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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why Pamela Tutui Must Resign From The ECK Immediately

Brand New ECK Vice Chair Loses Her Temper During Her First Brush With The Press

Pamela Mwikali Tutui today demonstrated on national TV precisely why she is NOT qualified to be the vice chair of the Electoral Commission of Kenya. To avoid a disaster that is just waiting to happen Ms Tutui should resign and head back to the sleepy city of Mombasa where most things happen in slow motion.

Pamela Mwikali Tutui: Brand new Vice Chair of ECK

Journalists were shocked earlier today when Ms Tuitui appeared to lose her temper over a question posed by one journalist shortly after she was sworn in this morning at Chief Justice Gicheru’s chambers. One wonders what will happen when the election campaigns start (let alone the elections proper) when there will be plenty for the good lady to lose her temper over.

It is clear that Ms Tutui thinks that her new appointment is not any different from her private practice in Mombasa. She seems totally unaware that hers is a public office and she should be ready at any time to answer questions from the press without taking things personally because the people of Kenya want to know.

Kenyans should now ask why would the government want to appoint a short-tempered inexperienced lady to the vice chair of the ECK just a few weeks before the most complex general elections in the history of Kenya?

Actually it has not become crystal clear that the Kibaki administration has no intention of running a free and fair election. The signs are all there for even the blind to read. Watch the next clincher when the experienced chairman will be replaced two or three weeks before the elections when his tenure runs out.

Just yesterday a man appeared before a Kibera court after being found with about 70 elector’s card in his brief case at Yaya Centra in Nairobi. Now why would somebody carry such a large number of elector’s cards in their briefcase?

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Anonymous said...

I think Pamela is a good replacement for that old and hagged looking village elder called Mukele. Let these stupid standard newspaper reporters know that Pamela is a Lioness. The President and the whole of the civilised Kenya nation supports Pamela and wish her to be the Chairman of the Commission. But more work needs to be done in cleaning up the ECK of senile old men like Kivuitu. We can not place the fate of the nation in the likes of old junks like Mukele and Kivuitu. Pamela is NOT going to resign, so my dear raila kondoo herd, eat the bitter Chungwa!! Let Raila boycott the elections, it would be a heavenly send present to all peace loving Kenyans. Kazi inaendeleaaa!! Kioko. BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Kioko I though you were only foolish kwani you are also mentally redarded and cannot count? Between Kivuitu and the Ogre Kibaki nani FOSSIL? Atleast Pamela has a face unlike the genocide Lucy. Please spit the cut choking you and clear your head.

Anonymous said...


Mkenya Damu said...

Anon . Are you the blogger sent from hell to cut kioko to size? , iam shocked that he has written a couple of sentences without his pet word "Kihii"

Anonymous said...

The new Commissioner, Mrs Tutui, is a PNU supporter. Her husband, Mr Patrick Tutui is a consultant on occupational health based in Mombasa. He had contested the Kajiado Central seat in 2002 on a Social Democratic Party ticket(after losing the KANU ticket) and got a paltry 2,000. He lost to ODM pointman in Kajiado, Joesph Nkaiserry.

Her husband, Mr Patrick Tutui has declared his interest in the seat on a PNU ticket, since Maj-Gen (rtd) Nkaiserry is assured of the ODM ticket, Kibaki has shown how hell bent he is to appoint people who are PNU supporters to positions that should be given to impartial people who have no political aspirations/connection or favouritism. This man is evil and he will do whatever that it takes to rig the elections. However, having in mind that ODM will lead by a margin of 5,000,000 (5 million), I wonder how will his new accomplices assist him in rigging the elections. The fact that he has shown his true face will make the ODM armada ready for the Grand Battle more than ever before and be assured that he will be sent to Othaya willy-nilly.

Anonymous said...

Oh, really?

Vikii said...

Nobody has told me why she should resign, not even Chris.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anon, A.K.A Kioko, yea, I agree with you. We need to get rid of these old senile guys. Why then don't we start with Kibaki!!!? Who between Kibaki and Kivuitu is more Senile? Just look at Kibaki's team; Karume, Michuki, Awori, Mo1, Biwott, etc, etc.

By the way, let me advice you: there are two terrible mistakes Kibaki should never make in his life - One is to rig the elections and two is to refuse to hand over power. And that Kihii will be your next president, take it from me!!!

Always, Chief Dr. Al Hajj M.A. Nanga, MP.

Anonymous said...

Journalist, when women are able to tell them off, then they are labled but if it were a man then thats termed to be his personality and feared to be approached. Lets give her a chance and not judge her by what the husband has done. Why are we advocating for change when we see certain change being a threat or does that change need to always meet our expectations.

Honestly, we are no different to either any of the party leaders who the only way to shut someone opinion is to insult each other and thats what we term as "Development Agenda"

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