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Sunday, October 14, 2007

ODM Lineup Made on Earth or Hell?

Fact or fiction? Old or new? Are these signs of things to come? Product of fear or reflection of reality?


Anonymous said...


You expect ODM to lie down and watch the lies of Porojo Na Ukabila (PNU) forces wll peddle? They will get nasty and I can assure you it will reach a point where the PNU armada will demand the stoppage of the war. Leave them alone and wait...

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha is recycling stuff from Mashada.Chris I know you are a member of mashada since thats where I encountered your blog-while you were marketing Kumekucha.
You know that the above post and the Spectre tribal employee have been in Mashada for over two weeks.
I dont mind if you portray ODM negatively to prove you are not partisan but please avoid recycling from Mashada.

Otherwise cheers

Anonymous said...

Chris, why are you recycling old stuff from Mashada? I understand, you must prove that you are non-partisan but there is a better way of making Raial and ODM look bad than stuffs like above and the Spectre employee line up which have been in Mashada for over 3 months. Surely?

Anonymous said...

I am an ardent reader of this blog and I find the way the blogger deals with most of the issues quite mature. But why oh why would you spoil such a good product by publishing such childish nonsense on your blog. You always urge people to stick to the issues, please lead by example and ignore the work of idle people who can sit down to come up with such silly graphic compositions

kalamari said...

Word of advice to my dear Kenyans; if in the near future, you succumb to the pangs of the very rare rich sweet honey that can only be found in Kitui and the outskirts of Machakos, please do not risk driving to that part of the country when Reverend Kalonzo Musyoka is holding a Holy Crusade at Uhuru Park like last Sunday. You will be very disappointed because all the bee-keepers, shopkeepers, practically all the residents of Kambaland will have traveled to Nairobi.

Anonymous said...

Taabu... kweli uko na taabu! Have you been from a drinking spree? I cant believe this is you with anti-raila line-up! I do beleive you are one person who should not participate in blood-donation coz Raila runs in your veins... Or you've finally seen the light? I hope so, because the above line-up will come to materialize if ever (Odinga Dictatorship Movement) takes over the house on the hill.

Thanks anyway for being impartial...

kazi iendelee!!!

(mr. steel pulse)

Njoroge-mzee wa kijiji said...

While whoever posted this pictures has all the freedom, it would be better to engage ourselves intellectually and address real issues (though i applaud the ingebuity). You know that lineup is just a propaganda (i have a feeling Raila could be the man kenyans have waited for the last 40+ years), Raila the man has been and shall be a team player. Offcourse expect him to rein over his ministers, expect him to outline the ministries visions and programmes whereas the substantive minister is watching from the periphery. But if that is what it takes to create employment, reduce poverty, enhance security and bring a sense of belonging so be it. Even my fellow elders are saying in low tones - maybe this is the "njamba" (tough guy)that kenya needs. Njoroge - Mzee wa kijiji

Ken said...

A leader (read Raila) who signs secret MOUs with the Muslims and the content are not made public is not a leader who can be trusted. Muslims make only a small minority percentage of the population. What about the Christians, the Hindus, the Jews or Africa traditional religions??

Its worrying knowing it's probably has something to do with the coming constitution. They have said they will implement the constitution within 6 months. We know the reason the Kilifi draft was rejected is because it had many clauses in it that made many people uncomfortable.Most of these clauses where also present in the Bomas Draft. The politicians just played ball with us to meet their own selfish end. Will they force this new constitution down our thoughts within 6 months??

Another thing is Majimboism. It may sound good in paper but how will it be implemented. Most districts and some provinces have tribal boundaries put by our former colonialist to divide as a country in their effort to divide and rule. This election campaigns have flared these tribal feelings like never before. Things are hot. It has shown us Kenyans who we really are inside.There also some areas which are viewed to be Muslim areas and are hostile to other people.These makes majimboism a hot potato to be handled with care.

These are very sensitive issues which politicians are using to woo voters. They say that there 2 horses and a donkey. I think the donkey is the kenyan people who is being ridden upon as a beast of burden by these people to achieve their selfish ends.Its disgusting to see them on the Media visiting Slum areas giving promises. These are people who have been in the current and past governments, they have been MPs. What have they done? Kenyans let wake up. Let us not have selective amnesia. These leaders have been with us for many years and we know them.Lets judge them by their character, past records and performance. Certainly yesterdays devil cant be todays angel.
Kenyans please think hard. Don't allow tribal sentiments and hatred to guide is in our voting.

Ken said...

Very True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is time we Kenyans begin to discuss the core issues in the upcoming presidential and legislative elections, instead of engaging in the politics of personal attacks, because I would rather have a person of integrity and compassion in State House than a rogue in disguise.

Let us stop recycling politicians in the republic who have over the many years demonstrated their inability to effectively and efficiently govern.
People who are obsessed not with the mechanics of putting into place strong institutions that can live after they have departed, but rather personal enrichment, greed, corruption and abuse of power.

What really matters is having a presidential aspirant with high moral character, integrity, honesty, and a darn good political platform.
Moreover, the individual must be a patriot! Not one who is selfishly
seeking only his or her personal agenda or to settle scores.

Does your choice of president, MP or Concillor have the intelligence todecipher the vast array of problems and information needed to successfully run a moral, corrupt-less, government and employ individuals of high moral
and academic background? A team player or one who thinks he can run
everything on his own? Does he bring meaningful ideas and have the
experience, TEMPERAMENT and wherewithal for the job?


Anonymous said...

I am ODM damu, and i liked the poetic nature of the image posted above. Remember the poo poo kombo splashed on Raila? Remember the hooligans in kisii beat raila sense-less in the previous elections? Remember nyachae's interest in ensuring that Ruto was physicall crippled?

Its called time of desperation by the PNU. Remember the uncircumcised cannot lead kenya? Remember Raila being unelectable? Remember the 41 v 1? My only worry is that all these have refused to stick.

I welcome the above image pasted by Xris. Xris i've got good news for you. Majority of political analysts in kenya are $hit. They are all under someone's payroll and Xris dont get mixed up with them unless someone in PNU managed to pay you well. Your baby needs maziwa anyway so if you become vulnerable to them, we wouldnt blame you.

Anonymous said...

Our politicians like making comments then adding at the end that Kenyans are clever people.Yes indeed we are clever and can read btn lines.
If Someone tells you that this person is a dictator, dangerous etc with no proof( and pliz spare us that shit of 82)then you turn the sportlight on them and try to ask yourself why they said what they did. Just like this posting someone is trying to say something but what exactly are they saying?Remember in Kenya some priests, church leaders, pastors practice udultery, visit wichdoctors and do amyriad of all sorts of things.The bible also tells us judge and you shall not be judged.One cannot claim to be clean on holy-someone else should say u r clean and only God has the right to judge.Appearances are deceiving just remember that.

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