Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Strange Statement From Hon Njoki Ndungu: Is Her Secret Move About To Be Revealed?

Why Is Hon Njoki Ndungu so sure that Kibaki will keep his word?

Even as key opposition figures criticized the president's mostly ceremonial address opening the last session of parliament yesterday afternoon, nominated MP Njoki Ndungu came out strongly in defense of the president. That puzzled many Kenyans.
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Full text of Kibaki's speech at the opening of parliament yesterday. Decide for yourself if this was just election politics.

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But before I solve this Mystery for you, there are a few details here worth noting. Most MPs really struggled to remain awake during the president's speech, especially those on the opposition benches. So in all fairness, they would not have been able to judge the speech accurately, let alone strongly criticize it for being merely a political gimmick. Especially where the women's fund is concerned.

The facts are that we are yet to see how the youth fund will work out and here we are with a brand new fund for women in the works. Then it is useful to remember that the Kenyan government has a terrible record with projects of this nature. Vast amounts of money were collected by the Moi regime for the disabled and for the youth, to date it is a state secret, what became of all that money. Most Kenyans suspect that it was divided out amongst a few people who were sworn to secrecy. Is this not the sort of thing the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission should be investigating instead of chasing traffic policemen receiving 50 bob from matatu touts. Surely the way to fight corruption is from the top.

Then President Kibaki himself has had a terrible record of keeping promises or seeing anything through since 2002.

Hon Njoki must be aware of all these facts and yet she told the press yesterday that if it was another person she would have had her doubts, but since it is Kibaki, she said she was certain that a lot would come out of the promise.

What emerges from all this is that the nominated MP must be eyeing a parliamentary seat in the next parliament and it will certainly NOT be on an ODM-Kenya ticket. Financing her campaign should not be a problem because she has very rich friends who are still relatively powerful in the Kibaki administration. Like one Chris Murungaru who is said to be more than just a friend to the attractive legislator.

Ms Ndungu has built a very favorable national image in her short stint in the August house and she will not doubt be easy to sell virtually anywhere in Central province (Nairobi is a little messy and unpredictable at the moment).

But what Ms Ndungu does not know is that she may have lost a lot of admirers by that simple statement she made in support of a man who has now become notorious for not keeping his promises. She would have come out much better simply saying that it was too early to comment on the issue and people should wait and see what happens. This is an election year, Njoki and people hang on politician's every word, gleaning them for something that they can use against them.

To be fair to President Kibaki, some say that he has never been the same after his horrendous road accident in 2002, which almost cost him his life. One insider claims that at one time, months after the death of former Vice President Michael Wamalwa Kijana, the president said in the hearing of aides that he would assign a certain pressing problem to Hon Michael Kijana Wamlawa to tackle because he was good at tackling such problems. And yet Hon Wamalwa had been dead and buried for months.

If it is true that Ms Ndungu is gearing herself up for a political seat then she must appreciate the fact that one cannot afford to make too many mistakes in this game.

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Taabu said...

You are right Chris, but on the flipside Hon Njoki is only being realistic. She knows which side of her bread is battered and by whom. You only back and bet on a viable horse capable of winning a race.

Giving credit were it is deserved, Njoki stands head over shoulders among the pack of our women (even among majority male) MPs. She is suave and has curved a unique constituency (gender empowerment) which is is religiously serving.

That said, she must be alive to the reality that being a nominated MPs gives her a lot of leeway and she escapes close scrutiny easily. As for competitive politics it is totally a different kettele for and she better gets prepared to stop all the murk thrown her way.

If only Hon Njoki would be smart enough and maintain the sensitivity to her large and tribeless consituency, she would be in her own political league. But alas, expect that from a typical Kenyan politician and you qualify to effortless sell icecream to an Eskimo. Unqualfied support for a president who considers all Kenyans dimwits won't endear her to many prospective voters except for the tribally programmed types.

As for her attractive look and the randy political boys, the lesssaid the better. The Soddom and Gommora that is NMG is replicated in all institions and provided Njoki cleverly separates her heart from her head, we have no recourse to complain. Being human, she like anybody else has emotional need to be met. Even the Fr. Wamugunda couldn't resist the pleasures of life despite his devine vows on celibacy.

Anonymous said...

I think yours is a very subjective analysis. It would appear that if you support Kibaki the automatic result is that you lose your political wings.

This is a sad ODM mentality that one sees with some of our political analysts!

vikii said...

I have never considered Kibaki an inspirational leader and that is why I do not like him. However we must STOP this self denial where everybody who supports anybody else other than Raila Odinga is villified by these self styled bloggers. Even supporters of bigger presidential candidates are told of what kind of dreamers they are. I have read about Kalonzo's popularity as a subject of discussion. That has been questioned and tagged with all his "crimes" and "sycophancy". We have heard of how Kibaki is "ailing","has never recovered from some accident five years ago" and a lot of other crap. Everybody who supports him risks loosing political relevance,and how Kalonzo stands to loose from Ngilu's candidacy coz he has never helped his people and all the shit u can imagine. If this is what u guys call political analysis i would forever hate to be that.

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