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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Campaign Gimmick Behind Today’s Unique Dissolution of Parliament

The 9th parliament is no more. And for the first time in the history of the nation the president addressed the entire nation on live TV to dissolved parliament, officially paving way for the general election later this year. The live broadcast started at 4 pm (local Kenyan time).

To justify going on air, president Kibaki took time to summarize the achievements of the controversial own-perks-and-remuneration-hiking 9th parliament noting the important bills it had passed into law during its’ life.

This was a smart move and one of the few things that the embattled president’s handlers have gotten right in a very long time. The psychological effect of the power behind the throne personally dissolving the 9th parliament is not without impact and paints a picture of a president fully in control of the country and one who surely deserves a second look by voters for possible re-election. That live broadcast alone must have captured at the very least tens of thousands of votes countrywide for president Kibaki. As to whether those “captured” hearts will remain with the president until polling day, only time can tell.

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Taabu said...

And so it came to pass. As Kanye West sings NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. Onto your ammrks...the battle begins with sparks (nasty and smart) paving the way to December. May the BEST candidates win. God bless Kenya.

kalamari said...

Kibaki needs more airtime than Britney Spears. Having hibernated inside State House for five years, the chap needs to remind voters how he looks like…let alone plead for votes in every imaginable way. Still, since when was 4PM considered prime time?

Either way, let the games begin. No emotions live here…until 2008. God should indeed bless Kenya..and nowhere else.

Vikii said...

You people are a one very crazy bunch of kenyans. Mwai Kibaki's announcement of his cabinet was a 'live broadcast', his concession of the referendum defeat was a 'live broadcast' as well as the announcement of the subsequent cabinet after that defeat, was he asking for votes then?

I am surprised Kalamari has 'done it again' and am happy that we 'cant tell Taabu nothing'. You need to start cooking excuses fellows and forwarding the same to chris for publication here in january.

And now that parliament is dissolved, you will see Phil on TV with a badly swollen face if he goes on stonning Livondo (something he has turned into a pastime). Hummer for hummer, chopper for chopper, Ida for Ida, stones for bullets!

Anonymous said...

Every passing day and every ticking second... you sure never let me down with your juvenile analysis of the political landscape. Chris, may be you should switch to romance and comedy where very little intelligence is required. What has a live televised dissolution of parliament got to do with swinging of votes? You've become so shallow and desperate that you are clutching on straws hoping against hope that your "faithful" will have something for their poor, broken hearts. C'mon Chris you can aim higher than this!!! Go deeper and give us stunner-stuff... something my
grandmother doesn't know.

(mr. steel pulse)

luke said...

Television is a wonderful medium it makes colourless perfectionists of old school thinking such as President Kibaki appear more politically vibrant than they really are in practise.But just because people are looking at you through the televised lens of a camera does not mean they are interested in support the causeto which your party is sympathetic to-most wise kenyans used the occasion of the president's live address to the nation to ask themselves who do we want to be staring at for another 5 years-boring old school thinkers united, charismatic bullies unchained or handsome cowards in disguise

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Chris, did you notice Kibaki has been live on air numerous times before, especially on national holidays? I wonder wat he has been up to :0)

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