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Saturday, August 18, 2007

“The Whole World Has Been Waiting For Kalonzo Musyoka,” Kalonzo Says

I am seeking guidance and advice so that I understand the above statement made by a leading presidential candidate recently. I have agonized using my limited knowledge of the English language and I still can’t make any sense out of it. Maybe Vikiii can help me.

Here is that statement again;

“The Whole World Has Been Waiting For Kalonzo Musyoka,”

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vikii said...

Kalonzo is slowly becoming a tenant in Utopia. It is sheer crap for him to imagine leave alone say the WHOLE world has been waiting for him. Maybe he should say 'a part of the world'.

I, myself am convinced he is the best presidential candidate on offer and I will vote for him. I believe Kalonzo is untainted and this is not just a case of 'if'. He is tested for a very long time with public service and he heroically refused to join the club of fleecers. This would not be the case with some of those in the race if they were given ten years in the cabinet. I will vote for Kalonzo and anybody else who can listen to me will.

That said Kalonzo should come to terms with his current predicament. His support is very diminished. He is down but whether he is out, only time will tell. In case he's out then Kibaki gets a vote from me.

Anonymous said...

One time he said,"ODM ni ya Kalonzo Musyoka"

Another time he said,"Kalonzo atatumia akili na damu"

Yet another time he said,"Watu wanangojea waangushwe ne Kalonzo"

Phil said...

Well well Chris, I was beginning to think this statement escaped your attention. And how glad I am to read Vikii's comments.

The problem starts when you imagine yourself the inventor of "Rainbow Alliance" and worsens when Steadman opinion polls get into yuor head, and in the process forget that 'steadman does not vote'. Even an embarassing heckling at a major public rally does not awake you from the deep dream. (You saw the same thing happen to Kamkunji's Norman Nyagah today at NARC-K rally).

As ODM-K presidential candidate that 'the whole world has been waiting for', I am daring the dreamer KM to hold a major campaign rally (not a press conference) in Nairobi, let alone other parts of the country. Ndoto hii sijui itaisha lini?

Phil said...

Chris, I found this analysis interesting. It also talks about your favourite homeboy TJ. Do you agree with the contents?



Commentary By Leo Odera Omolo

The Mwingi South MP Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka who for many years was my most favorite politician has made a big political blunder by parting company with Raila Odinga and causing rift and eventual big split in the original ODM-K

Kalonzo is still a very young man and if I were himself I could have accepted to play the second and even third fiddle and struggle on and put all the issues to their right perspective without jumping the ship.

His latest action in my view is an act of committing political suicide at the time when his stars were on the rise. He will definitely live to regret it .His chances of clinching the presidency of this country at his own with tribal support of the Kambas alone is doomed.

May be history is in the process of repeating itself. In the 1962-63, prior to the general election of June 1963 that ushered in political independence in this country, the late Paul Joseph Ngei, a Kamba, then fresh after graduating from prison, joined KANU and formed a radical wing of the party.

Ngei and his bands of radicals pressed hard for the sacking or removal of the late Mr.Tom Mboya from his secured position of KANU Secretary General. They argued that such important position should exclusively be held by someone who had suffered either in detention or imprisonment, but not a white collar politician like the late Mboya.

The late President Jomo Kenyatta used all the tricks in the books to maintain the unity within KANU, arguing that both the ex-detainees and former political prisoners and those who were not detained have a role to play together. But Ngei could not bear this.

Ngei and his radical groups bolted out of KANU and formed the defunct African People’s Party (APP), which was later derogatively christened Akamba Pick Pocket by the late Mboya. The members turned out to be exclusively Kambas, and even the late Elijah Omolo Ager, the only Luo official in the APP, quickly made an abrupt about turn and returned to the KANU hierarchy.

APP won all the parliamentary seats in Ukambani plus two Senate seats for both Machakos and Kitui districts, bringing its parliamentary strength to a paltry eleven. KANU won, defeating Moi’s KADU and Ngei’s APP with a landslide victory. Ngei quickly abandoned the APP and rejoined KANU.

