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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Making Of A Nation: Strengths And Weaknesses Of Nation Historical Series

There is no doubt that the historical documentary The Making Of A Nation is a high quality timely project that is pulling in huge audiences across the world (because NTV is available on the web).

After the first two episodes on Sunday and today (Monday) at 9:45pm, we will have to wait until next Sunday for the next riveting episode.

The writer and director of the documentary, Hilary Ng’weno is a nuclear physicist turned journalist who was the first African Editor in Chief of the Daily Nation in the early 60s. The kind of man who not only understands Kenya’s history but unlike Kumekucha was actually around practicing as a journalist as the events were unfolding.

This strength comes out very clearly in his coverage of events shortly after independence where today the documentary dwelt at length with the effect that instability in neighboring countries had on President Kenyatta and most notably in hardening his resolve to fully control the military and key security forces by appointing mostly trusted members of his own tribe...

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The 5 most popular stories in Kumekucha today 19th Nov


Anonymous said...

ODM has launched their own ODM Nominations website where all issues pertaining to ODM nominations are posted. The following are article posted to the website by members of the public.
by Bwogo on Mon Nov 19, 2007 9:07 pm

If ODM loses the general elections, a larger part of the blame would be on the just concluded nominations. Some of us are damu ODM, and what we saw leaves us convinced we are in the wrong party. Let me look at some of the worst cases of rigging I have seen. Even Moi’s Mlolongo was better:


What went on before the poll is disgusting. We know about the behind the scenes activities that ensured that no one from Rusinga Island sees bunge.Kajwang has zero popularity.


I will not comment excessively on this, but the people’s will was not done


This is the biggest shame on ODM in the country. I suspect PNU will have a field day in propaganda on this. Nyongo was nowhere near being elected and one wonders why the bigwigs did not just wait to nominate him and even make him full Minister after they win.


Have you heard of daylight robbery? Magomere won, and it was announced and confirmed. 12 hours later, Khaniri had the certificate. Worse still, Khaniri is now headed for defeat on Dec 27th we could not believe that the elections board overturned a clear, popular decision. Why??


Another case of outright poll theft. There is no way Were is winning a seat here on 27th Dec. He should go home early.


Mathematics does not lie. Ndolo clearly lost no matter what tricks he tried. However, the elections board thought it wise to give him the nod. When some results Are dismissed because they came form ‘kikuyu’ and ‘kamba’ strongholds within Makadara, what message are we sending to these groups? That their ODM vote doesn’t count and they must stick to PNU and ODM-K?
At this point, I thought I was dreaming, nightmare.


Another case of ODM repeatedly pulling the trigger on its own foot.
Elizabeth Ogolla has zero support. When William Omondi stormed the hall, reports are that the stellar Recho Shebesh was on course for victory. This is a Kikuyu woman married to a Luhya and this combined with the Luo vote, was a sure seat for ODM. Now even the luhyas are writing to the Pentagon withdrawing their support in Kasarani! ODM Kikuyu’s are saying and rightly so that tribalism ate their daughter with Luos declaring openly they could not allow her through.

This is another case like Hamisi where the voters’ decision is overturned after 12 hours to give a loser a certificate. Evans Musungu is the people’s candidate, while Enoch Kibunguchy is the Pentagons choice.


Moses Mulomi was at home celebrating when he heard that in fact, he is not the ODM flag bearer. The poor fellow has not yet recovered!

It was no better here. Barrack Muluka, in my opinion, was headed to represent Khwisero. Once again late last night, the name changed and the unpopular Evans Bulimo Abula, replaced him.


Poor John Kiarie! He almost paid with his life. What image are we sending out to Kenyans when we show them that a Kikuyu voter will be beaten up for victory? And the beating had to happen at our headquarters? What ammunition are we giving PNU for propaganda?

