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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Majimbo Constitution Will Birth A New Breed Of Kenyan Politicians

Let me declare today that it is my personal view that Majimbo is so important for Kenya that I will no longer be neutral on this particular issue here in this blog. Instead I will be a strong advocate and will do everything in my power to convince Kenyans of the merits of this system.

One of the great weaknesses we have had as a country is that we lack administrative politicians.

Let me explain. MPs and even councilors are basically legislators. Their powers are very limited to impact life directly on the ground. The Constitutional Development Fund has changed that somewhat but not enough.

With the implementation of the Bomas draft and the introduction of a Majimbo system, we will usher in a brand new kind of politician. What I call an administrative politician. For example the person elected to head a district will have to tackle the problems of that particular district together with his elected District government. This will be the perfect breeding ground of future presidents. Not only that. Ideas that have been successfully in a district can later be easily implemented nationally for the greater benefit of the people of Kenya.

It is interesting that the argument that is frequently being used is that the system is expensive. Let me ask a simple question. What is more expensive for the country; untapped potential countrywide or some extra administrative charges to set up the new system?

My prediction is that shortly after the Majimbo system is implemented in Kenya it will be so successful that it will be copied all over Africa and beyond. Before you scornfully dismiss that one just remember how many predictions we have made here that have come to pass.

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Taabu said...

Prediction (plea): Chris for prezo 2012 and Luka minister for Finance

By the way is creating of more districs embracing Majimbo tenets in disguise? Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

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