But it took him a couple of years before he was to be fully rehabilitated back in KANU and given cabinet post.

I watched the KTN Television footage the other day and saw those paraded for the press conference were exclusively MPs from Ukambani. No leader of substantial nature from outside Ukambani was presented. This became clear to my mind that the Mwingi South MP was slowly sinking in the murky water of tribal politics

Of course during Ngei’s time, he had no credible challenger in Ukambani political supremacy apart from the late William Mbolu Malu, then KANU national treasurer. But Malu was considered as Mboya’s political surrogate and therefore lacked credible support in the region.

But in the case of Kalonzo Musyoka , Madam Charity Kaluki Ngilu is a formidable opponent of Kalonzo in the Kamba political derby!! And the unfolding political scenario in the ODM-K is just sending the wrong signal of an era of gross miscalculation on the part of Kalonzo.

In my opinion, the man to blame for Kalonzo’s downfall is Mr.Mutula Kilonzo. He should have stood firm as a mediator and reconciled Raila and Kalonzo. But instead, it was Mutula who started shouting about the myth of the existent of a leader who is pursuing guerilla tactics in ODM-k

Anyway there is still time for Kalonzo to reconsider the possibility of abandoning his ODM_K faction and rejoining the mainstream of ODM. I am sure he will be treated like a prodigal son returning back home.


vikii said...

This is all crap. Rubbish is what I call it!

First of all the guy from should know the MP for Mwingi South is David 'Meko' Musila. Kalonzo is MP for Mwingi North.

Secondly, if unearthing the 1960's history makes any sense to anybody, then going back ten years ago makes more sense. In 1997, and I hope these self appointed political scientists are listening, there was a party called NDP. It only got members of parliament from Luo Nyanza. Maybe you guys have already forgotten what my brother Derek taught you last week that the only MP from outside that tribe who mistakenly found himself in that damn party was George Nyanja. Instead of seeking to potray dead people as tribalists, why dont u just look at the neighbour next door called Raila Odinga?

I have tried all my best to understand the essence of these two posts and I have seen none. Kalonzo Musyoka is not a sheep to be herded left, right and centre by self seekers. Joining 'Mainstream ODM' my foot! Why did that so called mainstream ODM defect in the first place? They should join ODMK themselves or forever hold their peace. And then there is the unsolicited advice from Odera Omolo telling Kalonzo to play second fiddle because he is young. Leadership is not about age but maturity. If age was such an integral factor in determining who should be supported, then why are we all not supporting Mwai Kibaki and julia Ojiambo? I mean, people should stop all this dishonesty. When Kalonzo defects to the LPK (a constituent party of ODMK) from the Luo Democratic Party it is such a BIG crime and when these people defect to a completely different party it is such a heroic act and their supporters have the temerity to start coaching Kalonzo and offering invitations to him to join them. Kalonzo is not without options. He has many but joining that group of hecklers is not one of them.

And then there is the issue of the Mombasa booing. Tell me now why Kalonzo was booed. Was it because he was more unpopular than Balala, Mudavadi, Ruto and Raila? He was the only one booed and so he must be the most unpopular huh! He was booed by hired tribal hooligans who know all too well who the biggest threat to their candidate is. The Mudavadis, Balalas and Rutos were cheerleading kids and that is why the hooligans were instructed to 'respect' them. The only thorn in the flesh was Kalonzo and so there was need to silence him. They will live to regret that day. That is the day the presidency was lost when people decided to cross the line.

If Kalonzo needs to play second fiddle then not to Raila or any of the other elements in ODM. In my opinion, he should run for president or support Mwai Kibaki. Period. And why should people step down for others? Democracy is about the best candidate winning in a fair contests and that is why I wish the ODM crowd understands that and moves on. If they are so popular that kalonzo cannot survive without them then they will form the next government. Let them do their shit as Kalonzo does his. That should be simple to understand in my opinion.

Taabu said...

Vikii that was not worth your take. The article by that dinosaur ex-Kisumu mayor (Leo Odera) was too tracy. You have become such a rich host benefiting any desperate pest. Let sleeping dogs lie. Instead you should make sure Derek host gulf war in his head after the Spurs avalanche. Kesho niko Anfield anything for me to pass to Josse?

derek said...

