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Friday, October 12, 2007

Tribalism: Kenya’s blood-sucking vampire

There've been heated debates on the tribalism issue, mooted and dissected on a motley of forums. The internet(blogs & sites), newspapers, magazines, tabloids and pamphlets have helped potray the dynamics of this 'touchy' issue.

I've been following the goings-on with bated breath and each time I read or hear about tribalistic issues, this question always screams for an answer: when are we going to open our eyes and see that tribalism (tribalistic mindsets) 'helps' to sever the cords of national unity and harmony?

Having lived outside Kenya for sometime, I've seen Kenyans of different tribal origins working together as brothers and sisters, their tribalistic mindsets notwithstanding. I've seen, for instance, Kikuyus and Luos working in harmony and calling each other 'bro' or 'sis'. I've seen them doing things together, things they would not have attempted or a brotherliness that would never have materialised were it in Kenya.

This is a sorry state of affairs. Must we go out of the country to realise that tribalism should never be an issue and that we can work as brothers and sisters (AS KENYANS) even at home.

If we can live and work as brothers outside Kenya, then, how much more feasible it should be in our homeland!!

Outside Kenya we call ourselves Kenyans; in Kenya we call ourselves 'Luos', 'Kikuyus', 'Kambas', Kalenjins'... the list is endless. What does someone in his right senses make of this?
"HYPOCRISY!" You scream, and I pat you on the back and, smilingly, tell you, "You've hit the nail on the head."

We are hypocrites, God forgive us. We always want to be molly coddled and told that we are on the right path. But in this matter, we are wide of the mark.

Hello Kenyans. We are Kenyans whether Luo, Kikuyu, Nandi, Luhya, name it. We'll always be Kenyans. Let's behave, eat and live as Kenyans should. Let the strength of brotherhood be our bastion.

Let's elect people, not because they are Kikuyu, Luo, Kamba or any other tribe, but because they can steer us to the acme we aspire. The decisions we make today will go a long way in defining our lives and nationhood, whether rash or well-thought out!

Did I hear you smack your lips in dissatisfaction?

My plea: Let's treat each other as Kenyans. Treat fellow Kenyans as you would your beloved brother, sister, son or daughter: with love, respect and sincerity.

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Anonymous said...

Good. But I can never vote for a jaluo. I think they are not only uncultured and primitive but uncircumcised. Kioko. BC, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Kioko the imbecile is rescucitated after choking in his CUT FORESKIN. But the guy is still smarting from the sore throat glazed with his cut. Poor impersonator, even during the painful recuperation he did graduate in learning another word from Kihii. If being cut translates to Kioko's STUPIDITY then I will demand back my foreskin. What a discgrace to teh male folk this villager obsessed with BC Canada is? At least he completes the composition of the market place. Na Kioko aendelee na kuchoma his foreskin.

Anonymous said...

Anon. please bear with kioko. He has the right to express himself. I too cannot vote for a luo because it is not right for me to do so. I think Kalonzo can make a good President and although I am a kikuyu, he has my vote.

Anonymous said...

This is gross.But somebody pls tell me,why do lots of luos have an offensive smell most of the times?not all.most.Like one i work with.Sharp dresser.10k plus suits everyday.but dare he opens his mouth near you.or should he step out over lunchtime.the signal acid he'l remit on return...Geeeee!

Anyway,all said and done,Kalonzo has my vote.he represents the change,the vision we want for Kenya.
He should be/will be president.and wipe the smirk off those dark blak jaluos who are behaving like raila will be delivering packets of flour& omena in their haos daily!!!!
Anyway we dont need a blind greedy powerhungry roughneck who cost us 1500 innocent Kenyans for absolutely no reason.and the idiot has the nerve to admit it!!and we should shower him with praise---he assumes!!!!!!
Moi was sooo busy building gabions in kaoland,and nyayowards at the time.the attempted overthrow was totally unwarranted.Shame on that jaluo who now wants to be president!he should apologise!!for the dead kenyans,the looting,the instability and OH!the biggest effect to be felt by generations to come!!!the attempted coup created the BEAST MOI!!it changed Moi.and he started with the infamous 1983 elections.And rampant corruption,tribalism(apointing herdsmen to all top positions in all parastatals,govt ownedbankskmc kcc kcb afc kggcu kenya caterers,kpcu,kenya re,name them)
Moi did all this after the 1982 coup the jango takes the credit for this!!!!!for the 20year total mismanagement of our country,raila takes the barb!!!!!!
IN WITH PRESIDENT KALONZO MUSYOKA!!!i'm not kamba.i'm kikuyu.and Kalonzo has my vote and many others from forward thinking Kenyans.

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