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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Focus 2012

With less than 51 days to go before the ECK declared date of December 27th when the country will go to the polls for the 2007 general elections, it is becoming alarmingly clear to a growing number of concerned and right-thinking Kenyans that the 3 major political parties PNU, ODM and ODM K represent no real change whatsoever for the immediate future of Kenya. Kenyans who from as far back as 2003 in the middle of NARCs 5 year-term in office had long hoped that these fast-approaching December '07 generals would herald a much anticipated and desired break from the past old dinousaur faces with their brand of old school political thinking, and usher in the next generation of fresh-faced, new ideas-totting political "rookies" complete with a radically different approach to law and order, social justice and political governance are now having to come face to face with the harsh terms of reality that even as a ripe adult 43 years of age, Kenya is still not yet Utopia

It seems the majority block of voters have almost altogether abandoned any hope of attempting to ascertain beforehand the political fitness of all 3 serious presidential contenders and their parties on major national issues. Just as certain as mwananchi A will be dipping his hand inside the ballot box to vote come rain or shine on that bright December day, it is equally certain that Mwananchi B's voting pattern will be 99% influenced by her real or imagined ethnic and propaganda considerations (read non-major national issues)

What lessons can we learn from the ongoing 2007 campaigns that we can transfer and apply to the true "break-out" next generation leaders elections of 2012?

Its integrity not the economy stupid. Integrity is what will keep any new future regimes from becoming exactly like the predator predecessor regime they just finished voting to remove out of power. Integrity is what will stop any elite political ruling class from believing that Kenya belongs to them and only them. Integrity is what will commit the new Government of the day to stay true to whatever reform strategy that will provide Kenyans with the changes they were promised during the campaign periods in exchange for their votes. Integrity is what will keep the President's men/women from becoming arrogant pumbavus in the short course of dispensing their public servant duties. Finally, integrity is what will kill Kenya's number 1 major economic growth buster:-the monster of corruption. I think you get the picture

None of us paid almighty God to be born a kamba, kisii, masai, luya, luo or kikuyu. Next generation leaders of 2012 should prepare to begin to end the tribalist society that our children have grown up in ever since they were born and currently live in
I hope this was not too boring God bless Kenya


Taabu said...

Well sqaid and labelled Luka. By the way 2012 is less than 1000 days away. Unless we start doing something in earnest then I fear we will be smart talkers bereft of any meaningful change. Someting must be done starting now unless we are comforatble with shouting for change from without will circling within aka musical seats.

Unless we lay the foundation now, I fear we will end up being pretenders to change. We will be a shamed as people who feign progress while in truth they rot in culdesac. The 2012 clarion call must not be reduced to disguised desparation and evading taking personal and national responsibility. It is now or never. Ama what do you say good people out there? Any ideas?

Taabu said...

Luka you are NOT alone in this. Just check what others are saying

Vikii said...

Actually Taabu 2012 is more than 1000 days. We have plenty of time for this, BUT expecting someone who is not a politician NOW to take charge of the country in 2012 is asking for too much.

Which names in politics today(Dont tell me there aint any)do you guys want to move forward with?

KJ could be one of them. Others believe Githongo and yet others believe one Eliud Mwangi Macharia. WE need a team if what we are saying is to bear any fruit.

And that's just my HUMBLE(Not so arrogant i guess) opinion.

Taabu said...

Yes Vikii we need a paved road plan and and a reveing engine not mere samrt paper positions. Who will bell the cat and now?

PS: Numbers don't lie. I meant to say 2012 is less that 2000 days away. No a long time though considering that USEFULL life last approximately 10,000 days after which you become a HUMAN VEGETABLE.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, Taabu, now your talking. I said it once I'll say it again. We're just voting for the status quo to remain the same in december regardless of where we vote. So 2012 does make the best chance for that 80% dump of all politicians (political class) that i spoke of earlier. I saw it during NARC formation and now again. Those of us with ideas started putting our act together far to late to be of any real consequence. Part (or actually 90%)of the reason to tell the truth is funds. If we can find a way to fund a secretariat and decide on a pressure group to join or form, this will give us the platform to launch a credible effort to make real change come 2012. Lets remember though that if Raila wins, he will want a second term, and with him all the rubbish in politics who will by then be tainted with scandal after scandal I assure you, and will have plenty of money to make our lives miserable. On the other hand if Obako wins he will be looking to bring in Uhuru/gideon ex Kanu and gema axis in to cover him. Sorry, this is not meant to offend anyone. Im just brainstorming here. But no question about it guys, the time to start thinking of a new 2012 dispensation in NOW. Kudos. Count me in.

Mama Fidel said...

talking to my husband today morning (we are of two different tribes), we asked ourselves if we really want to raise our children with tribal tags and we decided that it is our generation (we are in late 20's) that will set the example in rejecting tribal tags. our grandchildren are the ones who will totally eliminate the tribal tags.

1. for example, our family friends are luyha and kalenjin married, their daughter is therefore half kaleo half lunje. what happens if their daughter wants to marry our son who is half luo and half kiuk? what tribe will there children be if they marry? half kaleo, half lunje, half luo, half luyha, half what? see? tribalism must not be allowed to regin freely with abandon in our country.

2. all guys who grew up in Jericho, Uhuru and the other eastlands areas got to know about their different tribes when they grew up! sample this: Kariuki was given a luo name Odhis. Odhis was called Njoro, Mutua was called Wekesa etc, meaning that boys played together and grew up sometimes not knowing the real tribe of their playmates. we should be able to go back to those days before tribalism became deeply entrenched by our greedy selfish leaders.

as we vote on Dec 27th, let us vote in young leaders who dont know anything about tribe except the tribe of Kenyans. God bless Kenya. amen

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