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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lethal Lel Wins NY Marathon and the Fairy Tale of Zimbabwean (Wo)Man Athlete

Martin Lel did Kenya proud yet again by winning the New York Marathon. After winning the London Marathon in April, Lel outpaced Abderrahim Goumri of Morocco in the final 300 metres to win the race in 2 minutes 9.09 seconds.

And what a sweet victory for the African continent for scooping the top 1-2-3 positions, Lel, Abderrahim Goumri and Ramaala (South Africa) respectively.

The sprinting madam man
Elsewhere a Zimbabwean hermaphrodite (both sex organs) who has been winning medals as a woman has been unmasked as a man masquerading as a lady. The multi-talented Samukeliso Sithole, 17, who has won several gold metals in in triple jump, javelin and shot-putt has been charged with impersonation.

But she did not dispute the charges during her court appearance. Despite a doctor's report that s/he was actually a man, Sithole insisted that she was a woman. In her testimony she explained that she was born with both male and female sexual organs and a traditional healer had made the penis disappear but it had since regrown because she had not fully paid the healer.

Meanwhile she has arranged to pay the healer on 3 March (the day her trial) who will have her penis go extinct. And there starts the dilemma for the state prosecutor is not sure whether to keep Ms Sithole in men's or women's remand cells. Well, wonders never cease, or do they?


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

The guy was sentenced to four years in jail more than two years ago, bado hujacatch up? Ama you are catching the Kumekucha vibe of publishing half-baked 'research findings'?

On a lighter note, hebu read his name in English but with a Luo accent. Do you get what I get?

Taabu said...

Thanks PKW. But this is about the appeal scheduled for next year March. Otherwise I don't lie by association, do you?

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