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Monday, November 05, 2007

Why PNU Will Never Have Joint Nominations

Most predictions including the so-called NSIS figures give PNU 65 seats in the 10th parliament. It is now emerging that the party is unlikely to get even half that number. And don’t think for a moment that those seats will do to ODM or ODM-Kenya. NOPE! They won’t. But what will happen is that the seats in PNU areas will be scattered and shared out amongst many different, some obscure political parties that Kenyans have never heard of.

Indications are that most PNU affiliate and Kibaki-Tena-sympathetic parties are going for individual nominations. The reason is very simple. Most of the incumbent MPs in NARC Kenya and other parties have manipulated things and are sure of getting the PNU nomination so that it will be Kibaki and them TENA (easier to sell when you tell the electorate mimi na Kibaki tena). This has effectively shut out the much more popular candidates in PNU strongholds who are gunning for parliament with the strong grassroots backing from the people.

If you understand this situation clearly then you would know that the only way out of it would be to tell the incumbent MPs to back down. Now that is impossible because these guys are backing the president and in fact backed him during his difficult times when his government looked like it was going to collapse, so how can he abandon them now?

That is the difficult catch 22 situation that the President’s...

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen that You Tube video where the aspirants "in Narc-Kenya" met.

They all said that "it is about our future". You are VERY RIGHT. They will nver accept joint nominationsMany spent so much during the 2005 referendum. Then Kibaki gave them a cold shoulder.Can they trust him after that?

May the best win

Vikii said...

I have always maintained in this blog that the ODM will win majority seats in parliament. What I can never agree with is any suggestion that that majority is a VAST one. The country is balkanised. We cannot stay in denial any longer. We have the Eastern and the Western blocks. The Eastern blocks have a problem because two(are they three?) presiential candidates come from there. They will share the spoils and that is why the Western people have always had an advantage. To add insult to injury, coast province appears to have sided with them. Whether Coast will go ODM-way (seats-wise), only time will tell.

Let's talk about poaching, yes that aspect of politics that Chris calls 'bribing the broke legislators'. Is it not outlawed by the political Parties Act? I thought that bill had a clause that required the permission of any party whose members want to join government. May be what the president or rather the government can do is to institute political coups in the leadership of those parties. Putting in 'user-friendly' part leaders for the purposes of post ellection coalition.

That now would be undesirable. All he needs to do is to talk to Samuel Poghisho and Mutula Kilonzo and we can work out something.

vote wisely, vote ODMK.

kalamari said...

In trying to remedy my faults as observed by Makash, I must say that the PNU idea, among folks of unquestionable credibility and selflessness, is noble. In the absence of such great folk, as is the case within PNU today, the arrangement quickly falls apart. Which is a pity if you think about the direction our young democracy should be headed.

By definition, multi-partyism allows into the political process, the inclusion of an infinite number of political parties, however, in my estimation, two strong ones are enough to do the job. It has been my hidden hope that all the fringe parties forming PNU unite with ODM-K and remain intact after nominations and elections. ODM must not disintegrate either. The new parliament should include in its agenda, the strengthening of the 'two' political parties in content, structure, policy and ideology. The emergence of the two parties should be bold, powerful and extremely sophisticated such that jokes like KENDA remain with no breathing place.

Now imagine this; a devolved system with regional governments and mini parliaments where only two parties matter. Do you see the unity? Do you see the end of tribalism in politics? Do you see forced accountability? This is what I'm talking about, each mini parliament will be divided into two groupings such that every where you go in this our country, you will find two formidable opposing opinions. In other words, PNU will be prominent in Bondo as ODM in Muranga. With strong structures, the two parties represented in the mini-parliaments will have to follow policies created at headquarters let alone be accountable to the grassroots no shenanigans of tribal chiefs. The policies will also have to be in tune with the wishes of the grassroots, thus accountable parties in strong opposition to each other. Only the wanainchi win.

Vote's the best place to begin.

Taabu said...

What is happending at PNU is symptomatic of what belies the real motives behind our politicians theatrics: EXPEDIENCY. All the good and big words they mouth mean absolutely nothing if they don't have their way. We and the country come a distant second in the order of their priorities.

That is no reason to celebrate though as a country needs strong and principled politicians who measue to challenges. We need both a progressive government and an aggressive opppositio to keep tabs on a regime's excessses.

Our predicament is made worse by the pettiness peddled by these so-called leaders wh loathe competition. How do you expect Mutahi Kagwe to allow Kabando wa Kabando to challenge him fairly for the PNU ticket knowing the ministerial post at stake. KK also knows his potential and probablity of landing even a more meaningful ministry. So you see why Kagwe and his ilk will cling to PNU the KKs of this world will find solace in DP.

We are not of the words yet. My only prayer is that we don't encounter sarpents therein. Na bado.

deroo said...

No, we do not need nominations. Our line on this is clear, we are voting for a better option, who has delivered choice and the constituents and other members of the amalgam should sort themselves out and prepare for the 'KICHINJIO YA MWAKA. Never seen before. Emilio aendeleee.....Derek

Anonymous said...

mambo bado, think of someome like mutahi kagwe who have all the powers including those of his father in law hon. michuki, demanding joint nominations whereas it's allknown how they rigged kabando and he thinks he can get away with it? well not this time.
chama si kitu, kabando prepare to serve us this time.
mutahi start pleading with mzee to nominate you.
have a good day.

wouldn't you.

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