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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reddykulas Party Out Fighting, Join Them

The Reddykulas kingpin John Kiare (aka KJ) is out leading by example and from the front. Teaming with Mdomo Baggy and Kajairo these guys have chosen to dirty their hands. What is more, they are going against the grain with the principal message against TRIBALISM, our number one killer.

Make no mistake, this is NO COMEDY. They are contesting Dargoretti, Kamkunji and Embakassi constituencies respectively.

Unlile us bloggers here postponing MISERY to 2012, these three gentlemen are walking the talk. Will be free ourselves from BONDAGE and join them in reclaiming our country? But probably true to Kenyan fashion we will recoil with the refrain: IT IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME - IT IS POLLUTED ALREADY. No excuses please.

In my opinion, this is more than an eye opener and we owe these chaps support in deed and otherwise for showing the way. It is upon us to BANISH our slavery to sectarianism and get involved NOW and not tomorrow. What do you good people out there have to say? Any suggestion and immediate actions?


Vikii said...

I will pray for these jamaas. A victory for them is a sure manifestation of what determination yields. Any one of them winning is a step foward for the country's youth.

KJ tuko pamoja

njoro- mzee wa kijiji said...

I congratulate the three of them for deciding to plunge into politics. Its a great idea for politics is not a dirty game as politicians would make us believe. Its the politicians who voice those concerns to dissuade the clean ones and the youth from getting into it. All the same i have seen kj and kajairo interviewed in tele and heard mdomo baggy in classicfm radio also - and my take on them is that they have to work twice as hard and also be more informed. Their agenda requires more refinement - otherwise i wish them well and pray they will make a mark. GOOD LUCK GUYS.

antonio said...

hope these guys matter how it is spinned the three presidential candidates do not represent the common man or youth for that matter.

as we get into campaign proper lets remember that its not about us..never has been.

do any of these guys pay tax?will your children get 10m when you die?do you get 3m to import a car?do you work when you want,how you want and still determine the pay?

ODM,PNU,ODM-K no one stands for change!

But if we get more young,forward-minded people into bunge then we can accelerate the change.Like Kalamashaka once said..NI WAKATI!

If there is a young guy standing in your constituency and he has sound vision..VOTE FOR HIM/HER.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mwalimu you just may be right-the journey of reclaiming our great nation back from past architects of decay&ruin begins today with a KJ here, a Mdomo Baggy there and Kajairo in the middle-my support to them (if ever they visit this blog) shall remain an open secret even though I also openly disagree with the monolithic dinosaurs whose company they are forced to cater to in order for them to see the victory

Ndugu zangu, have yourselves nerves of steel, muslces of iron and minds like a thunderbolt-you are the manifestation of 2012 NOW

Anonymous said...

Nobody has noticed that all these guys are in ODM! And don't forget the councillor wannabees like Mongolo...

The closest path to real change is ODM and Raila!

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