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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Raila Exposes Elaborate Rigging Scheme

The Kenyan public will be denied a democratic right to elect a government of their choice in the forthcoming general elections if revelations by Raila Odinga are to be believed.

ODM Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga is waving the red flag on what he calls a parallel election rigging mafia operating from Annivesary Towers - The Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) Headquarter offices.

Raila claims that six individuals - four from Central Province, One from Western and another from Coast Province have been operating from "a strong room" located on 13th or 14th floor of Anniverasry Towers the ECK Headquarters.

In what he called a personal statement, Raila said, "I have received information which I believe to be true, that this group is operating under tight security. These individuals operate under the inspection of one Mr.James Chege. Mr Chege is referred to by colleagues as Ceii."

He further claimed that, "the group's duty is to alter the voter register both electronically and manually and that some of these individuals doctor the electronic version of the voter's roll, while others work on the manual one, updating in the blackbook all the time."

"I have recieved information which information i believe to be true that this illegal activities and work begin at around 8am when Chege arrives with a list of names of people who are entered into the voters roll,"Raila added

"...The lists come with names, voter number and ID numbers where most people from Western and Central are registered in Langata. But it goes beyond that. There are names from Bungoma, a region thought to be friendly to Kibaki whose names are being transferred to Sabatia to ensure Musalia is voted out," Raila further claimed.

"I have recieved information.....that the team in the strong room to deregister or double register people who by their names alone are thought to be anti-Kibaki, in the last one month each of the six individuals has registered at least 7,000 new people," said Raila.

"I have recieved information....that as soon as you appear in the reception with a letter issued by Kibaki Tena officials (Lee Karuri and a retired general whose name is mysterious) the receptionists know where to refer you. You get to 7th floor, then take VIP lift to what must be 13th or 15th floor. They work under tight security. Two APs are on guard daily. But they are transferred daily. Those who work don't come tomorrow," Raila argued.

"These individuals have seriously reworked Sabatia and Langata lists, an earlier team has gone to the AG chambers and picked names of the dead. They then went to voters registers and removed names of living voters with those of dead ones, as such the composition of names may appear the same and tribal composition the same,"Raila argued.

" I believe a lot of dead people are being included in the voters register in Langata, Sabatia and Mvita at the expense of the living. these teams have been transferring people from regions where Kibaki has no problems to areas where he is doing badly, information we have is that those being transferred have already been told and they know where to report on voting day," Raila claimed.

Raila went further to warn, " Should the Electoral Commission not respond forthwith and in a satisfactory matter then ODM shall take the appropriate action to safeguard the Electoral Process, The Constitution and the right of the people to elect their government." The letter was copied to the Attorney General Amos Wako, Kalonzo Musyoka, Pius Muiru, President Mwai Kibaki and all Diplomatic Missions in the country. Questioned on what actions ODM would take if the ECK did not act, Raila declined to expound saying "I will cross the bridge when I get there."

Readers of this blog should not be surprised at these new revelations which were first carried here last month in the story: Is the Langata Voters Register Genuine?

The initial reactions of the Police and the Electoral Commission has been denial. Raila has raised sensational claims before that were later confirmed to be true to the point of threating the sovereignty of this country and seriously embarrassing the GNU. His latest statement gives finer details, including names, number of individuals and the structure of the scheme including their base location.

Is Raila himself operating a parallel intelligence force? If not, it is obvious he has reliable moles within the higher echelons of the country's intelligence machinery. And this should be food for thought for the PNU.

Other critical matters that the government is yet to resolve are the issue of ECK Chairman's renewal of term in office, constituency boundaries and the arrest / persecution of election violence perpetrators.


Anonymous said...

Utter rubbish. No wonder there no comments.
I am a PNU damu and had started to appreciate you’re objectivity but I am better off sticking to Standard for propaganda.

Raila and his hooligans should be reminded we fought the white man and would not hesitate to protect our own.
I’d join Mungiki if need be.

