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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why The Text Book Version Of PNU Strategy Does Not Work Practically

A Kumekucha informer has just passed on information about a small campaign speech that PNU die hard Danstone Mungatana gave in his constituency recently.

He told supporters that he does not mind if they do not agree with him over his choice for president, what they need to do is to vote him back to parliament so that he may continue to fight for their interests. There was enthusiastic acceptance of this remark from the people he was addressing.

Most of Coast province is currently ODM territory.

As I predicted earlier, this Mungatana statement is bound to be a very common one indeed countrywide when the elections proper commence. Note that when you stand on a certain party ticket it is virtually mandatory for you to support your presidential candidate and even where you do not, voters will position you against your presidential candidate and make the decision whether or not to vote for you based on your presidential candidate’s reputation and standing with the electorate. Matters get a little confusing when your party has no presidential candidate and is instead supporting one from another political party.

This is the kind of trouble one runs into when they try to re-invent the wheel. Clearly PNU is a sitting duck when it comes to being dumped by supporting affiliate party candidates in the heat of the campaigns.

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kalamari said...

It is fast becoming clear to PNU politicians that any association with Kibaki is a liability. Mungatanas' position is quite similar to that of Kituyi and Shitanda. It is precisely why affiliate PNU parties prefer the identity of their individual parties.
Most of those purporting to support Kibaki do not have his best interest at heart. They appear to have no reason to risk their political careers in trying to sell a failed presidency to Kenyans. Their continued stay is mainly due to the promise of massive campaign funds and the possibility of being rigged in alongside Kibaki. There's no passion in seeing Kibaki succeed, even in Central.
In all likelihood, the Kibaki presidential campaign will cease to exist as soon as parliament is dissolved. I mean, how would you act if you were a PNU parliamentary aspirant in light of the ODM wave sweeping across the country? Would you: (A) Alongside Kibaki, visit all other constituencies while knowing too well his reelection is toast (B) Pitch camp within you very own constituency attempting to fan away the irresistible ODM wave. Politics is selfish.

Vikii said...

But who is losing the presidency? And what are your reasons for thinking so?

In my opinion, Raila odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka will lose the elections. Those of us who support Kalonzo will gladly and civilly accept the verdict of Kenyans. Will the people on the other side do so or will they keep doing what they know best----whinning?

Defeatism is something we all can spot a hell lot of miles away. When people start talking of rigging two months before elections, that is a clear indication that they know their fate is packed and sealed.

I wish to retaliate my earlier statement to Phil that I will give him driving directions and address to my home in Nairobi so he could go collect the few cups and spoons we have in case they win the elections. Phil, once again my phone number is 0722373226.

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