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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fireworks Expected In Juja Constituency


Election Analysis: Focus on Juja Constituency

There are those who insist that incumbent MP William Kabogo Gitau will smoothly sail back to parliament. Kumekucha does not quite agree. Although Kabogo will have to start as the hot favorite to retain his parliamentary seat, it will not be smooth sailing and what we will see in Juja will be a bruising no-holds barred battle.

Kabogo is extremely popular in his constituency, especially with youths. Thanks mainly to his habit of staying close to the ground throughout his entire tenure this last 5 years. And his wallet has been busy all over the constituency and many have realized that the relatively young legislator is much richer than was earlier thought. His ride (a noisy helicopter) has enabled him to efficiently be in many places almost at the same time. That helicopter will be one campaign tool that will give him a serious edge against any would-be challengers.

The fact that Mr Kabogo made it to parliament through the ticket of an obscure party called Sisi Kwa Sisi, should tell anybody interested in Juja politics, a lot.

This is how they voted in 2002...

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