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Friday, November 02, 2007

Rape and Carjacking Bypass on Ngong Road

I hereby publish a warning by a recent carjacking and rape victim near Ngong Road.

I would like to pass on an alert to all who might wish to try using one of the new By-Passes between Langata road and out just near Lenana School on Ngong road. I have personally used this by-pass as an adventure trying to see how it is and now realise what danger I had put my family in by doing that.

One of our colleagues in the Pharma industry used this bypass on Sunday from church and was Carjacked by seven gun wielding thugs. They proceeded to rob them and raped his house girl and threatened to rape his wife. The thugs proceeded to use his car to go to the ATM and withdrew money from his Account. This ordeal lasted 5 hours and apart from his family, another two couples were car jacked at the same time and put through the same ordeal. The fourth couple to be Car Jacked were Europeans.

Please let all your friends know so that they can ensure that they do not put themselves in unnecessary danger.

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Anonymous said...

This is serious. Notify the police as well.

Anonymous said...

There also goons who have specialized in muggings ‘ngata’ style normally on Sundays Moi Avenue at the area opposite Jazz Pub.
Last Saturday I witnessed four muggings and all I can say is the victims who resisted were dwelt with violently.
Please avoid those alleys even if there well lit.

Sue said...

Thanks Chris for the warning, I will inform my relas and friends using that route. Lenana area is normally bad. A friend got a puncture at night, stopped at the busstop to change. Two people approached to help he accepted only to realise they are thugs. He was robbed and left stranded.

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