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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why Is John Njue And The Catholic Church Leadership In Kenya Being So Hypocritical?

Within days of being appointed only the second Kenyan Cardinal ever, John Njue has made a major goof that paints the Kenyan Catholic Church in very poor light.

Twice in public he has expressed his personal feelings about a very sensitive political issue, namely the proposed Majimbo form of government. Firstly on the day he was appointed, a journalist asked him about the issue and without thinking he blurted out his personal views showing clearly that he was against it. Yesterday Njue called a press conference to repeat his personal views but this time told the world that they were the views of the entire Catholic Church in Kenya.

Kenyans are generally a very religious lot but these developments have angered and confused many. Firstly this latest development is behind a backdrop of some very strange behaviour the Catholic church has displayed ever since President Mwai Kibaki took over power in late 2002.

During Moi’s tenure this church was at the forefront of criticizing the government and speaking out on behalf of the down-trodden masses of Kenya. Many have fond memories of the church coming out to talk very strongly against the politically instigated clashes in the Rift Valley at the onset of multi-party democracy in 1991. The church spoke when nobody else would dare speak and many Kenyans were very grateful for that. This is why the relative silence of the Catholic church during President Kibaki’s watch has been deafening to say the least.

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Phillip Doila or Philemon Othieno Wesonga aka Phil: I'm not sure if this is an attack on the person of Njue, or the catholic church in general. Why, because he is 'only the second cardinal in Kenya',(clearly not a big deal) he's not supposed to have a personal opinion that he can 'blurt out without thinking' when asked what his opinion is? In my opinion you don't need to think if your opinion is politically correct, the truest truth is the one given off the top of your mind. Or is his mistake and therefore that of the whole catholic church that of not criticizing the government for the sake of criticizing the govt? John Njue just happens to be of GEMA origin and it therefore doesn't surprise me that he as an individual is prime target for Kumekucha-type criticism. Or are you saying tha the catholic church is wholly pro-GEMA, pro-Kibnaki, therefore it dare not criticize Kibaki? Elaborate!

Anonymous said...

The chuech should concern itself with spiritual guidance and at the end of the day,the voice of the faithful is the voice of God.

An cardinal or not should not try and impose himself as that voice.

Im a catholic and very disappointed first of all with the choice of cardinal and especially his conduct.Has he even said anything to do with spiritual nurturing?which is his job!He is more interested in being a Kikuyu than being a cardinal......shetani ashindwe!

Phil said...

All of the above PKW (or is it JEFF or JK like it was sensationally alleged), thats Chris's post. Siko hapo mimi. But I agree with his sentiments 100%. Njue does not have any hope of ever being anywhere near the late Cardinal Otunga who left a lasting legacy to those who knew him. No wonder Otunga is now on the verge of being declared a saint. Njue remains a disaster in the making. Not because he is gema, but because of the kindergarten blunders he has has started off with.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I see. Will keep that in mind.

Taabu said...

So Chris can mutate to Phil? Come on Kumekucha hebu utuonyeshe identity yako. That said Njue just Phil have their right to have an opinion. That ends the similarty and begins the difference. Phil/Chris carries no authority ordanined or otherwise and can rant and rave all the much he care. But not for Njue. What with his being weaned and living from the pulpit where you assume the eartly god status with no questions>

True, some animals are more equal than others. Moi had his share of barbs from the Catholic church. But the darkness and evil ENDED with baba Giddi, sivyo? Emilio Stanley is all white as snow. By the way religious mama Lucy will camp overnight at Kumekucha till you start addressing her sweetheart by all the right titles. That is respect and power from above.

True also is the fact that tribal clashes blighted out face as a nation. But the present massacre fades in comparision given the lesser mortals involved.

Cardinal Phil, Cardinal. You must rspect the next Pope and first Black one at that. Kwani Njue si ni a bilogical product of mere mortals-his parents. Even the present Papa ni Germany just his predicessor was Polish.

Phil you MUST respect Kioko's wisdom. Njue is our ladder to heaven and must be respected for your spiritual nourishment. 60% Kenyans are Catholics ama?

Njue's diatribe maybe the blessing in disguise Kenya needed to break free of religious hipocracy. Keep your faith to yourself please and no preaching. Kwani Wamaasai hawana bishops? Cardinal, stupid!

Vikii said...