I know that Raila Odinga reads this site. This is an open letter to you and the Pentagon.You promised us, clearly, free and fair nominations. You also promised us a totally democratic ODM government.
We feel badly let down. I may still vote for you but others will now change.
You are fortunate that PNU are a slow coach, otherwise they would use these nominations to finish ODM politically.
When I look to the future, I feel afraid.
Why did you let this happen?

by jane on Thu Oct 25, 2007 3:20 pm
This is one of the most interesting constituencies in the ODM nominations. The immediate former MP is Peter Odoyo who seems to have fallen on hard times. It is said that he has been relying on his closeness to Raila to see him through, while the constituents accuse him of a host of shortcomings including arrogance. In Sondu market, Odoyo was booed in Raila’s presence, a matter said to have shocked Raila.
However, our sources say that Odoyo was able to convince Raila that the heckling was a carefully planned move by his opponent, Insurance Kingpin Pollins Ochieng in order to paint him as unpopular before Raila’s eyes.
Peter Odoyo is said to be spending sleepless nights as the banner of Ochieng rises. Unless a tsunami happens before nominations, the electorate are looking increasingly likely to hand Odoyo a red card after accusing him of arrogance and failure to be in touch with their needs. Pollins Ochieng looks like he can start parking his car at Continental House.

by joseruts on Thu Oct 25, 2007 3:02 pm
This is one area where we advise a lot of caution should be taken in the nomination exercise. Already, word is doing the rounds that a popular candidate, Martin Ole Kamwaro, has been frustrated by the ODM secretariat in trying to seek nomination. The reasoning is that William Ole Ntimama has been a key figure in ODM and should be spared the rigours of a tough nomination.
A survey on the ground shows that while Ntimama is still a strong bull on the ground, the relatively youthful and approachable Kamwaro has a strong following among the youth who claim that Ntimama has neglected their development. Ole Kamwaro is said to have made great inroads. One of his key supporters has been going around telling the majority youth that the ODM secretariat is only showing a bias for Ntimama because he has provided tons of cash to key elements of ODM.
His supporters have told Kamwaro to demand fair ODM nominations which they are sure he will win, and if he is blocked in this, he should move to any other party that accepts him and they will ensure he floors Ntimama. Kamwaro has been exuding a quiet confidence about his ability to capture the seat. Does he know something we don’t?
Apparently, the story that Ntimama’s confidence has come about due to his cash handouts to ODM top brass has gained momentum and is losing him considerable votes.
This one is too close to call, our analysts have the race between the two almost dead even at this stage, with Kamwaro a slight favourite.
The nominations are still some weeks off and a lot could change. Only time will tell, and we shall revisit this hot constituency closer to D-Day.

by imbanze on Thu Oct 25, 2007 2:45 pm
Following a secret poll conducted recently by the firm Strategic PR and Research, Raila Odinga has decided with finality to shift base from Lang’ata.
This PR firm has recently come into the limelight, eclipsing Steadman Research in polls. Unknown even to the Government, Strategic PR is wholly controlled by Raila. The recent polls that appeared on 21st October rating the top three aspirants on job approval had been won by Kibaki, but Strategic PR gave extremely pro-Raila figures raising his percentage. In fact, they had Raila leading on EVERY category, at close to 50%.
Strategic PR is headed by one Caesar Handa who is funded by Raila men. Tony Cege, the unofficial Kikuyu treasurer handling Raila’s campaign funds has been a frequent visitor at Handa’s Titan Plaza offices where he enters with large envelopes of money (word has it that he keeps a large cut of all ‘spent’ cash, after all, he is Kikuyu..)

by r.ouko73 on Thu Oct 25, 2007 2:27 pm
Ochillo Ayacko was one of the youngest Ministers appointed when the Narc Government came to power. He subsequently left Government after the 2005 referendum, sticking closely to the Agwambo wave of the time.
However, indications are that he may not get the ODM nod this time around.
Word doing the circles is that the nomination of Dalmas Otieno, an ODM NEC member, is almost a foregone conclusion. Otieno, a former KANU hawk who saw the light early and remained in ODM after the referendum, has already bagged the ODM ticket, albeit with Raila’s blessing.
It is said that Raila is counting on the level headed experience and organizational abilities of Dalmas at the expense of his youthful former sidekick.
Observers are now wondering whether Ayacko will try to cut himself a soft landing deal by approaching Raila early enough for a plum job next year. The reasoning is that if he opts to put up a fight for the ODM ticket, his ability to negotiate with Raila will be seriously eroded once he loses. He will have to accept the voters’ verdict, unlike were he to bargain early and graciously cede the seat to Otieno. All eyes are on the lawyer who only three years ago, headed one of the most powerful ministries in the land..

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