Sue said...

Kenyans have a right to choose the leader they want. So the government and the ECK should not deny Kenyan's their constitutional right by doctoring voters register.

If it is true that this is what is happening at Anniversary Towers, I would like to remind them that they appointed John Githongo to fight corruption and at the same time requested him to protect their own, did they know things would turn out the way it did.

The truth will come out soon and more Kenyans will reject this Government that was elected to fight corruption by the former regime and went against what it promised.

Kenyans are not fools to be used for selfish gains all the time.

God help Kenya!

Anonymous said...

How did you fight the White man? at the end of Mau Mau, 15000 Africans in the Kikuyu highlands were dead against only 43 British whites! Sad thing is that most of the Africans had been raped and killed by the Mau Mau (ask patriot Michuki for the true unclassified figures). Anyway we digress here, the real worry is what will happen when the election results are rigged will Kibaki survive the resulting onslaught and backlash from the whole country when his minority parliamentarians mostly in central take on the rest of Kenya? I just shudder at the prospect of the elections results being rigged. I hope Gen Kegs is not that short-sighted!

Anonymous said...


"My life is in danger, Michuki wants to finish me!" (Nonsense, still breathing)

"I have evidence the govt wants to eliminate Livondo and then blame it on me!" (Nonsense!)

"Jakoyo Midowo was shot at and his vehicle skidded at Mbagathi Rd." (Later established that the MP was on a drinking spree in Nairobi West!

"They want to steal elections, they are doctoring the register!" (ECK says it's complete nonsense.

WOLF! WOLF.......

Patriot said...

This is so true. remember when PNU obtained the register roll for Langata,Sabatia,Mvita,Eldoret North and Gachoka. Initially, they denied it, but after the ECK confirmed it, they beat a retreat, but they never answered the question as to why they needed these 5 pentagon constituencies.

Also,Kamanda,Kamotho,Mwenje and other Kikuyu MPs have been saying how they will ensure that Raila does not get re-elected at any cost. These goons even said that they would sacrifice all their Nairobi seats just to beat Raila.

Lastly, polls done by both NTV and KTN show that the majority of Kenyans believe that Kibaki will rig the elections.Why is this so, because Kibaki has made all indications that he will do so. By ignoring the IPPG agreement, appointing a PNU supporter as commissioner(wife of a PNU aspirant), buy retaining his personal lawyer(Kutti) whom he intends to appoint the ECK chair.

What will happen if he rigs the elections, total bloodbath, especially for the vulnerable R Valley Kikuyus. Reminds me of something Mutahi Ngunyi said a while ago, that the scariest thing about Kibaki mafia is that unlike Moi, Kibaki may not hesitate to plunge the country into war just to win an election. Very scary times indeed.

Anonymous said...

There was a time I respected H.E but the more we move towards these elections the more disappointed I become.He has stooped Lower than former Preso did and done unthinkable things. I beleive the guy is so desparate his only solution lies in rigging. I fell disappointed and cheated as kenyan and this is why Kibaki has to go. He has proved to be a dictator and I shudder to think what a PNU govt will do if they win!!It is indeed scary.
At the end of the day he needs to realize one thing God Almighty gives leadership though the people vote.In 2002 he had an accident did not campaign but won by a landslide and was sworn in a wheel chair. If he is indeed confident about the KAZI which he says some of us are too blind to see he should not play dirty and hide behind the constitution( in the case of commissioners.
Ashindwe Kabisa, and the people will win bcoz God is on our side always!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

People, why is it so trendy to say whatever one has to say then invoke the name of God, as in God save Kenya, God save Kenya etc etc. Why is He so fashionable, all of a sudden, just He is with our politicians who are 'taking th battle to heaven'? In my opinion, God has saved Kenya, only we and our politicians like to mess it up and make it look like God is indeed on our side.

