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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kivuitu’s Political Gamble

ECK chair, Samuel Kivuitu is a former MP for Westlands constituency—then called Parklands constituency, so he is not a novice in the game of politics.

It is now emerging that the ECK chairman has taken a huge gamble by sending a circular to all political parties warning them that their nomination papers for candidates may not be accepted if they have not fielded a presidential candidate. The most affected party in this matter is of course the President’s PNU party which is banking on the support of numerous affiliate parties who will not field a presidential candidate. Not everybody supports this interpretation of the law by the ECK chairman but there is no arguing that he is supposed to be the boss (at least until December 2nd this year) when it comes to all matters electoral.

But it would appear that the real objective of the experienced ECK chairman is to put the president in a difficult situation where his failure to renew Kivuitu’s contract will be seen as an attempt to control the electoral process in his favor. It is the kind of gamble that can easily backfire but it is also the kind that can work like a dream. After all Kivuitu has nothing to lose because it is clear that currently the president has no intention of prolonging the ECK chairman’s tour of duty.

So let’s see what happens.

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kalamari said...

Pray that Kibaki walks into the snare. The next couple of days should see the ODM brigade loudly demand that the law be enforced (forget the Chesoni precedent). With every mention of the law, the name Kivuitu and the word ECK chairman should be mentioned five times. The capper will be the 'firing' of Kivuitu.
It's just politics. This time to win the minds and hearts.

Vikii said...

Kivuitu is a good guy. If what he is saying is what the law says, then let's follow the law.This stupid kenyan mentality should for once stop where we like laws that suit our narrow ends and break with abandon those that are a 'nuisance'. If anybody feels that Kivuitu is hitting them too hard, why not change the law to the form that they are comfortable with? Respect for the rule of law is something that Kenyans need to start taking seriously. Sam Nyamweya's interpretation of the same is not convincing even to himself.

That said, it is wrong for people to imagine that the circular was targeting Kibaki. Like I said here a month or two ago,we Kenyans are some very strange beings. If "The standard" or "The Daily Nation" give their own interpretaion of a political situation today, we will all be helter skelter tomorrow morning upping it and advocating it as if it were the gospel, yet most of the time it is the opposite of the truth. What i am saying here is that I dont see any reason whatsoever for people to accuse Kivuitu of hitting kibaki below the belt. Parties like KADDU, NARC and The Green Afican Party are all supporting ODM's presidential candidate. They do not have candidates of their own. The same thing can be said of The Labour Party of Kenya and the National labour Party which are supporting ODMK's candidate. I mean this craze is the common denominator across parties.

Once again, Kivuitu is a fellow who likes to do his job well and without interference. BUT, just the same way we feel parties should follow the law, the renewal of his contract or the lack of it should be done in accordance with the provisions of the law. If we are honest, we will acknowledge that that same law gives Mwai kibaki power to do what he FEELS is right as far as that aspect goes. We should respectfully let him do his job as long as he doesn't flout the laws.

Taabu said...

Yes Vikii you couldn't have put it any better. Simply put politics and politicians are double edged and cut both ways. You sharpen a political knife only to end up kissing its blades.

Anonymous said...

I wish Mungatana is made the ECK chairman. He is young, educated, dynamic, and above all he is patriotic to his country. Let the kihiis know that Kenya is ruled by men. Kioko. BC, Canada.

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