Leo Odera Omolo is a slow-puncture journalist, if I am to borrow words from Justice Richard Otieno Kwach in reference to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga in 1987 during the SM Otieno feud. He is extinct. He is more of a Trojan or a unicorn any of the fairy tale horses that I read in fairy tale books.

Kalonzo, if anything is a grown up and the choice of what he wants to do with his life does not depend on Raila Odinga. Parting ways with Raila does not mean the end of life. Kalonzo has a choice as much as Leo Omolo and Otieno Kajwang and Odhiambo Omamba. Can I say that it is the brainwash that the Luo TRIBE believes in that nothing in politics that does not include Raila Odinga does not go?

Leo, was Kalonzo not elected as MP for many years despite Raila being in the opposition and him in Kanu, at a time when Kanu was like a bad smell. Is it Raila who made him get elected? By inferring that parting with Raila is a mistake, it just shows the level of thinking that part of the society has in adoring the man.

Does it mean that Raila will come to Mwingi to campaign against Kalonzo and win? That is narrow-mindedness. Why should Kalonzo play second fiddle? How unfortunate that Raila is the one to decide his destiny? So, it is Raila who decides what post someone has and what someone should be. Then why could he not get the Magarini seat or even the Nakuru one for the horses he backed.

Why should Kalonzo play second fiddle? Is he that unfortunate that Leo should be the one advising him on what to do? Then, if it is a mistake, whose mistake was it in 2002 when Raila dinned with the devil all the years leading to the election year only to be sidelined and accept no seat in the Kibaki-Ngilu-Wamalwa line-up that as Kanu secretary he had castigated through and through.

So it is only Kalonzo who is not unfortunate and not Wycliffe Musalia, Henry Kosgey and William Ruto who despite being behind some shameful crimes are chasing Raila around the country that they have forgotten that they have constituencies they represent. Musalia, Ruto and Balala are only standing for presidency to allow for the possible campaign of Raila in order to appease their TRIBAL constituents and make them believe that they are to share whatever comes after the election. Indeed, they are all Raila Odinga projects and Kalonzo was not., and any other website can carry whatever they feel like, if it pleases them and on my side, thank you for not directing me to the websites.

Should somebody not be ambitious in this world? If this is the case, then Kibaki should win again and again. There is simply no democracy when it comes to Raila Odinga. Can someone not be opposed in this world? Is healthy opposition dissent and why only against Raila. Did Charity Ngilu not stand against Mwai KIbaki in DP? Did Ken Matiba not oppose Oginga Odinga? Did she not prove a worthy candidate, despite not winning the presidency?

Now, because Kalonza wants to be president he is bad and not during the referendum. Smarten up folks.

Vikii said...

Taabu I hope you agree with me that this Kalonzo bashing is completely unwarranted. Kalonzo was not born to support Raila Odinga and the earlier people understand this the better. Day in day out we are told what a political genius Raila is. Should it not be very easy for them to move on then? If Kalonzo is so unpopular why should we dwell on his divorce with Raila every fucking second of the day?

Say hi To Jose BB. Tell him I said he should, just like last weekend, be man of the match. Tell Lamps I am expecting a Super Frank goal too. And while on that are you not going to The City of Manchester Stadium or you are beginning to get pissed off? I can only wish I was u man. A permanent relocation is something on the cards for me. Derek has imagine from the hoods after Martin Jol got his act together. Tell them Derek.

Take it easy bro Taabu.

derek said...

Come On You Spurs. That is the beginning of great things this season. We have resolved to win all derbies this season. Not against Derby mark you.

All the London ones! Seven Sisters, Tottenham and Edmonton are alive today. It is 22:10 and I am among Arsenal die-hards at Wetherspon in Edmonton waiting for the replay on Match of the Day and an old boy, Gary Lineker will provide the rerun in the best way possible.

