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Friday, October 26, 2007

Thankless Job of Football Managers

The sword of Damocles has been hanging precariously over Martin Jol's head since last summer. It was no surprise when the blades finally kissed his sculp in his being fired as the Spurs boss. Jol has been effectively a caretaker manager since Spurs board was caught on camera talking to Savilla coach in August.

But is football a game managed by mercenaries albeit civilized ones? It would appear the mercenary tag is not fat fetched given the scenarios in which reining and former managers fall over themselves to replace a fired manager.

The beautiful game has turned into an ogre that devours its own. The demand for immediate results is unparalleled with any other sport. The media hype and publicity if the fuel that makes the flames roar.

Buying established and successfully football clubs (especially in England) is big time business for global multi-millionaires. Clubs are literally led by the leash to succeed. These owners will stop for nothing and even punish success if they fell their interests are threatened. Fabio Capello and Jose Mourinho fits that bill.

Dogs of the pitch
The 51 year old is a success story. What of guiding Spurs into two successive Uefa championships? But his summer signings failed him and the buck stops at the boss.
But Juande Ramos is also touted as one of the most promising managers in European football after leading Savilla to back-to-back Uefa cup glory in the past two years.

The cut throat competition and handsome revenue resulting from the same is a phenomenon that may its strength or weakness depending on what you fancy. Every manager taking up his position must be alive to this reality. Club boards may not be as well known as the players or managers but they pull the ultimate strings.

Spurs board were rumoured to be ready to pay any wages for Mourinho when he was sacked by Chelsea. Only that the later club made sure that Jose signed and was paid off managing any Premier League team this season. Mercenaries may not only be dogs of war afterall but also dogs of the piece of leather.

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