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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mama Lucy for President

President Kibaki can kill several birds without a single stone. He can achieve this feat by simply propping his wife Lucy to contest the presidency besides inheriting his Othaya seat. The first Lady has all it take; the energy, the language and gender going for her.

Forget about the small storm in the coffee mug where some market (not fish) women heckled her excellency in Emuhaya in Western Province. With a president Lucy, Emilio shall have created a dynasty without breaking a sweat.

What is more, Kenya shall have made history gain after Narc history in having a wife succeed her sweetheart as the country's CEO. And why not if the Argentines have done it with Madam President-elect Cristina?

To all those who champion affirmative action this is the time to walk the talk. Can somebody pass Emilio this gem and he will surely beat the opposition hands down.

Kivuitu smells a rate
Even Kivuitu who appears to know something we don't by claiming that some presidential aspirants who have smelt defeat are mudslinging him will be caught napping.

Fresh and aggressive leader now. Forget the hands-off, people’s choice or Miracle aka servant leader. Give us Lucy. Mama Jimmy for president.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Taabu hata kama I am for affirmative action, when it comes to some women leaders like Iron Lady Rucy wacha ikae. I can imagine how many women will be slapped for gossiping about the President’s funny hairstyle, dress or shoes.

She will not need a chair in State house, she can use a body guard as a chair, Wangu wa Makeri style. Freedom of expression will be history in Kenya.

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