On the post, I believe that the whole world is waiting for Kalonzo’s move and as humble as he is, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka will determine the direction the presidential standard will take.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo made a choice and I respect it. What troubles me is that he is less popular now than he was 2-3 weeks ago. I don't think any mediations between him and Raila is necessary at this point more so if it's coming from Mutula. He is part of the problem. The journey begins on Sunday in Eldoret. Let's go orange!!

Phil said...

Anon, the journey has actually begun... in 64 stadium this morning, huge rally it is...

And to those who think Raila is automatic ODM candidate, think again. Kibaki / Moi (old school) must and will be vanquished in December and the final ODM candidate and election line-up is
ODM's biggest those who are in premature celebrations (while glorifying the EPL) that ODM-K split up and ODM is not rejuvenated, should wait for the day the ODM election line-up will be announced....and the suprise could be that it might not even Raila at the apex of that line-up. ODM is aware there are defectors and candidates who have been paid to come and wreak havoc (on behalf of Moi and Kibaki) in seeking the ODM's parliamentary, civic and (yes) presidential tickets. Some are even playing a central role in the party's secretariat.

Chris I can still hear you begging for an answer: What did Kalonzo mean the whole world has been waiting??

derek said...

Did somebody out there see the goal? Update, Man City 1- Man U 0. it is only the first half. sorry for any heartbreaks

vikii said...

Lets fry them scousers Derek. That has always been my prayer. And Phil, it doesnt matter who the candidate is in ODM. They are all thieves. The only clean one left is Balala. Did I say clean? Corruption-free but morally rotten. I would rather vote for Moi than those crooks

Phil said...

Its easy to spot gunners supporters. We are all watching the game....and its...."Man United's movement has been outstanding. They totally dominated possession but they have to have a goalscorer. We've been talking about Arsenal trying to walk the ball into the net with that one extra pass and Manchester United look to have fallen into the same trap. City are not going to out-football United but they need to impose themselves better."

vikii said...

Now you are talking Phil. Arsenal is not worth watching though. I am watching united hoping they dont score. Chelsea will be opening up a 7 point lead later in the day. That's unassailable if you ask me. I mean God and after God Jose.

derek said...

Liverpool shall never walk alone. They are leading and what an effort by Fernando Torres. Great goal to compliment Steven Gerrad's donkey work.

vikii said...

Very lucky with that penalty for us. We just didnt deserve it. But who cares, there is always that luck that goes with champions.

Taabu said...

Vikii mlilipa Ref. pound ngapi? That was unfair especially considering the teams involved. Jose amepokea message yako na mimi natapa malipo ama?

brian said...

I'm with Phil on this one,I'd like to see Kalonzo hold a rally in other parts of the country other than his own backyard and by the way the Coast one doesn't count. As for untainted, what does that mean exactly as it can also be said Raila is untainted but that should not be why someone should be a president of anything let alone the country. What ever happened to the important things...charisma,honesty,ability to stand up for others,understanding of the peoples plight,restructuring issues,the wrong parts of the constitution etc (which i see nobody is talking about,more on the tribal lines).
As for vikii, so if Kalonzo is not a sheep,why does he not simply act like the "herder"?Part of being the ideal candidate is to convince others of what you are able to do,sway them from their position to your point of view (by the way trying to recontaminate people with old ideas and children's games of pointing at something and saying "mine",does not work when they are wise to you...ask Moi)He should roll up his sleeves and work for it like the others instead of complaining like a lazy farmer.As for Nyanja, he simply used tact to get himself back into parliament and the vehicle he chose as you mentioned was just a vessel to get him there because of it's stature and ideals at the time.
The question i would like to pose is this;Instead of people trying to paint Kalonzo as "the chosen one" and him crying wolf saying "it is mine,they promised me" why not show us the way to the "promised land" and if you are as you purport, the people will follow.

Anonymous said...

nice posts but i'd like to remind you that these are politicians and we should not get carried away, at the same time KM must by now realise the blunder he made as his move has handed Raila the ODM candidature. It will be interesting to see Kalonzo reinvent himself, he often comes across as being too emotional

vikii said...

