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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Makau's End of Year Scorecard For Kumekucha Regulars

I am a keen reader of your blog. I want to thank you immensely for the good work that you are doing. Your blog is very addicting. I have an extremely busy schedule but with all that, I have made it a duty to log on to Kumekucha on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what time I get home, I have to.

I must also thank each one of your commentators. Without them, this blog would be “an empty shell”.

I am a Kenyan with a lot of interest in passive politics. I like to listen to political debates even though I don’t back any camp just yet.

I have decide to give an analysis of what I think about your wonderful group of commentators. I am giving what I would call the strong points and weaknesses of each one of them. It is The End of Year Evaluation. It is all meant for the ‘feel good’ and I hope I don’t get lynched for it.


Very resourceful. That is why several are flocking into Kumekucha to get the vibe. He has offered an alternative to the boring mainstream media. Kumekucha’s interactiveness is just commendable.

The big weakness Chris has is when he decides to take sides. In my opinion, Chris you should act as a moderator. Your open bias for ODM is, in a small way, a turn off. At the beginning of the year You wrote all the imaginable unprintables against Hon Kalonzo just because he appeared as Hon Raila’s most formidable threat. Now, You have kicked President Mwai Kibaki left, right and centre.

If you could a bit more neutral, that would be great.

Proud Kikuyu Woman—PKW

A very admirable lady by the way she takes on the men head-on. As Mukhisa Kituyi once said of Martha Karua, PKW in my opinion holds men by the balls. She has consistently backed her every opinion with well thought out arguments.

Her weakness? She considers herself just too Kikuyu. I have read a number of her comments and I find way too many articles defending the kikuyu community against bloggers who believe kikuyu bashing is the way to go. She can sometimes get petty too.


Another extremely resourceful guy. Ritch is just so much worth of praise. He has given us a deserved break from traditional politics with his anti HIV messages. A very mature brother that we need in Kumekucha. Keep up the good work Ritch and may God bless ya.

I cannot find anything negative against ritch.


I don’t know who danlieve is. Whoever you are, bro u need to take time and introduce yourself.


Kalamari is many things in one. He is not only intelligent but also very humorous. “Kalonzo has a miniature tattoo of Moi’s picture on his bare chest” got me gasping for breath. Dude you are comical and it is a pity bloggers have refused to see you humorous side. I believe Kalamari is intelligent because, unlike most supporters of Raila, he seems to have facts that he can bring out about about any political stand he takes. Kalamari has valid reasons on why Kibaki should be voted out and why raila is the best choice. Kalamari is adorable by people on both sides of the political divide.

Kalamari’s weakness is that he never sees anything good with Raila’s opponents. His jokes with ladies too can get out of hand because some of them have talked about being married and having children.


Hate him or love him, this guy is intelligent. Vikii comes up with well researched facts and he has on a number of times stopped Chris and Phil in their tracks. His way of presentation is also very commendable, a very smart commentator, he can very easily be Kumekucha’s wittiest commentator. He is also a brave guy. His unwavering support for Kalonzo against a battery of opponents is amazing. He stands alone and he is happy about it. I also like the way he is confident about himself.

A little bit arrogant and bullish. He has a way of making anyone who dares oppose his views look like a confused nursery school kid. Vikii, if you support democracy, the way you dismiss others with a wave og hand smacks of unenviable arrogance.


A gifted debator, very well versed with Kenyan politics. His steadfast support for president Kibaki is unquestionable. He has categorically refused to wield to pressure, he would rather quit the blog altogether than suck up to kumekucha’s popular opinion.

His weakness? He is a quitter in the face of sustained pressure.


Does she have a political stand. Her few comments are all one-liners that are not easily understandable.

Can't form an opinion about her yet.


She was once called kumekucha’s second lady and rightly so. She has been around for some time. We need many Sues in Kenya. She also has a political faith that is unshakable. This has led to some turf war with PKW.

Her comments are way too one-dimensional though. It is all about kikuyus being kicked out and Luos being ushered in. She needs to identify herself with some ideology.


A sweet feminine name. But who is she? Could this be Chris’s wife coz honestly she has never posted a comment.

Cant say a thing about her coz she is never there. I would love a chat with her though. I have a feeling she is nice.


Should I call him Kumekucha’s second in command? He has been extremely faithful to Kumekucha and there is no doubt he is a great friend of Chris. His strongest point is his mastery of the Queens language or should I say Big words? A moving dictionary no doubt. He also claims to be horseless though not many believe that. He has somehow managed to win respect from all Kumekucha bloggers. Nobody takes him head on and amazingly he has more authority than Chris himself. He is a leader at the very least.

His weakness is his strength----Pomposity. Big words that may not have a lot of meaning if harpharzardly assembled.


An ODM insider who used to be constantly at war with Derek and now Vikii. Very well informed about the political situation in the country. He is committed to his political cause, a very loyal supporter of ODM. His writing skills are also amazing. He must be a journalist. He has predicted a few things which turned out to be true.

