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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why Your Web Page Content No Longer Works With Google

Article Directory Topic: Search engine optimization

For your site to enjoy high traffic, you have to be able to attract traffic from leading search engines like Google. So you can imagine the panic that has been spreading amongst the ranks of site owners who have noticed in recent weeks that traffic from search engines has been literally drying up.

Articles on your web page that used to bring you traffic from search engines no longer do so because they have disappeared from the top rankings is search engine result for certain keywords.

Most probably you've so far been unable to solve this disturbing mystery. Maybe you have even got so alarmed that you checked whether your site or page had been banned by Google. To your relief you found that this was not the case. So the big question is what exactly is happening here?

The answer to this mystery is something called latent semantic indexing (LSI). Plenty of evidence suggests that Google has implemented this technology. LSI has previously been used with great success to help determine the relevance of Adsense ads in partner affiliate sites. Now I is proving just as effective with the main Google search engine.

LSI in the Google algorithm means that the Google search engine tries to associate certain terms and words when indexing web pages. The result is a much more intelligent analysis of the content. For instance the word "Phone" will return results that rank Nokia very high, even if that site does not use the words cell phone or do other SEO things to rank highly.

It is now clear that keyword stuffing or spamming is out and more natural writing is in. I have seen evidence of my own pages that used a single keyword a little too often being penalized. I have also seen pages that have ranked highly for ages, but had text links from article directories that were too similar, suddenly disappear from page one to oblivion.

The giant search engine's motivation is to improve the quality of search results and this is one move that has helped do that tremendously.

The big winners will be sites with well-written articles using various related keywords in the same article. One of the largest beneficiary of this new change is the blogosphere where with the larger traffic that will result, blogs will make more money for their owners.

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