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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fake Notes On The Increase


One of the sure signs that there is an election around the corner is when we suddenly get flooded with fake notes.

My information is that there has been a very sharp increase in fake local currency circulating in the market. High on the list this time round are Kshs 200 notes which many unsuspecting Kenyans do not look at too carefully—at least not in the same way that they look at Kshs 1,000 notes.

The fake notes are also getting better and better and much more difficult to detect.

So why should fake notes increase when elections are around the corner?

A reader gave us a theory here last year about how politicians and thugs are very closely linked and are sometimes the same people. By the way another sign that an election is imminent is a dramatic increase in armed robberies including bank robberies.

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Phil said...

Chris, this week the Vijana Tugutuke na Kibaki in Nairobi are going round city estates promising each (jobless/idle) youth Kshs. 500/- cash payment for donning Kibaki campaign t-shirt and attending both Uhuru Park concert and Kibaki campaign launch at Nyayo stadium on sunday. The ODM rally has been cancelled ostensibly to avoid embrassing the head of state in terms of numbers attending his function(s).

Today, a Mr. Kuria is going round Kibera slums promising cash payments to any youth who will agree to don the Kibaki t-shirt and attend the two functions. He promises to send trucks to ferry youth to and from the function early on each day.

I hope they will not be paid with fake money and they will not be urged to sell their voters cards for Kshs. 1000/- as we are very much aware Livondo's agents are enticing youth to do just that, so they can eat into Raila's support base. I was personally told to assemble youth at No. 42 bus terminus in Kibera sato morning and I would receive " material gratitude directly from the man himself". The payment for the youth would paid "on the truck" to the rally.

How desperate are we getting?

Anonymous said...

my advice-take the money, smile and nod politely and turn right round and do whatever you well please
these dinousaurs remain perplexingly unaware that the voters are now onto them and their time-worn tricks
na bado hatujanza mwisho ya mwaka

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