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Friday, October 26, 2007

December 27 the D-Day

The ECK has declared December 27 as the date for this year's general elections. With that announcement it is all systems go in Kenya's predicted political dynamics of defection and counter defections.

Wapi huyo Steadman?
Meanwhile the latest Steadman's polls shows Raila, Kibaki and Kalonzo's popularity standing at 50%, 39% and 8% respectively. A reflection of reality, euphoria or signs of things to come? Well, only time will tell. The whistle has been blown and the players only have themselves to score winning or own goals. May the best candidate win. God bless Kenya.


Anonymous said...

The forthcoming elections are not going to be won by the best candidate. Rather it's going to be won by the best liar, one who is going to take full advantage of the gullibility of the Kenyan electorate.
Current we don't have good or bad candidates. All we have are two faces of the same coin. What with Kanu being on both sides, pro-government and in the opposition.Or how do you explain this, Ruto, Henry Kosgey,Mudavadi, Katana Ngala,Sally Kosgey on one side and Mzee Moi, Biwott, Uhuru Kenyatta etc, on the other.
I now understand why Luke says we should prepare for 2012.

bloggeratti said...

A bloggerian who sees things as they are, bila window dressing.

Be it "Maisha Bora" or "Kazi Iendelee", we're still screwed!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Welcome to my view, anon and bloggeratti! I've been looking from outside the box and your description above just about sums up exactly the change I am anticipating come January '08. And that someone called confining myself to hopelessness. I call it reality.

Unless you give me one Edwin Mwangi Macharia in place of Chris Ndarathi Murungaru in Kieni:)Make that more people with fresh ideas from other regions, then we will be talking.

I still think most everyone else just wants access to public money, why, because like in other developing countries, being in government office actually makes you richer than being in the private sector or in private practice. Huo ni wizi na uporaji, ni mbaya sana kwa sababu wanaiba kwa maskini. Hakujakucha bado.

Anonymous said...

thank you anonymous for acknowledging what a number of people in this blog including Chris have refused to see- i guess they must have their eyes wide shut
i have been and will continue to unashamedly crusade for my cause that 2012 is when we will finally BEGIN to be rid ourselves of any vestiges of yesterday's leadership. Unfortunately i have been accused of being partisan but how can i be when no current political party of presidential candidate truly represents change?we don't even have an official opposition for crying out loud's sake!
i am on record as having stated here many time publicly that come January 1st 2008 Kenyans will wake up to tears as they realise the more things change the more they remain the same-and each "liberation" gets worse the shoe is only switching to the other sockless foot meanwhile the dream of hope&development becomes the sweaty stench of the familiar hobnobbing and grandstanding
That is why i politely ask youthful politicians like Mwalimu, Chris, Vikii, Kalamari et al to please not deny us your brand of politics come 2012. We need a fresh start then and only someone who has never tasted power in the Kenyatta/Moi/Kibaki years is qualifies to be untainted, untested, untried but stupid-proof as well

bloggeratti said...

Bluntly put, Proud Kyuk Woman.

Is it me or does this year's election look like one big fundraiser?

I've been around for 3 general elections (since I hit 18) and never again have I seen so many fundraisers for aspirants, hata kanjura! Even close buddies, my fellow hustlers in Jua Kali.

Luke mentioned that we should all look forward to real change in 2012. But the way things are going....

Would the last person leaving Kenya please turn out the light?

Mkenya Damu said...

You got your numbers in the wrong order , it is Raila 50%, Kibaki 39% and Kalonzo 8%

Anonymous said...

you guys just do not get it,leadership change should be from top coming down.I want to believe that with kibaki and his cronies out we can begin to realize change.Honestly guys have you forgotten anglo-leasing,artur brothers,misuse of mungiki.Did kibaki ever say " gone are days when government decisions are made by the roadside".What is he doing now.let us not carry kibakis burden with us.I know he is an interlect but he has failed to display any difference from the MOI regime.We all know it will be a big shame for him to go home,but this should not be our burden to carry.Kikuyus honestly can you open your eyes we do not want kibaki he has practised tribalism of the worst order.

makii said...

the elections are here and I know nothing about kenya but coming back soon.
however saw this site and this story. Is it true or fake?
if it's true ,i feel sorry for kenyans.

sayra said...

Luke, is that the reason why Hapa Hapa party has gone silent?

Anonymous said...

Sayra, bado tuko hapahapa! hakuna shida!At the moment i am working on my manifesto which heavily borrows from the policies of all 3 major political parties in Kenya but is uniquely different. please await for one more major announcement from me before December 27th

Anonymous said...

Hon Raila Odinga is still the reigning King of the “Beauty Contest.” This can be confirmed from the latest Steadman opinion poll released not more than twenty-four hours ago. When asked what he felt about the results Hon Raila who was from South Africa, told a press conference: "We accept the results. That is the situation now, but we are confident that we will shoot up."
However, the situation was not all rosy to the former King of the “Beauty Contest”, Hon Kalonzo Musyoka, He reacted with rage to the latest poll ratings.
Kalonzo laughed off the latest polls saying: "I am happy Steadman Group is still sticking out its neck and portraying my candidature as one without a threat. During the launch of my campaign at Uhuru Park, the mammoth crowd was asking for Mr Steadman, to prove him wrong that I am no pushover."
The battle for supremacy of the catwalk as it seems, is going to be one heated one.
But why is Raila happy with leading polls he once described as a “Beauty Contest”? I like the term Taabu uses to describe our politicians-scoundrels. They are scoundrels per excellence.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Hatujamazaaa! Tunaongea tu.

Nani amesikia zile story huyo Steadman ameanza kuleta tena,eti popularity ya Kibaki imeanza kupanda kwa opinion polls. Bado miezimiwili,akipita Raira kabra ya Dec 27,watasema nini hao?Sisi, tuko hapa hapa tu.Hata wao wkishinda.Si ni sawa tu!

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