation.

When the president dissolved parliament recently, what did he attribute as the biggest failuire of that parliament? CONSTITUTION!

Now the same regime is shamelessly telling us give them another five years and to forget about constitutional reforms and pretend that official corruption does not exist. What hogwash.

I can assure you, even when ODM is elected as government in 2008 and GOD FORBID, it fails to bring a new devolved constitution and dismantle official corruption as promised, it shall meet strong resistance from the people. Make no mistake.

Vikii said...

Phil, there will never be an ODM government in Kenya. You need to forget that immediately, there will never be one!

kalamari said...

Phil, as promised to you by your truly, majimbo received a new definition and the manifesto launch.

Anonymous said...

Phil you seem to have a lot of faith in Raila and what he can do. But I keep wondering,if Raila was so straight what's he doing with thieves like Ruto and Kosgey. How will he see future corruption if he is blind to the thieving nature of these two? The answer is HE WILL CHOOSE NOT TO SEE CORRUPTION JUST LIKE HE HAS CHOSEN NOT TO SEE THE THIEVING NATURE OF THESE TWO!! Kibaki and Raila are cut from the same cloth. Even if Raila is elected, THERE WILL BE NO CHANGE. Better the Devil I know!!

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