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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who Exactly Should Kibaki Consult In Appointing ECK Commissioners?

Assuming that President Kibaki were to consult the opposition in appointing new ECK commissioners, who would he consult? Would the old Narc (the party with majority seats in the 9th parliament) be able to reconstitute itself (in the 2002 form) to propose some names (because currently the old members are spread right across the new emerging political spectrum with some in ODM, others in ODM-K and still others in small parties like Kamlesh Pattni’s KENDA.) And considering that Kanu is now firmly under PNU, how fair would the process be giving so much clout to the oldest party in Kenya?

There is no denying the fact that it would all end up being really tricky.

Still this is not enough of an excuse for the president to behave the way he’s behaving currently. I am really surprised why none of the president’s advisors realizes that this display of arrogance is bound to lose him votes big time. Or maybe some are but are just being totally ignored.

In fact to many Kenyans today, 56 days to the polls a very bad smell is clearly beginning to hit the air from the heart of the ECK. There are just too many things going on that have “rigging” written all over them to ignore.

Let’s forget the attempt to...

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Vikii said...

Thanks Chris for taking notes when I was telling Kalamari to stop following to hell the Kenyan press and Raila Odinga. They can shout the loud they want but that should not take away the need to understand the IPPG well before advocating it.

There are two ways to go about it;

The first one, which is not only supreme but also sacred is the constiitutional route where the president is empowered by the constitution, the document he swore to uphold and protect, to appoint commissioners to the ECK. Nobody is naive, we all know the inclusivity the IPPG accord offers is much more endearing to most stake-holders in the elections. Transparency is key if we are to have an election that is not only free and fair but one that is seen to be such.

That brings us to the IPPG route.
In what capacity should ODM, ODMK and PNU be consulted? We should always follow the law as provided for in the connstitution or at least as arrived at in coffee shops. If the IPPG is a grouping of parliamentary parties, then Ngilu, Uhuru and Nyachae should stop backing the amorphous groups they are backing and initiate talks aimed at a fresh composition of the ECK. BUT they can only purport to act in the interests of their party members if they stop taking the mandate given to them by those members for granted. I dont recall the date PNU, ODM and ODMK entered into a contract with the people of Kenya. So if Ngilu, Uhuru and Nyachae want to have a say on who becomes an ECK commissioner, they should field presidential, parliamentary and civic candidates on their parties. Anything short of that is dishonesty. Once that is done, they can write to the president and demand that he honours the IPPG agreement. If Kibaki refuses to play ball, Kenyans can now pass judgement on the person of the president.

When Chris says KANU should not be given the slots it deserves, that only serves to confirm what we have always thought---that some people believe that the law or any other agreement for that matter should be altered to suit the political camps they support. They often times forget that Kenya is not just about them and their candidate. By November 1997, Ford Asili as a parliamentary party was no more literally speaking. Virtually all MPs and even most Kenyans had walked out of the party, BUT they still got a bigger number of slots than the DP whose presence was all over. Nobody complained because they had earned it in the 1992 elections. The NDP and SDP, both of which were to register some influence in those elections had no option but to watch in the sidelines as negotiations went on. Why people want a different interpretation of the IPPG today, I cannot tell.

We need to ask ourselves this: Should we be, at this point in time, talking about some "gentleman's agreement"? For heavens sake , that was ten years ago. For example, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo musyoka have been in parliament all these years. They have always had a massive influence in that parliament. What did they do with that influence? Instead of telling their sycophants to shoot down the Forest Bill, which was a wonderful piece of legislation, they should have concentrated on making the IPPG an act of parliament. We should leave the president alone and turn the heat on them. They have failed in their legislative duty and that is the plain truth. If someone is sleeping on their job, they should not cry when their laziness comes back to consume them.

Finally, about rigging of the elections, it is now obvious that the truth has dawned on the oppostion that they are staring an embarassing defeat in the face. These are just little excuses about an election already lost. Forget about what Chris and Phil tell you, there is no way Raila Odinga can beat Mwai Kibaki in an electoral contest "with or without barriers". I will vote for Kalonzo Musyoka knowing that he will lose. The ODM crowd should stop all this noise about an illusionary victory. Kelele kelele will not win them power. I am not saying that Chris and company should stop supporting Raila odinga's bid to be the country's leader of official opposition. Go ahead and support this fellow coz honestly, nobody fits that role better than him.

kalamari said...

Actually Chris, the do' and don'ts for Kibaki as concerns ECK appointments are now mute. The jamaa has sprinted with the goods and left us behind in the dust. The question now is whether the majority of the public views the reconstituted ECK as credible and able to oversee a truly free and fair election. I think it's fair to imagine that the answer to this question is obvious to both PNU+ODM-K and ODM sympathizers.

That said, if the arrogance exhibited by this government (ECK appointments, re-hiring of corrupt ministers, resuscitating Moi, slapping video cameramen all over the place) goes unpunished and is unjustly rewarded by a rigged election, how do we deal with the building resentment within the citizens?

chris said...

Thanx Kamari for raising a very important question in your cmment above.

Kalamari said;

"how do we deal with the building resentment within the citizens?"

In my humble view this is the most important question going into these elections.

In the event that Kibaki wins how can we deal with mounting resentment against him and his administration? And it is very serious in the grassroots. It is realy what has created Raila, the Presidential candidate who was truly unelectable just the other day.

I dare add another question;

If Raila wins how do we deal with the massive Raila-phobia and anti-Luo sentiments (cultivated by Johnstone Kamau aka Jomo Kenyatta and Co.) prevalent with many communities around the Mount Kenya region?


Taabu said...

Chris and Kalamari you are both right and not quite. Yes there is and will be heightened resentment whichever side wins. But the true measure of quality leadership is not the fear of challenges but having the GUTS (will + skills + foresight and resolve) to lead by example and from the front.

We may cow under hypothesized scenarios but a true leader can make Kenyans forget in less than 365 days their petty difference by simply preaching and practicing FAIRNESS. No more no less unless we are fearing propagation and continuation of status quo.

Anonymous said...

Chris. Why are you blocking all my postings? This blog seems to revolve around a few jaluos who keep on heaping stupid praises on their filthy leader. Is it a crime to speak the truth? That Raila Odinga is a Kihii? Kioko. BC,Canada.

Anonymous said...

Yes FORESKINLESS Kioko and Pope who is Njue's boss too has his foreskin intact. So where is the beef you OAF? I have told you before and telling you know that you are digrace to this planet. Tell you mother to ask for compensation from the nurses who stole the baby Kioko and left your mother to take the AFTERBIRTH home. You are one sick and STUPID man who uncleverly makes the enemy look like a saint. Spit your cut foreskin choking you and think straight fool.

Bruce Roba

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