I love PKW, I just do.

Philemon Wesonga Othieno alias Phil, siku mingi jo! Uko aje lakini? Nasikia kesho mnakula samaki na Raila Burma marko. Kaa ni ukweli hebu nishow, mi huwa gate crasher mbaya.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Cardinal Njue is simply trying to reconcile his loyalty to his religion with his bond to live in a country that is a political hodgepodge of citizens differing about answers to...
just as his catholic religion does not allow people to differ about what the answers to the great mysteries of life both now and hereafter are,so to it seems the newly appointed Cardinal is committed that Kenyans should not be without guidance and left to differ on what is the right style of Governance each one of us should seek from our political parties as we cast our votes for the future of a better Kenya. I'm sure Cardinal Njue fears that just as when we blindly adopt a religion we lose our God-given freewill to, so it is with a political system-he does not want us to lose our hard-earned democracy albeit with little gains so far
Sadly though, the truth is in politics the voice of religion is not as profitable as the voice of politics in religion-Kenyans will listen to the Cardinal on principle but without conviction as they would do on sunday morning at 10am in All Saints Cathedral. Flip the script and announce that President Kibaki will be making worshipping in All Saints this coming sunday and you better believe there will not be a standing space in the already overcrowded and filled to capacity sanctuary
The religious outloook does not always lend itself well to politics-the questions of morals and ethics is always troublesome-hence why Reverend Musyimi chose to step down before engaging in the pursuit of his own political career. In times of trouble such as the Moi era the voice of a religious leader is the hope and beacon many look to for strength to endure stupidity but in times of change, the same voice can be considered an insult if it goes against the express wishes of the majority-can't you just hear all the faithful flock in Kenya saying "God show us your will but we will follow Majimbo"

Anonymous said...

Chris. Please educate your followers who a Cardinal is in the Catholic Church. It is a sacrelage to insult a man of God. The Pope has apointed John Njue as a Prince in the holy Catholic Church to offer spiritual guidance to Kenyans. He could well be a future Pope. Let us listen to this man of God who has come at an hour when the prince of darkness is offering cobra saliva disguised as orange juice to poor and knaive wananchi. Let him know that Merus are the guardians of the Bantus in Kenya. Kioko. BC, Canada. Kazi iendelee na tuta malisa upumbavuu.

joe said...

Isn't it funny how many have jumped to criticise Njue? Isn't it also funny how as a species we always believe our way is right? Arent we the same ones who were saying that the Catholics did'nt comment on the referendum hence no guidance on the voting? Didnt we cheer when the Catholics criticised the Moi government when everyone else was walking with their tail between their legs? I do not support Njue neither do i disagree with him. All he has is an opinion that he is entitled to like any other Kenyan. When Kibaki meets with the Chinese premier and signs agreements on behalf of the government he does so as the custodian of this nation and on behalf of all us. We do not necessarily have to agree with him. When Njue speaks as the head of the Catholic church, he is equally entitled to the official opinion-he has that mandate and neither can Chris or whoever else address a press conference and purport to be speaking on behalf of that church and people take him seriously for that matter- and he does it on behalf of the church. This however does not mean that all catholics support him-or all the bishops for that matter. But as the head, they cant be seen to disagree with him as that would be a disaster. I therefore believe cardinal-designate Njue did us proud by speaking his mind. Let the other churches speak their minds. The muslims have spoken and no one is raising a ruckus. This timidity of saying the unpopular or wrong thing should be done away with. If disagreeing with the 'popular' view is wrong then we have forgotten the catholics' stand over the years. I would also like to point out that the cardinal is actually Embu not Kikuyu. I know you will say he is still Gema but i believe every person is proud of who he/she is. Let everyone be free to air their opinion without criticism or abuse. We all have one vote after all and we vote in privacy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kioko God habagui and also punishes severely people who use his name in vain. Njue must do what the Pope and the church excpets of him and not pandering to being a Kikuyu cardinal. That is a CARDINAL sin for your pea-sized brain.

No preaching from you Kioko. We only pray for your mum because she took the after birth (kioko) home and left the real human being to the incinerator. Poor Mama late Kioko!

Anonymous said...

Joe. what is the difference between Kikuyus and Embus? and their meru masters (yes, kikuyus got the power and handed over to their meru cousins) as far as kenyans are concerned these bandits are all the same.

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