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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Smart Kivuitu Beats Them All

Once a politician always one. So people naively think that the ECK boss, Samuel Kivuitu's URGENT letter to all political parties clarifying that they must have three-piece-suit nominees targets PNU and Kibaki. Well, on a sober reflection the converse is true. Smart Kivuitu is killing two pricey political birds with no stone.

First the old guys knows better. He was in Bongo inside real class being trained to think to join the learned family. His announcemnet amounts to practicing the basic tents of law: if possible give the law its simplest interpretation.

The one-time Westalands MP knows what is at stake. With all the politicians scrambling for Emilio's coattails, that single scare from Kivuitu will make all of them abandon their separate schemes which threaten to derail Baba Jimmy's campaign. And what a smart way to earn his contract extension?

Only political neophytes will fail to see through Sam's 'harmless' shot that appear to momentarily excit the opposition while obtusely serve his personal interest.


Kibaki Rudi said...

Not really sir. I think he is just trying to frustrate Kibaki now that his term is nearly ending and seeing what happened to his deputy. Maybe he has already been told his contract won't be renewed and he wants to have the last laugh as he leaves office.

Anonymous said...

Let me from the outset say that I believe in the steadman polls. I said it during the referendum, when Kibaki was leading and even today. Having said that, these polls don't give the whole story and the reason is simple.

In the USA, as I said here a while ago, a candidate has to win a majority of the 538 electoral college votes (270) to be declared president. HE doesn't need to win the popular vote as is the case with Al Gore in 2000. He won the popular vote by 500,000 but a few days ago, he won an even bigger prize.

IN Kenya, you need to win 25% of 5/8 of all the provinces alongside the popular vote.

What has baffled ODm according to these steadman polls is that Kibaki had 25% in 7/8 of all the provinces with th eexclusion of Nyanza of course.

Back to my prediction.
This election will be VERY CLOSE NO MATTER WHO WINS.

To begin with, I'll make three assumptions which will set the context in which the elections will be held;

1. Kalonzo joins ODM. Kibaki's goose is cooked.....political goose that is. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE AND WILL NOT HAPPEN.

2. Kalonzo joins PNU. Whereas this is probable, it is not possible but were it to happen, Kibaki wins.

3. Things remain the way they are. THIS IS THE MOST LIKELY SCENARIO.

So, what happens then?

In 2002, the turnout was about 56%. There were 10 million registered voters and about 5.6 million valid votes cast.

According to the ECK, there are 14.2 registered voters today. ASsuming that there'll be a heavy turnout, let's say 70%, and further assuming that all votes will be valid, there'll be about 10 million votes for the three presidential candidates.

Let me also say something else. KEnya's voting is tribal. IT is just true and my prediction will have some of this tribal nonsense because that is how we vote.
================================================== =======
Here we go: I'll begin by giving a prediction of each candidates base and then work outwords.

Raila Odinga has the LUOs, Kalonzo has the KAMBAS and Kibaki has GEMA.

Raila will get about 1.5 million Luo votes.

Kalonzo will get 850,000 Kamba votes.

Kibaki will get 3 million GEMA votes but I'll be conservative and give him 2.5 million.

Out of a total of 10 million total votes, they amass 4.85 million votes from their tribesmen leaving 5.15 million votes. These are the votes that make Kibaki and Raila wear the fez and Kanzus while wooing voters. Don't getme wrong, i know there are also GEMA, Luo and Kamba muslims too but do I say.

Out of 5.15 million votes, other presidential candidates among them Muiru get 0.15 million votes leaving exactly 5 million votes to be vied for.

EVen before dissolving parliament, Kibaki has 25% of the total votes in the bag. "Ain't that something?"

The 5 million votes from places other than their own bases will go like this:

Kalonzo will get 700,000.


That leaves 4.3 million votes for Raila and Kibaki.

IN other words, Raila and Kibaki are running for 4.3 million votes while at the same time;

1. maintaining their stronghold votes and
2. Turning out their kinsmen in droves to go vote.

To use the latest steadman polls, I'll give Raila 53% of the total votes. Infact, I'll be generous and give him 60% of the non GEMA, non Luo and non Kamba votes.

60% of 4.3 million votes is 2.58 million.

Therefore, Raila gets a total of 4.08 million total votes. Remember, Kibaki had 3.5 million votes in 2002 with that massive NARC coalition and Uhuru had
about 1.6 million votes.

Total valid votes cast: 10 million.

Kalonzos total votes: 1.55 million

Raila's total votes 4.08 million.

Do the maths. Figures and facts don't lie.

Kibaki gets 4.22 million votes.

Five more years!!!!!!!!!!

Mwai Kibaki:........................... 4.22 million
Raila Odinga: ..........................4.08 million
Kalonzo Musyoka..................... 1.55 million
Others:...................................0.15 millon
. -------------
Total valid votes cast................. 10 million
. --------------

And everyone will scream murder murder Kibaki has rigged and there's no way he was going to win.
Now, I know ODM will come out screaming ati everyone is defecting to ODM but so what? Kenyans arren't fools. They know what Kibaki has done and this kitu is secret ballot.

See you in 2008 january and please keep this prediction and remind me when the votes are out.

Taabu said...

Anon please acknowledge your source (Soft Heart) next time you cut and paste. Sio kwa ubaya but impersonation is crude intelectual discourse. And for good measure you should have pasted everything including the support and bile the post elicited. Go ahead and do the necessary, you know from where, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Kivuitu is a senile, impotent and retarded man not worth the attention. The guy is so anti Kibaki and anti Kikuyu a fact that was clearly observed during the referendum. He can go hang as well as the rest who support his ludicrous and ridiculous views

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