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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is The Catholic Church In Kenya Divided Along Tribal Lines?

Clear evidence is now emerging that there are senior bishops within the Catholic church who do not agree with Cardinal John Njue on the issue of a devolved government usambazaji wa mamlaka and that the statement he read may not in fact be the view of the Catholic church in Kenya after all.

Archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth of Kisumu said on Sunday that as far as he is concerned the views stated by Njue are personal views. And he even gave a very good reason for his position. He said that there was no pastoral letter (the usual instrument used to state the church’s official position on any important matter.)

In fact the cardinal has put “jimbos” of the Catholic Church into some serious problems with his careless remarks and many of his colleagues are hard pressed on what to tell faithfuls, especially in regions that strongly support Majimbosim.

Cardinal-designate John Njue’s position calls for lots of wisdom and many times it is not wise to declare a personal stand on sensitive national issues when you know very well that they will affect some of your members and divide the faithfuls. Yet Njue went ahead and did just that, for reasons better known to him.

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Taabu said...

The Kenyan Catholic church doesn't exist in a vacuum. It is a true reflection of our wider society. Bishops have subjugated their call and have their loyalties to their communities before Rome.

No wonder they were admonished by the Vatican last year for erasing the bold line between state and church. With Fr. Wamugunda and co sleeping their way into state corpoaration we don't need to look far to see where the storm started battering us.

The problem lies with the old folks at the hel of the church. These are people weaned on DOGMA and very rigid. They take their flock literray for sheep with no gray matter resident inside the skull. But no any more. Even the Pope nowadays is very careful and senstive to what the global mood is and he never mouths drectives from the pulpit oblivious of the backlask.

Other Bishops are simply telling Cardinal Njue, you can't ride on our back to serve your personal and selfish course. What is more. These men of the cloth also have originate from tribes and if you thought they have no loyalties and hearts then pray for yourself.

Before preachers come here with cheap sermons bereft of anny theorlogical content Njue is no saint. He has proved his first loyalty lies elsewhere and only wants to rope in gullible flock.

Being a Cardinal is one thing, measuring to its responsibilities is quite another. The chap has been disabused of his assumption that he is above repproach. Na bado.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...
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Anonymous said...

proud Kikuyu Woman,

Where was Njue when Kenyans were being terrorised by terrorist Arturs? Where was Njue when Kenya was being milked dry by Anglo-fleecing? Where was Njue when Kenya was turned into a tribal den by Mt. Kenya mafia? Where was Njue when insecurity became a national pride? Where was Njue when mothers were denied easy access to medicine through the rejection of the Health Insurance Bill, yet Kibaki’s armada was stealing the money intended to help these poor women? Where was Njue when Kibaki reneged on every promise he made to Kenyans? Where was Njue when Kibaki becamse the symbol of cheat and betrayal?

Where was Njue when Kibaki refused to give Kenyans the constitution he promised them in 100 days? Where was Njue when Kenyans were being deported to other countries in contravention of every known human consideration? Where was Njue when animosity was being fanned through skewed distribution of resources? Where was Njue when Kenyans living in North Eastern Province and Ukambani died of hunger because of lack of water, yet Kibaki’s government gave NEP 4 million for water projects while he gave Nyeri 800 million for the same? Mind you, NEP is larger than Nyeri by 38 times. Where was Njue when Kibaki turned Kenya into a Kikuyu Jimbo by appointing 40 GEMA DCs out of 79 DCs? Where was Njue when Kibaki turned Kenyan into Kikuyu jimbo by appointing 3 Kikuyu PCs out of 8? Where was Njue when the divide between the poor and the rich hit its highest under Kibaki’s watch? Where was Njue when Kibaki turned Kenya’s ministries into Kikuyu chambers by appointing Kikuyu (wo)men into all the parent ministries? Where was Njue when Kibaki thought that Kenyan was his own Jimbo and appointed Finance Minister, his assistant and Permanent Secretary and all financial bodies all Kikuyus? Where was Njue when Kibaki refused to prosecute all the corrupt elements? Where was Njue when Kibaki refused to go after the culprits of Father Kaiser Killers who was a Catholic? Where was Njue when this and that happened?

The man is a tribal demagogue and has nothing to do with Christ. In fact, the reason he came out was because of his tribal heat and also to lash at His Excellency Raila who promised to respect Kenyan Muslims and other Christian groups and African Traditional Soceity unlike Kibaki. He is a man of hatred, bigotry and fanatism. Every well meaning Kenyan will vote for Raila willy-nilly. Let those who have ears hear! We don’t give to the rants of tribal warlords in the garb of religions. You think Kenyans are toddlers? We have come along way to listen to Rwanda type Catholic priests. Vote Raila, Vote ODM, Vote for Kenya, Vote for your child.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I thought you had it clear that devolution of power and majimboism are two very different things. I'm still confused as to why you put the treat the two as one and the same when you talk of Njue's personal opinion.
I argued here that Njue has a right to express his personal opinion without shame or apology to anyone, just like he did when he was asked. To expect otherwise is to deny what you proclaim to be or we are striving to be as a nation. Even Newton Kulundu has some very 'unwise' personal opinions! I mean, you are very tolerant of Kioko's opinions and publish them even when all the rest are strictly censored. tell me about doublespeak.
We see 'tribe' 'religion', or whatever we want to see wherever and whenever we want to see it. By the way what tribe is Kairo, and what was his personal opinion on Majimboism?
Why hasn't it ever bothered you that Muslims voice their opinions as a bloc? And all those politicians going about asking their 'communities' to vote as a bloc? Arg, GEMA!

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