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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Perfect Image: Ignore the Head, Address the Heart

What a dramatic turn to Kenyan politics? President Kibaki has finally rediscovered the REAL politician in him and become hands on leader. Gone are the days of being aloof and mouthing platitudes that only address the head as his opponent appeals to the heart.

Who would have imagined that Kibaki would take the populist approach of spotting a white kanzu and vez to boot in celebrating Idd-Ul Fitr? Kibaki has surprised many with his new vibrant campaign style. Sample this: Emilio takes lengthy walks when he campaigned in Mombasa, Eldoret and lately in Kajiado. More surprise when the President even joined women dancers in Ngong for a jig last Thursday. Reminds me of them Moi's days of Tawala Kenya Tawala and Mongare's imitation of Baba Giddi.

Well, the battle for State House has taken a colourful shape and nothing is left to chance. Now the media has become everybody's punching bag. Poor Kenyan press! The opinion polls that were previously scientific have all over a sudden become fabrications. Trust scoundrels to manufacture excuses and even create enemies in an exclusive zone patronized by saints. One thing is for sure: the 2007 elections promises to be an action-packed season albeit premised on the wrong pillars and bereft of policies.

Most Vulnerable when Invincible
No incumbent wants to share in the ignominy of being unceremoniously booted out of office. Emilio will not take the present political development lying low. He will definitely go down fighting as evident in mama Lucy learning political ropes fast in old age. She must be envious of one Mary Wambui Wa Mwai.

Kenya's 2007 polls may be ODM's to lose and that may be a cheaper feat to realize than winning. All odds are heavily stack against them and a single slip would see them kissing the proverbial political dust. One would only hope that they remain alive to the fact that the vultures and undecided voters are anxiously waiting for that fall to accelerate it. The adage that you are most vulnerable when you fell invincible couldn't be more apt.

Numbers don't lie and to blame the press for falling political rating is akin to shadow boxing. Address the message instead of wasting time in baying for the messenger's blood. Steadman's unpalatable findings have been confirmed buy other credible polls with the difference being the error of margin.

Fighting science is to engage in self-deception as your ship sinks and instead of mending holes you let your opponent sail a shore without sweat. Even Sunday Nation had to reluctantly confirm Steadman's findings even if mutely. Nonetheless the race is gaining momentum and the faint hearted will definitely give up midstream. Na bado.


Anonymous said...

Does islamic law allow a kihii to dress in islamic attire? could someone answer me? I thought it is a insult to Allah and Islam that a kihii can be allowed into a mosque. Of course, I am referred to the Raila Odinga the clown with the white Kanzu and islamic cap. Let the idiot get circumcised and moslems will then trust him.

Anonymous said...

Mwalimu there's not a single chance under God's blue sky that the absurdity President Kibaki has now perfectly schooled himself in spewing forth- including his well-known love for the expletives-will result in speaking a language that tugs at the heart strings of the electorate's hearts. The honour among thieves that allows the display of parliamentary eloquence only has its appeal within the four walls of that august house and that is where its appeal remains-outside its perimeters you need to speak the language of the people with a CONSISTENCY that is heartfelt as well as imagination-flammable
On the other hand, the opposition ODM are not exactly colourful orators themselves. they recognise that the half a truths they peddle are better than no politics at the end of the day, and we the people listening to their crazed promises must surely be at-least half as crazy to believe in what they are saying. Be sure that after this December's elections, should ODM win and form the next Government, the pentagon will dexterously develop the ability to explain why the prophecises they're now powerfully foretelling will have failed to come to pass even by June 2008

meanwhile, corporate entity K E N 0 0 8 awaits yet another class of coronated comedians to ascend the throne of power come January 2008
Its all too painful to watch but i dare not fall asleep

Mkenya Damu said...

As usual you will not post my comment but i will type it any way.
Kibaki is indeed a chameleon he has really changed his skin lately, Kenyans should be prepared to receive some serious matusi during his last term.

Anonymous said...

Dressing as a muslim dosen't make one a muslim period ! From my understanding, it was the Kadhi , himself who gave him the attire, why? I will not understand, given the way Kibaki has ignored the issues surrounding the Kenyan muslims and the problems they are constantly facing.

WE all have to realize that this is the election year and some politicians will do or say anything to get your votes!

Wisen up , my dear Kenyans and pay heed to their actions 1st before their sweet words!

Why should a kenyan muslim be different from any other kenyan with regards to his/her rights?

If and until one breaks the law and there is an actual proven case against him, then act on it, but dont go around harassing innocent Kenyans and then come election time, you want their votes!

Anonymous said...

What would Raila Odinga do if he wanted to become a moslem? A cash price of $5 will be sent to the first Raila herd who gets the correct answer!! Kioko. BC, Canada.

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