On the issue at hand, I hope all the people involved, including Kibaki, Muiru, Kalonzo and all the diplomatic missions in Kenya, take the necessary steps to ensure that if indeed this is the case it is reversed and 'the people' get the president that the simple majority votes for, with no interference whatever.

On another note, why has this come up only when the opinion polls are 'reliably' predicted to show a downward trend for Raila? I wonder who cooks these numbers that we know beforehand and only agree with, no shout at the top of our voices in support of,when they favour our candidate of choice????

Taabu said...

Poor Father of Yesu! People invoke His name during joy and torment too. The guy from above takes care of both Baghdad and NYC. If you want to be belived without question that is the way to go. Remain invincible even when you are most vulrenable. Go religious.

Vikii said...

I think what the Hon Raila and his supporters are saying is informed by what I would call Nyatanga rumours.Raila Odinga should accept that he recently goofed with his Majimbo calls and that is exactly where things started going wrong. Engaging in little unfounded gossips this late in the day is just a sign of bigtime desperation.

This is why I believe Raila Odinga is just a busybody who should be ignored;
One, there is a voter register at every polling station in the country. That is the one the polling clerks use and not the central register at Anniversary towers. When the government confirms some people to be dead, they communicate that information to the District Elections co-ordinator who then passes the information down to the lower echelon of the ECK for adjustments. Anyone who voted in the last elections will agree with me that their IDs and voter's card numbers were verified against those in a book with the constituency number on it. That book is returned to the District elections co-ordinator after the closure of any registration spell. So now, how do alterations made at Annivesary Towers find their way into these lists at the grassroot? It is not hard to see the rubbish in Raila's outbursts.

Two, when he made those ridiculous claims, he was taken on a tour of the building. Obviously that was well within the working hours of the purported Chege group, did he or did he not find any traces of what he talked about in Floor13, 14 or any other floor for that matter? Some of these things do not add up, they just don't.

This is a campaign gimmick by Raila Odinga and that is the truth. He has hysterically irrational supporters who swallow everything he says with unimaginable ferocity. He is trying to cut the image of a persecuted candidate just to win sympathy votes. Either that or he is just looking for explanations of his impending loss in less than two months.

These wild allegations should be treated with the contempt they deserve. Nyatanga rumours should not be allowed to drive people crazy.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see why some contributers to the current issue are failing to see the obvious. If experience is anything to go by then the revelations made by Raila should really worry Kenyas. He is known to have exposed serious staff that the government blatantly denied but turned out to be true. I need not go over them. Secondly, the arrogance that the Kibaki and his cronies have been known for obviously sells them away. They have done things not caring what the public think about. I my opinion, Kenyas should actually find it harder believing that the government is not tampering with that register than vice versa.

Anonymous said...

shit is funny - okay assuming teh accusations are true should the first action be to fire the commissioner for allowing this to happen right? but no we have to retain kivuiti. Anyway i left kenya years ago but the last tie i was there kivuiti was accused of being a govt mole in eck.

welcome to a raila presidency. every month a new plot against the govt

Anonymous said...

I have given up on you Chris. What happens to anybody who supports Raila Odinga? What make you people to stop thinking using your heads and use something else? Rigging a presidential election in Kenya is the most dangerous thing one can think of. You people believe Raila can have true facts on such an issue and what he does is to call a press conference only? Be serious ODMists. Raila should be made to prove these claims or face the law. His rumuor mongering to get cheap public and malign H.E is becoming ridiculous. How can one trust such a person being H.E? One Nyambane is enough, Raila should stop trying to imitate him. It is not funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

Utter dismay!How many examples from the past must we use to prove Raila is not crying wolf?Remember "mamluki" and "Ken-ren"?
Those seven people shifted base on the same evening Raila raised the flag.I talked to a senior editor of a local daily and he claims one of the strangers has given an exclusive interview which will be published soon i.e. if any paper has the guts.With people being fed to lions in Kitengela,am doubting whether this story will see the day soon.Did you expect them to stay put after being exposed?

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