His weakness is his open lies. He reports stuff that he stumbles upon elsewhere with such authority you would think he is Raila’s PA. He is also a bit full of himself.

A big Kumekucha asset though, One of the most important commentators.


This is the true horseless guy. Taabu preaches water while taking wine but this one has trully not seen anything good with all the presidential candidates. He is the one man who talks sense ----2012 is the time we may have a real go at true change. His impartiality is commendable.

Weakness—He is boring with his very important message.


What do you want me to say about a man who believes the Luo community has dominated the groundnut hawking in the city if Nairobi? His funniest joke, which was also regrettably abusive was his assertion that all those who attended Kasarani during raila’s coronation were “funny looking dark skinned creatures missing six lower teeth”. He can give kalamari a run for his money when it comes to humour.

Weaknesses-Many. He is extremely abusive especially to the Luo community. He thinks they are lesser beings not fit to lead.

My honest advice to him is to try to get the ‘village’ outta himself. His assertion that Kenya is a bantu nation just shows how little his knowledge of history is.

A smart fellow though who can mix his knowledge with insults to intimidate those with divergent views.

Guys, you are a one wonderful group of people. Each one of you always makes my day.

Makau wa Wambua

Maryland, USA


Taabu said...

Bw Makau yes I do DRINK except the only liquids permited past my throat apart from saliva are only MILK and WATER. I always try to preach what I drink except people's taste buds like it sweetened since water in its natural/raw form is TASTELESS. It is a wild wide world bro and diversity is the spice with which we eat the earth's rich menu of ideas. Thank for being there. Kenya needs us all, ama?

Vikii said...

And who the freaking hell are you mister? I hope You are aware that yours is an unwelcome opinion. Tell us about yourself now. I guess you also got some 'score'.

Thank you for, well, nothing.

Sue said...


Phil said...

Makau is obviously a PNU sympathiser (if not a die-hard supporter). I would love to read his unbiased analysis of the current presidential candidates, and you can bet; he wont have anything negative to say about Kibaki.

First of, why should Chris not take a position if he is convinced that it is the best for himself as a Kenyan as well as a voter?

You have all the nice words to describe pro-government supporters on this blog, but hardly anything good to say about anti-government forces. Everyone knows how much this regime has let Kenyans down.

Open lies? Which ones are those and how come no one challenged them? If supporting ODM and promoting social democracy makes me 'full of myself', so be it.

PS. I am no journalist, how wrong you are!

Taabu said...

Wow wow Phil, have a fan around your collar. Why turn all the rainbow colours with furry for just an opinion even if biased? Come on Phil it's just Monday and you cannot efford to waste your breathe with those tirades, ama?

That said you don't except accorlades from all and sundry. More so if you take a definite position. The beauty or reading opions lies in appreciating their spirit but disagreesing (civily) with the message. Belabouring the print it akin to lynching the messenger. You are smarter than that, aren't you Phil?

Anonymous said...

I for one am quite happy that it seems i got off quite lightly-even those who know me in person say i am quite BORING but my messages are important. Thank you Makau

chris said...


Guys, guys, guys...

This is your admirer and great big fan, why treat him like he's the political party you are NOT supporting?

P.S. Makau, thanx for your comments about me. I'll carefully consider everything you have said in the hope that I'll get better at what I do here.

Taabu said...

Poor Makau! You opened te can and must be ready to entertain the worms. But just a minute. While the name Chris has a single vowel that symetrically divides the 5 vowels, Makau has two unique ones that amazingly add upto three. Any connection? Anyone out there?

kalamari said...

Makash, It is true that there are some great qualities among those opposing Raila, however, none are of any national appeal or importance. Take Kalonzo for instance, the guy wears shinny Italian shoes and matching Mexican belts. I'm sure he is a great husband and father. He's also a good lawyer with few scandals, a loyal church goer and a philanthropist of soughs. He is a proud man-scout and I believe he can tie some of the most complex and sophisticated knots. Pitching a tent is a piece of cake for this fellow.
Now Kibaki on the other hand is what I call a 'was' guy. He was everything that Kenya needed in a president until he became one. Kibaki was a man of great character and moral steadfastness and truly his impeccable credentials have been visible throughout his life up to 2002. His master plan is to regain his goodness in 2008. I mean, 5 years of hell in a man's life is nothing but a blinking of an eye.

ritch said...

You have done well to let us know what you think of us guys here at Kumekucha. It is heartening that there is someone out there who finds Kumekucha addictive. Surely, folks, that is inspiring. After all everyone has the 'civic duty' to air their opinions through whatever forum. What Makau has done here is no sin. Furthermore, this is the same thing that most of us commentators do here when we put 'Mwai', 'Raila' and their ilk under the probing eye of the microscope that is Kumekucha. Kudos, Makau.

chris said...

Now that Ritch mentions it.

Don't you guys find it fascinating that we love to criticize Kibaki, Raila Kalonzo etc. here but then when somebody dares criticize us... eh!!! They see fire.


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