Brian I will respond to your not so understandable post. I am doing so not because it merits my take but only because you invoked my name in it:

One, I said Kalonzo is not a sheep to be herded like the Nyagahs and Balalas of this world in response to a very idiotic article urging him to join 'mainstream ODM'. If people defected at their own volition then I totally fail to see why they would want to woo the person from whose party they defected. If they defected as a matter of principle, u will agree with me they should want nothing to do with that person. Asking Kalonzo to defect to that other party is like KAlonzo asking Raila to defect from the Luo democratic party to the LPK. I cant even tell whether u r understanding what I am trying to put across to you.

Two, I am challenging you to take back your rather curious insinuation that Raila Odinga is a clean man. This character has so many economic crime cases he needs to answer before such adjectives like 'clean' can be rightly used to describe him. And even if he was clean, who asked you or anybody else for that matter to vote for Kalonzo because he is untainted? I gave my reasons why I will vote him and so u need to accept the fact that u have no business prescribing interests and preferences for me. The untaintedness may mean nothing to you just like "charisma" means absolutely nothing to me. Go ahead and vote for charisma and I will go ahead and vote for integrity.

Last, that lazy farmer story, just go back to the main post and the other ones I was responding to and tell me who is complaining here. People going to and copy pasting queer whinning posts are the ones complaining. My post above talks about people 'moving on' and 'letting everybody else do their shit'. Read again all the posts and tell me who is complaining.

About George Nyanja, I am convinced you never understood why I even talked about him and so I am not at liberty to educate you on that. I am sorry.

Taabu said...

Vikii let us talk Josse, that would be more interesting. I delivered you message and waiting for malipo after sneaking in an extra for the referee. Otherwise Steve was bent on spoiling your day. Meanwhile you need to help Derek detoxify. He is over the moon but also fearing the wrath of a wounded guka on Sunday. Still waiting.

derek said...

Taabu, a gud win is a gud win. The first win of the season and it surely deserves a bottle of Cristal at the cheapest. Ever seen free-flowing football. For once, there was a total abuse of the lagers and bitters. The bar landlord prays for another win. But losing 1-3 at home...It was that bad Taabu. Not after spending all that cash.

vikii said...

Derek can finally afford a beaming smile! I am happy for you bro! We earned, sorry, were handed a point on a silver platter at Anfield. I am happy but embarassed at the same time. Super frank Lamps is becoming an old fcking asshoe! forgive my french.

Mwalimu taabu your box of candy and biscuits is all intact. I am sending it via FeDex even though Jose disappointed.

vikii said...

Hey taabu, I was just teasing u. I have two beautiful bottles of portuguese wine wrapped up in a nice box. The smaller one is for Jose and the larger one is for u. Deliver it at the Bridge when we fry Pompey. Later man.

Taabu said...

Vikii, pray that Josse does his magic because the season is proving tough and unpredictable so far. Ref Styles has apologised and punished. The kitu kidogo I passed hi on your behalf went to his head I presume. He won't officiate this weekend.

Pompey is a stubbon nut and can embarass. Even before Derek sobbers up they want to fire Jol and bring in Ramos (Saville). Is that true Bw Derek?

Vikii, I am not leaving home till the bottles arrive. My teeth can't sink into candies. There are better uses of saliva, ama? Kama ni candy expects RTS soon.

vikii said...

What is RTS?

Taabu said...

RTS=Return to sender

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! the wowrld has been waiting for Kalonzo Musyoka to do what? This man's vanity is only matched by his cowardice. Even Madiba (Nelson Mandela) could not have laid claim to that statement.
When he was asked why he was quiet during Moi's government, which he served with distinction, he said that he was waiting for the right time to show himself up. talk of a man hidding behind his mother's skirt when others are hunting only to come out to lay claim to the spoils after the kill! What could have happened if all the freedom fighters who fought our colonial master had decided to do a "Kalonzo Musyoka" and hibernate till the time was right? We surely could be ruled by that Lady, the Queen. Kalonzo is the worst type of an opportunist. Gave save this country from his presidency forever and ever, Amen. He has totally nothing to offer to this country and his newly found arrogancy makes one feel like throwing up.

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